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  1. @KismetKamado going to cook this 4.5lb butt in the morning on the PK360! I will post more pictures as the day goes on. Scott
  2. That's so cool and they look great! Scott
  3. Got my kick ash basket today before work dang that was fast wasn’t expecting until tomorrow evening. So am all in at 205.00 total for grill, grill grates and kick ash basket!! Now my next day off is Tuesday and I will do a pork butt @KismetKamado! Scott
  4. Ordered a KickAsh basket for it and when it comes I plan a get know your smoker cook-Pork Butt! Scott
  5. Had a taste for steak but didn’t want anything heavy so steak salad it is lol. Using this beautiful London broil as the star of this dinner! Scott
  6. Welcome to the Guru can't wait to see some of your cooks! Scott
  7. Yesterday after work I was putting the grill back together and found I was missing two screws to the lid handle that I didn't notice was missing. Went to the PK website looking for parts kit and could not find what I needed. I got on their chat and ask for the screw size and behold the CSR sent me out a new handle kit complete under warranty. I told him I was the second owner and he still sent them. This is my first experience with PK customer service and I have to say so far 5 stars!! Scott
  8. My Mother's parents are from NC and I remember my grandma always cooking the bacon more on the rare side than crispy meaning the middle was more done than the ends! Scott
  9. If you didn't this time save those fat trims to produce beef tallow which you can used to cook some good home fries and inject into some brisket or beef ribs for some great favor!
  10. I love medium rare steaks but can eat a medium one with no problem if it's a good piece of meat to start with! Scott
  11. Was on Facebook market place and found this PK 360 for 100.00 and brand new in box grill grates just for this grill! All this for a Benjamin and some elbow grease!! Scott
  12. About to start a cook with this 4lb beauty! Scott
  13. Using a new rib rub by Chicken Fried BBQ called Texas Rib Grind! Scott more to come later.
  14. Going to Astoria, OR for a week in late September to early October has anyone been fishing close to Astoria and what kind of tackle should I get? Thanks Scott
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