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  1. Welcome to the Guru and congrats on finally getting your KJIII. Scott
  2. This setup gives me another 1 1/4 inch clearance from charcoal to grill grate so I can grill at two levels now! Scott
  3. No need to buy Grill Grates for this, have plenty from the sets I already own. Scott
  4. So the Weber Char Q arrived today and I put it together in less than 10 minutes solid grill. If you own a Weber Q 2200 gas grill this is the same size so any accessories you can use for it works on this grill. 280 square inches of cooking space but only 2 inches clearance from bottom of charcoal tray to grill grates but I have ideas for a lower charcoal grate to get more distance plus I have a set of grill grates that fit almost perfect! Scott
  5. Besides my KJJ, I have a Weber 22 Frankenstein , Weber 26.75 kettle, Weber Jumbo Joe, both versions of the Cobb grill and coming today my Weber Char Q grill. Forgot my new Blackstone 22-dang I have to many grills Scott
  6. Just purchased off Facebook Market Place a Weber Char Q that they stopped making back in 2010. Been wanting one of these for 7yrs now and could not believe I found one new in the box for 140.00 with shipping. Should have on Wednesday and I will do a complete overview of it. Anyone that has the Weber Q 2200 this grill is the same size about 280 sq inches. Scott
  7. I heard about them about three years ago, and was interested in their small kamado but Kamado Joe offered a deal on the Jr and I could not pass that up! And like @pmillen said lack of advertising hurts them but kamados are not what were they make their money so if they sell them its gravy. Scott
  8. Welcome to the Guru and congrats on new Joe! Scott
  9. Was very lucky to get a 22 inch with hood and stand for 95.00 plus tax 103.00 out the door on Sunday! Scott
  10. @JaxxQ thanks for info wasn't looking to change gasket but nice to know it can be done! As @ckreef said in a post i read that only the Komado Kamado has an better gasket than the Akorn. Scott
  11. No bag but I just looked at it on their website not a bad price 29.99 Griddle Bundle Carry Bag ONLY (for 17″ or 22″ Tabletop Griddle with Hood & Stand
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