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  1. Just finished a bag of Mali's Gourmet Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal! In my Kamado Joe Jr I was getting low and slow runs of 12 hrs with the KAB! 20lbs for 19.99! Next up is a bag of B&B Oak lump. Scott
  2. MiniMax/Junior Starter Peel kit 49.99 Smaller peel set for the Minimax or the KJ Junior Pizza-Porta Includes: Wood Peel measures 10” wide X 14” long with 8” handle Metal Peel measures 9” X 11” with 21’ handle Flashlight holder - see your pizza when cooking at night!
  3. KJ Joe Junior - Pizza-Porta 199.99 The Cutest of the Pizza-Porta KJ models. But don’t let it fool you. Easily cooks at 650F and a load of charcoal lasts over 3 hours. You can now make pizza at the beach, or on a tailgate! Make 10” wood-fired pizzas Door Opening is 11” by 3.75” Recommended stone size is 12” (Big Green Egg makes a MiniMax 12” stone)
  4. All the entries look good and I would try them all, but the burgers from Chuck's is Classic American Burger using Aussie beef-lol Scott
  5. The Wok Store sells a thin cast iron wok as thin as the carbon steel woks almost got one but found a better deal on the carbon steel version. Scott Light Weight Traditional Cast Iron Wok with Wok Ring
  6. Does anyone here have pictures of pizza cooks using their Kamado Joe Jr? Oh yeah seems that the Kamado Joe Forum is no more! Scott
  7. Grill Dome has two new Kamados called Infinity X2 in large and ex-large! They now feature a divided and conquer system similar to Kamado Joe but somewhat different. Scott Pictured is an XL on stand for 1399.99 grilldomex2 (1).webp
  8. Welcome to the Guru! Scott
  9. I don't know that looks just like their kitchen except the fidge would be were that cabinet near the microwave is-LOL Scott
  10. @97desmoSP Welcome to the Guru and either get a Big Joe charcoal basket from Atlanta Grill Company or a Kick Ash Basket to help with air flow! Scott
  11. Very nice love the Farm Sink and the Maple Cabinets! Scott
  12. I wished I lived in NC close to ya because I would be all over that!
  13. Love tthem dogs-WoofWoof-lol Scott
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