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  1. Didn't think I would watch the whole video but I did so informative. Scott
  2. Very cool undressing of an 32" Big Bad Komodo Kamado by Hector's Smokehouse. Scott
  3. The Traeger Ironwood 650 is 1199.99 and is slightly smaller than the 24inch weber and no front table. Scott
  4. Anything 60's, 70's, or 80's-soft rock to rap to r&b etc! Scott
  5. Both grills have 22lb hopper on the back. Scott
  6. @pmillen congrats on your KBQ saw some videos on the tube and was very impressed. Scott
  7. Weber Wood Pellet Grill: SmokeFire The SmokeFire pellet grill is a low and slow smoker and a high-heat searing grill in one. The brand claims it delivers precise temperatures from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. That gives it enough heat to sear a steak. It also should be able to smoke meat efficiently, although it doesn’t run as cool as some other pellet grills. The brand called out a few other features in the release: A unique auger and hopper system featuring a short, gravity-fed path to the heat source that speeds up pre-heat time and helps reduce pellet jams Porcelain-enamel construction, designed to help prevent rusting and cracking Easy-clean ash and grease drawer to simplify grill maintenance by directing ash and grease down into a removable drawer, away from the food 5-year limited warranty The SmokeFire hits the market early in 2020. Weber will manufacture all SmokeFire grills in its Huntley, Illinois, facility using globally sourced component parts. It comes in 24- and 36-inch sizes and costs $999 and $1,199, respectively. Preorders are available in the U.S. beginning Cyber Monday (December 2) on Weber’s site and Amazon. Later in December, Lowe’s will also offer online preorders for the SmokeFire. In 2020, expect to find SmokeFire grills in other retailers who carry Weber products. Weber Connect: Grilling Via Smartphone Interestingly, Weber leans heavily on the new app in today’s release. To develop this technology, Weber partnered with technology company June, a brand known for its smart countertop ovens. The Weber Connect app powered by JuneOS gives “a new level of step-by-step guidance and accuracy that delivers amazingly accurate cooking results for even the most novice griller,” according to the brand. The app-based system offers step-by-step guidance on everything from setup and meal prep to smart tips and custom food-doneness alerts. It even provides an “ETA” on when food will be done based on food temperature readings and integrated grill measurement systems. We haven’t seen one of these in person yet. But we expect Weber to bring a strong contender to the market when it lands next year.
  8. The prices are 999.00 for the 24 and 1199.00 for the 36 so about the same price range as the Traeger Ironwood series grills! Oh and these are slightly bigger than the Ironwood series too. Scott
  9. Welcome to the Guru and Congrats on your new Joe! Scott
  10. Ceramic Grill Store has an 10in stone, I purchased one as a pizza stone for my Joe Jr. But it's rated as a heat shield too! Scott 10 Inch Round Ceramic Stone-$32.99
  11. Welcome to the Guru and Congrats on Big Joe! Scott
  12. Good looking wings and where did you get the rack? Scott
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