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  1. Scott Roberts

    Nashville-ish Hot Chicken Sandwich

    Not just you-LOL Scott
  2. Scott Roberts

    New Classic Joe

    Welcome and congrats on your new Joe! Scott
  3. Scott Roberts

    Weber 1200 Gas Grill

    Last addition! Scott
  4. Scott Roberts

    Boneless Beef Short Ribs

    @freddyjbbq are the dogs French Bulldogs or Boston Terriers? Also the short ribs look great! Scott
  5. Scott Roberts

    New Big Joe

    Welcome and congrats on your Big Joe!! Scott
  6. Scott Roberts

    Weber 1200 Gas Grill

    Got these so I can cook with some smoke on this grill. Scott
  7. Scott Roberts

    $799 Breville Pizzaiolo

    Oh no! Scott
  8. This one I like!! Scott
  9. Scott Roberts

    The Burn Shop - Custom Grill Grates

    Nice John and you can use in your Weber kettle as well-Multi-task!! Scott
  10. Is it worth the price? IMHO NOoooooooo!!!! Scott
  11. Scott Roberts

    Ribs on my Saffire

  12. Scott Roberts

    Weber 1200 Gas Grill

    Added this after seeing price! Also got drip pan from Amazon, the pan with rack will be my heat shield once I drill a few grease holes!
  13. Scott Roberts

    Surf and Turf, Grate and Skewers

    So true!!!! Scott
  14. Scott Roberts

    Second Cook - Pizza

    First try, good results! Scott