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  1. That lye bath worked so well, can't wait to see it seasoned! Scott
  2. Just saw this on Homedepot.com! Price=$ 25.04/Quebracho 20 lbs. Bag Hardwood Lump Charcoal Scott
  3. Welcome to the Guru and Ace Hardware always has it! Scott
  4. @John Setzler is it possible to open an Cast Iron/Carbon Steel section since so many of use have and use both? You finding that Griswold #3 is also another reason to open one for new finds like yours! Scott
  5. Griswold #3 nice find John. Can't wait to see it after you lye bath it!! Scott
  6. It's the same as the Charbroil brand! This brand is Black Diamond Char wood! Scott
  7. @keeperovdeflame glad to hear the process was painless! The first I did when I unpacked the box was register it on Kamado Joe website, sound advise! Scott
  8. @fafrd give them a call they will work with you getting the correct size and having the spider with the Adjustable Rig turns your kamado into a big meat smoking machine. The Spider and Stone sit under the Rig and replace the Pit Boss platesetter as the indirect set-up. Scott
  9. @skreef great looking pie never had rhubarb before but I would try that for sure! Scott
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