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  1. That's beautiful piece of meat and the price is really good for NY! For a good Sandwich toast some thick garlic bread and top with steak and a little fresh salsa Yum!! Scott
  2. I used to work for Pizza Hut many moons ago and that's how the pan and personal pans are done! That's the only dough done in a mixer and proofed for a double rise everything else comes frozen from a distribution center! Scott
  3. I just visited their website and all the accessories look to be KJ and they also sell KJ grills. If I lived in the UK and I was going to purchase the KJ classic I would go with this grill because of the color. The only thing i don't like about my KJJ is the red color not my favorite, this gray color is perfect and I wish KJ still made them in black. Scott P.S. They have a Jr Kamado grill too!
  4. When I visit family in Florida my go to fish to eat is yellow tail, never had this fish before would love to try! Scott
  5. I have the Benzomatic TS4000KC Trigger Start Torch Kit, but have never used it been using the Tumbleweeds! Scott
  6. Here in the states they were selling the Char-Broil Kamander last year. Scott
  7. Spanish Chorizo if your going to add sausage to your dish-Mexican Chorizo has a stronger taste profile than Spanish Chorizo. Scott
  8. Welcome to the Guru! Scott
  9. Talk about feeding a village!! Scott
  10. Been reading my Ken Forkish book The Elements of Pizza and thought would be nice to see him work some of his recipes and found these videos! Scott
  11. My guess would be the sugar and oil in dough that drives what temp you ride on-pun intended Scott
  12. Love steak and eggs and yours look great with those tomatoes! Scott
  13. Worth every penny spent-IMHO! Try the Ceramic Grill Store they great accessories for the Kamado Joe Classic. Scott
  14. Welcome to the Guru and congrats on your Kamado Joe Classic! Scott
  15. Nice looking butt-Doing a pork picnic this weekend for the first time in my KJJ! Welcome!! Scott
  16. Welcome to the Guru! Scott
  17. Really look at Ceramic Grill Store!! Scott
  18. Yeah, Do share Please! Scott
  19. While I do other things such as reading, camping-cooking is my peace of mind! Scott
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