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  1. I wished I lived in NC close to ya because I would be all over that!
  2. Almost got their mini for just that reason, but scored a great deal on the Kamado Joe Jr. Scott
  3. Big Green Egg Mini Max: 13-inch grill diameter, $599.00. And that's just the grill nothing else, no heat deflectors or stand! Scott
  4. Thanks, everyone liked it and it did shred easy! Scott
  5. This is an 18hr no-knead recipe! No slice pictures this time but will be doing this on the KJJ soon! Scott
  6. We are doing a pot-luck sort of meal tomorrow at work so I smoked a small pork picnic with some Alder wood, very light smoke profile not sure if I will use by itself should have added some pecan. Scott
  7. Good looking portable grill, like the options that you include with the grill! I say options your's are included but most small grills are limited to what you can buy. Scott
  8. Thought I would share this for all Parents but especially Dad's! Scott
  9. When I knew that I was going to get my KKJ, I read everything on this site about it and the majority have replaced the cast iron charcoal grate with either a KAB or a stainless steel grate the same size as the cast iron. I decided on the KAB and can't be happier with it so I never had that problem you describe. My two cents is get the KAB it's worth every penny spent!! And Welcome to the Guru!! Scott
  10. Thanks for the coupon code and your cooks look fabulous! Scott
  11. Welcome to the Guru! Nice island to work from and Congrats on your Big Joe and the feet should have come with a stand alone grill-imo! Scott
  12. Welcome to the Guru, let us k now if that includes the second grate saw the same ad and i couldn't see the second level grate! But that could be my bad eyesight Congrats' Scott
  13. @Cavman in this short video might be a solution for you on a charcoal basket for the Go Any Where grill outside of cutting the grates ever thing else looks to be a great set-up! Scott
  14. Ok so he's using the heat shield from the go-anywhere gas grill and the Rotisserie that Weber sold down under and the Uk! Onlyfire makes a Rotisserie here in the states for the Go-Anywhere grill. But I have no idea about the piece he is using to separate the charcoal for the snake method! Scott
  15. @Cavman you are probably better off making one from expanded metal that way you get the size you want! Scott
  16. Good looking first try! Scott
  17. LOL, but Bigpoppasmokers sells it on their website- Blues Hog Natural Lump Charcoal - 20lb Bag Looking for quality Premium Lump Charocal for your smoker? Blues Hog Natural Lump Charcoal is exactly what you need. Blues Hog Natural Lump Charcoal is 100% natural and USA made. It's been sustainably sourced from fallen trees and this BBQ charcoal burns slower than other brands giving you a longer cook time. BBQ Competiiton teams across the competition circuit use Blues Hog Lump Charcoal to achieve blue ribbon results. It's always a hit at the King of the Smokers Invitational BBQ competiton; All of the teams love it! Start cooking with quality charcoal with Blues Hog Premium Lump Charcoal; Charcoal that will help you achieve the best BBQ results.
  18. I can see myself doing this but smoking it! Scott
  19. This is the story of how it all began -one man's obsession with recreating the perfect Alabama style, pulled pork in Seoul, South Korea. Scott
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