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  1. Scott Roberts

    Pit Boss K24 For Sale - Tulsa Area

  2. Scott Roberts

    Weed ( cannabis) now legal in Canada

    They scan your license and that tracks for 24hrs! Scott
  3. Scott Roberts


    Anyone here own or have seen in person? Looks to be full size but portable! Scott
  4. Scott Roberts

    Konro Challenge

    @ckreef time for a Korno battle, just saying!! Scott
  5. Scott Roberts

    Need some help with poultry

    Spatchcock the bird by taking out the backbone and cook at least 400 to 450 for about 1 hr depending on size of bird! Scott
  6. Scott Roberts

    Cast Iron Seasoning

    @keeperovdeflame the only thing I feel you did wrong was not baking the oil in for at least an hour at 450* three times, I too have sanded down my lodge cast iron just as Cowboy Kent did and I love the results! Scott
  7. Scott Roberts

    Hurricane Michael

    Super glad to hear everyone physically is fine!! Scott
  8. Scott Roberts

    "Finex" High End cast iron cookware

    @keeperovdeflame checkout Cowboy Kent Rollins video on field cast iron and his comparison video with finex, lodge, stargazer, and field. Scott
  9. Scott Roberts

    My AKORN JR AND JOE JR accessories

    DANG I thought I had a problem! Scott
  10. Scott Roberts

    Hooked on my Akorn Jr... From Newport Beach

    Welcome!!! Scott
  11. He gives a recipe so that's why I placed here and it's an Weber Q! Scott
  12. Scott Roberts

    De Buyer Mineral B Element Pans

    Those pans are work horses, I have the Matfer Bourgeat 8in, 10.25in and the 11 7/8 size pans. Scott
  13. Scott Roberts

    "Finex" High End cast iron cookware

    Love the 1qt sauce pan and well all their cookware, but I decided to go with Stargazer cast iron love their stay cool handle better! Also john that shepard's pie looks great!!!!!!!!! Scott
  14. Scott Roberts

    Never to much cast Iron!

    And that grill is cool too!!! Scott