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  1. https://imgur.com/a/OfPVuqS Not sure what happened. I'm guessing either some punk kids, or someone tried to steal it and did not realize how heavy it is. It was pretty windy today but I don't think there is any way the wind would blow this thing over. Anyone know about how much a new firebox would cost? The back side of the outer ceramic has 2 pretty long cracks, but it still seems to be in one piece. I'm guessing it would still be ok. Also the back of the metal hinge has a couple of dents in it, but it still seems to open and close fine. Really bummed about this.
  2. I just recently started having this problem. For a few weeks I couldn't get the lid to close all the way, but if I opened and closed it a couple times it would work. Now I cant get it to close at all, and the top dome looks severely off center from the bottom ceramic. I got this Kamado last year from Walmart on clearance and it's my first Kamado, so I'm not too knowledgeable on what the problem might be. I would greatly appreciate getting this fixeD!
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