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  1. So I recently purchased my first Kamado. I got the pit boss from Costco. I have another charcoal smoker and weber kettle that I use as well. The reason I wanted to go to a Kamado is because I have friends with green eggs or Primo’s and I’ve always noticed a distinct flavor their food has. Even on simple stuff like hamburgers. Neither my kettle or smoker can reproduce that. So I always attributed it to the Kamado style grills. So I picked up the pit boss and originally I had some pretty bad chemical taste/smell coming from it. It has finally gone away but I’m still missing that flavor/taste that I’ve known with these cookers. I’ve tried several different brands of charcoal as well. Could it be because the pit boss is a cheaper Kamado? Or could it be that I just need to use the crap out or it to “season” it. Or should I maybe upgrade to a more tried and true Kamado ?
  2. Kinda sorta. I did try a different brand of charcoal but I just don’t get that typical Kamado cooking flavor that I’m used to with the other brands of cookers
  3. Ok I’ll grab some green egg or royal oak lump and give it a try. Thanks
  4. Hi guys new to the forum and a new owner of the pit boss 22” from Costco. I’ve been cooking on many different smokers for years and finally decided to give a Kamado a try. So I’ve done probably 6 fires in mine now but I’m getting a wicked chemical smell coming from my grill. I started with a couple of small fires and then gradually ramped up to over 800 to try and burn it off. No luck. I tried throwing just some hotdogs on for the heck of it to see if they would pick up the taste and yep they sure did. I use cowboy lump with the Weber charcoal lighter cubes. Never had an issue with those in my other smoker. Called manufacturer to no help. They just said they hadn’t heard of it and to return it. That would certainly be quite the hassle as these things aren’t exactly light and I destroyed the box getting it out.
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