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  1. Scott Roberts

    Cobb Grill

    Here is a guy named Gary Brown showing how to make Paella using the Cobb grill with the wok! Scott
  2. Scott Roberts

    Traeger ribs

    Good looking ribs Bosco! Scott
  3. Cooked slow with salt, pepper, butter and cheese! Scott
  4. Scott Roberts

    Cobb Grill

    @KismetKamado I want to use this to cook something for Christmas dinner, so I plan to cook a chicken to gauge temp and cook times for grill to determine how long to cook a ham or boneless leg of lamb based on temp of grill. Not having control of airflow and the only way to regulate temp is by adding water to it's moat I feel a chicken is cheap test. Scott
  5. Scott Roberts

    Cobb Grill

    Just made purchase of this kettle and also the wok to complete my Cobb Grill. Scott
  6. Scott Roberts

    Who’s smoking what for Xmas dinner?

    I'm doing both a small leg of lamb and a spiral ham just don't know which is going to be on grill or oven. Scott
  7. Scott Roberts

    How to generate smoke in a Kamado Joe

    Welcome and Congrats on your new KJ! Scott
  8. Scott Roberts

    Finally upgraded to a Large BGE

    Congrats on egg! Scott
  9. Scott Roberts

    Cobb Grill

    Hey everyone I ordered this beautiful thing five days ago from their website. I purchase the Cobb Premier and grill kit and two extension. The grill kit has a wider charcoal basket and stainless grillgrate for more surface contact. The griddle has wider and deeper ridges. Scott
  10. Scott Roberts

    Yakitori Dinner on Konro

  11. Scott Roberts

    Bone in Pork Roast

    Good looking roast!! Scott
  12. Scott Roberts

    Pulled the trigger on a KJ

    and on new Joe!! Scott
  13. Scott Roberts

    Charcoal Grill: Square vs. Kettle?

    Weber Jumbo Joe-Portable, 18 inch cooking grate, 59.00 bucks!!!!! Scott
  14. Scott Roberts


    Bravo! I love duck!!! Scott
  15. Scott Roberts

    Smokin Stone caught Fire

    Flip it after each cook and you won't waste charcoal as you will be cleaning it as grill cools or starts up! Scott