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  1. Just curious, has anyone used a soapstone countertop remnant for cooking? Thought about checking out some local stone shops to see what might be available.
  2. I'm the worst at making decisions so I have a feeling it'll be whatever my wife wants for dinner Sunday night when I pick them up I'm guessing some spatchcock chicken. I know I'll be doing some ribs VERY soon after I get them running though.
  3. Well turns out it's a bigger birthday than I expected. I got the Big Joe and Joe Jr Costco roadshow demo special! Now I just have to wait until the 13th to pick it up. More time to read this forum. Yay!
  4. Just getting started on the forum. Picking up a Big Joe this weekend and can't wait. Turning 40 in a month and this is my early birthday present to myself. This looks like an amazing group of people and can't wait to learn from you. Thanks for all the time you all have spent making this such a great destination
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