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  1. To all the Mother's on this site and the Men who have to do both, Happy Mother's Day! Scott
  2. If you can only have one grill and it has to be a portable one, what grill would it be? It can be something you already own or been eyeing but it has to be portable! Mine would be the Cobb Grill Kitchen in the box this grill can do it all for up to 4 people. Scott
  3. Post pictures of completed kamado! Scott
  4. If you have a Ace Hardware near you drop by and check with them, ace has good customer service and I'm sure they will help with getting it straight. Scott
  5. I'm hoping to get one tomorrow the same as yours from HD! Scott
  6. Should try texas style boneless,skinless turkey breast! Scott
  7. Big Mule deer and the Pronghorns fastest land animal in the Americas! Scott
  8. Being from NY I have heard pasta sauce as gravy my whole life! Scott
  9. Good looking meal, that bge looks fake it's so small-lol Scott
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