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  1. For those who like open fire cooking a great review of this Kudu Grill. Scott
  2. Good knife roll I have a set of knives that would fit nicely in it. Where did you get yours? Scott
  3. Welcome to the Guru and I would do DoJoe allows you to better get those temps needed for Neo pizzas! Scott
  4. I love the 19tt because it doesn't take up much room, I love the 23 because its sexy as heck! Scott
  5. Reach out to @ckreefon the forum he has a 19tt! Scott
  6. Ribeye for the win, but hold the tongs a perfectly seasoned skirt steak takes just minutes and you don't have to sous vide it! Now don't get me wrong I love a good ribeye but just grilling skirt steak all day! Scott
  7. I watched it spin three times before I turn it off, dang now I'm really hungry! Scott
  8. Got these two from Detroit pizza co. Unseason for 15.00 each plus shipping. Scott
  9. Pizza oven owners have you cook a pizza at temp of 700 to 750 with both sugar and oil in your dough? Why ask this question because the Ooni app has an NY style dough recipe that has small amounts of both in its recipe does this sound right!? It's says to cook for about two minutes also. Scott
  10. Based on his extensive review of different brands to include Kamado Joe Big Block, B&B's price, burn times give it a advantage over many brands not saying it's better than KJBB just for it's price, size of pieces etc best bang for buck-IMO Scott
  11. One of the signature traits of Authentic Detroit Style Pizza is its cheese; specifically, how cheese is applied edge-to-edge so that it caramelizes to the crust when baked. The result is a crispy outer crust that surrounds a light and airy interior. Knowing how to properly apply cheese to create this fried effect is a skill all Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Makers learn, yet it’s only part of the equation when it comes to perfect pizza cheese. The other half is the cheese itself, which begs the question: what are the best cheese blends for Authentic Detroit Style Pizza? Brick and m
  12. Just purchased the Ooni Karu Pizza Oven and should have around the 23rd of this month, has anyone that owns a Ooni or Wood Fired oven done a personal pan pizza in them and what temp did you get the stone and ambient temp? Yeah average cook times too please-lol Also purchased two Lloyd personal pans 8"size. Scott
  13. GrillTerrain Kamado Kart takes your Kong, or nearly any kamado style grill, and prepares it to tackle backyards, trailer ramps, gravel, sand, snow and anything else you can push or pull it over! No longer is your kamado reserved for the patio, now you can safely move that heifer of a grill anywhere you choose! As tough as it gets Just like everything else we come out with, this cart is made to stand the test of time and take a serious beating. With its heavy duty 14-gauge steel frame, all-terrain legs, an extra wide base, and eight inch solid rubber wheels you can easily maneuve
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