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  1. Brave Sir Robin

    Surf and Turf and Surf

    Poor Mr. KK, having to eat shrimp and scallops (and steak). How does he put up with such treatment?
  2. Brave Sir Robin

    Did not know they made ceramic kamado's

    Wow. I paid $500 for mine (ceramic Akorn) and it's been good to me. That seems like a great deal.
  3. Brave Sir Robin

    Labor Day Ribs

    I did beef back ribs today too. First time. They went about 3.5 hours at 250, no wrap, and they were delicious. Tender, but not mushy. I thought they were just right. Our guests were pretty impressed by them. Mine didn't blacken quite as much as yours. I've seen YouTube videos where the ribs come out looking blackened like that. Did you go pretty heavy on the rub? Edit: just looked at your pictures again, doesn't look like yours had any more rub than mine. Interesting...
  4. Brave Sir Robin

    Throwback Pizza Cook

  5. Brave Sir Robin

    Roasting Raw Coffee Beans

    Yesterday I brewed them in my Aeropress with 190* water, (my typically preferred temp for medium to medium dark roasts). The coffee was flavorful, but a little too smooth, needed some acidity. Today I brewed it at 200*, and that brought out just a little bite and bitterness, and it was really delicious, some of the best coffee I've had in a long time. Having an extra day to de-gas may have helped as well.
  6. Brave Sir Robin

    Labor Day Weekend Cooks

    We're having a few friends over Monday, planning on smoking some beef short ribs. I haven't made them before. I watched John Setzler's video on making them, and I just have to try it out. I'll probably do pizza one day too, it's been a little while.
  7. Brave Sir Robin

    Roasting Raw Coffee Beans

    Pretty good. Next batch will probably be a little darker - I didn't want to burn them on my first try.
  8. Brave Sir Robin

    Roasting Raw Coffee Beans

    The beans delivered today, I couldn't wait until the weekend. I weighed out half a pound of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, spread them on a perforated pizza pan, and roasted them in the kamado between 450* and 490* for about 15 minutes. Before: After: Can't wait to try it out in the morning.
  9. Brave Sir Robin

    Smoked Mozzarella Attempt

    There have been a few times that I've contemplated making homemade mozzarella. So far I've resisted. You're making me reconsider.
  10. Brave Sir Robin

    Raging Inferno Redemtption Cook

    That looks like an amazing sandwich.
  11. Brave Sir Robin

    Sous vide rump roast / pot roast

    Thanks @dirty6. I've only used it a couple times on the kamado, but I haven't had any trouble. It's a Lodge Dutch oven, so it's not real high end or expensive. I might have similar reservations about using something like a Le Creuset.
  12. Brave Lady Robin brought home a 3.5lb rump roast from the butcher last week, and wanted a pot roast (not sure why...too hot for pot roast IMO). I've never cooked this cut, but I assumed it would be similar enough to chuck, that I decided to treat it like chuck. My favorite way to make a chuck roast is to season it with salt and pepper, sous vide it around 135* for at least a day, then sear it. Turns out better than most prime rib roasts I've had. So on Saturday, my rump goes into the hot tub. Then, Sunday afternoon, I heated the Dutch oven in the kamado at 450*, and gave the roast a quick sear in butter and oil. Then the meat came out to rest while the veggies went in to roast, along with the juices from the bag. After about 45 minutes, I added the meat back in to cook uncovered for a few minutes. The meat was good, very tender (bordering on being mushy), not nearly as flavorful as chuck. Cooking sous vide kept it from drying out, but it probably would have been better with only 4-8 hours in the bath. The veggies, on the other hand, were fantastic. There was probably more beef flavor in the veggies than in the meat. All in all, it was a really good Sunday dinner.
  13. Brave Sir Robin

    Roasting Raw Coffee Beans

    Thanks. I ordered 6 pounds of beans, 2 different kinds, from coffeebeancorral. Including shipping, it came out to $49, just over $8/lb. That's about half what my local cafe charges for a pound of roasted beans, which could be a couple weeks old before I buy them - they don't stamp a date on the package. I'll have to give this a shot, maybe next weekend.
  14. Brave Sir Robin

    Roasting Raw Coffee Beans

    Also, how much weight is lost during roasting? I'm trying to figure out how cost effective this is, compared to buying roasted beans from the cafe down the street.
  15. Brave Sir Robin

    Roasting Raw Coffee Beans

    I've never roasted beans, but I have a question about shelf life. Can I buy 5-10 lb of green coffee beans and roast a pound every week or two? How do you store the beans before roasting, and how long are they still good?