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  1. Excellent. Will try and let you know whether this time success.. Thanks a lot.
  2. Thank you all for your replies. This has been an eye opener and really just makes me realize how ignorant I am in this area. So please bear with me. I should start seasoning myself the meat. One more variable to handle in this equation. Should I be looking for meat with or without marbling? Fats help to keep the meat moist, right?
  3. Bottom round steak cut, but grade I dont know There were no fat. Also no marbling what I can tell if that refers to the white intramuscular fats.
  4. Corn

    Hello All

    Sorry, that home made grill was not Kamado style. Just regular charcoal grill. What I remember it burned the charcoal very hot so there was draft. Would probably need some iteration to add adjustable draft door or something if lower heat output needed.
  5. For me mid rare would be ok, but my wife can't eat it if it were rare or even reddish. Is it so that if I were to grill it shorter time for it to be mid rare it wouldn't be chewy? Is that bottom round part harder to grill? What steak cut would be the most forgiving for well done temperature?
  6. Corn

    Hello All

    Hi Everyone, I'm from the very north where the grill season is quite short, so trying to spend time grilling whenever the weather is ok. I have had many kinds of grills, gas, wood burning and now getting used to kamado. I have even made one in the past from big 316 stainless steel pipe cut in half. I still actually have it but haven't used it for a while. Gas grill was something I never liked, but thankfully that rusted away. Never tried those electric grills, and if I have my sanity, never will. So decided to try something else and invested in ceramic kamado grill. Wife does the cooking and I'm no expert in that matter but when it comes to grilling it's always me who does that. And I think beer and grill go hand in hand... Trying to master the kamado and perhaps one day perfect steak..
  7. I had to google the temperature for well done, so I'd say 150-165°F. Cut was somewhere between Shank and round. Should I read between the lines that without probing the meat inner temperature I can't succeed? Edit: Cut
  8. Dear All, I need your help. I'm desperate to succeed in grilling steak. Pork seems to work every time. Today I remembered why I haven't tried to grill steak for loong time. I just bought ceramic kamado grill and have successfully grilled pork with it. Ok, today bought 1" thick pre seasoned steak and had the egg to 500°F. Put the steak inside and had it for 4 minutes, turn the steak around and another 4 minutes. Turn it around once more and close the damper top and draft door and let another 4 minutes. Wrap the steak inside foil for few minutes. Steak was well done but very chewy. So disappointing. What am I doing wrong? Your help is greatly appreciated.
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