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  1. Rest in Peace Kobe and your Daughter! Scott
  2. This video is from 11 yrs ago but I would love a fireplace like this one. Scott
  3. That 24 inch Phoenix with the BBQ option is Awesome! Scott
  4. Like cast iron it retains heat better than SS and it becomes naturally non-stick like cast iron etc! Scott
  5. You should look into Carbon Steel pans all the benefits of Cast Iron but light like Stainless Steel. Scott
  6. Cast Iron, Carbon Steel and SS but open minded about Ceramic coated pans too! Scott
  7. Yup @ckreef put a lot time and money in for this thread and his info is great. Scott
  8. @QDman Welcome to the Guru and Congrats on New Joe! Scott
  9. Dang that looks like a Brisket Flat! Scott
  10. Yes, not in the next few months but I will have one! 818 Hibachi Grill $650.00 carbon steel grilling surface is 8" x 18", Scott
  11. Welcome Columbus to the Guru! Post a few pics of both your Goldens and the PK! Scott
  12. @ckreef my thought was the size then I realize that most true Hibachi are about the same width give or that an inch- If I had some extra dough mine would be this one. 818 Hibachi Grill $650.00 carbon steel grilling surface is 8" x 18", ample enough to sear and cook a large steak, multiple vegetables, fillets, several kabobs, and more.
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