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  1. Forgot to mention, it does come with the “D” plates.
  2. Would anyone be interested in purchasing my Primo Oval XL with the Cart included? It's awesome, but we're empty nesters now and it's just overkill for us. I'll do a clean out burn in it before pickup. No issues other than a little bit of rust on the grate. I'm in Illinois about 40 miles NE of St. Louis.
  3. Well, the turkey tasted just fine, It only had a hint of smoke flavor. I’d have liked a little more smoke flavor, I’m sure cooking at a lower temperature will help that. I am never impressed much by Turkey; but it came out perfectly cooked so no complaints.
  4. Huh... maybe the kamado does cook it quicker.
  5. I’ve been searching around on here, and found several people saying the same thing and most reported good results. Maybe they just cook quicker in the ceramic environment... I do think i’ll Drop the temperature next time though.
  6. Well I meant to do a 4 hour cook... Still learning my Primo XL. I set it up for 325 dome temperature. The large bird must throw off the readings? For small cooks, I usually find the times are close to what you would get from an oven using dome thermometer. i must of cooked this a lot hotter than I intended, it was perfectly done (175 thigh, 165 breast) in 2 hours! Don’t ask how I nailed the meat temps, dumb luck). i know a lot of people swear by remote thermometer at the grate, but I rather learn the cooker and use the dome thermometer as a reference. In other words, next time I’ll cook at 275-300 and see if that slows it down to my liking. From the outside, I can’t see any detriment to having it cook fast, guess we will see when we eat that sucker!
  7. On the Primo with a thick steak (1 1/2”) 450 deg dome seems to be the sweet spot (with a full load of charcoal on one side). I get better overall results searing it on each side at this temp then sliding it over to the indirect side until center temperature is where I want it. I don’t care for reverse sear at all, I like the good ole sear n slide. I haven’t mastered the thin steaks yet, i’m thinking they benefit from a quick hot sear on each side and pull em.
  8. I did burgers and brats tonight too.... my grill OCD kicked in. I spent more time trying to figure out if I wanted to do it on the Primo XL or the Weber Performer.... how sad is that??? Lol. I fired up the Primo for tonight’s cook. I’m actually glad I did. I’ve been cooking at 450/500 for burgers and wasn’t thrilled with the texture / taste. I cooked at 400 tonight, I think the slightly lower cook temp cooked them a little more evenly (inside / outside) and they spent more time in the smoke. So... that will be my new temperature for burgers / brats. Anyway... now that I’m done hijacking your thread, I too really enjoy the weber / Smokey joe.
  9. I have a Primo and as long as I'm not in a hurry, I'll let it burn for a while after temp stabilizes. Seems like the fire evens out and don't have as many "hot spots".
  10. Over the last couple years, I just go off some temp. I don't know the true accuracy of the thermometer on the Primo I have, but have discovered that it is a good reference. In other words, I like the way ribs turn out at 225 to 250 on the thermometer. I like the way it grills at 450, etc... whether those are actual temps or not I have no idea, but it's a consistent reference without a doubt. I am trying to force myself to not overthink it... which is hard for me to do.
  11. I had an Akron a few years back, my stone only lasted 2 cooks before it cracked in half. Don't know if it is a wide issue but after that I just used a $10 pizza stone.
  12. I cooked them to an internal temp of about 180, took about 3.5 hrs or so. It was good, definitely a good snack when cooking something like pulled pork
  13. Hi all! I bought a Primo XL a while back and for whatever reason, just hadn't used it all that much. Decided to clean it out and fire it up yesterday for some pulled pork and sausages. First off, wow was I reminded why I bought this thing. The kept a steady 250 deg from start to finish (14 hours) with only two or three very minor adjustments throughout the day. Even had a thunderstorm roll through, barely phased it, might have dropped 2 or 3 degrees, likely due to the quick drop in air temperature. This thing is rock solid! Built the fire putting the larger chunks toward the bottom and everything else on top. Was using Cowboy lump which I was concerned with due to the lack of many large / medium peices but it did quite well. After examining the coals this morning, I'd estimate I could have cooked for five or six more hours easily (I used the whole bag of lump which was just shy of completely filling the fire box). I plan to cook some burgers today to use up the remaining coals and do a clean / prevent mold. The pulled pork was fantastic. I experimented with some uncooked Italian sausage. Put just a little of the rub i was using on it (Blues Hog - good stuff). Didn't want to go overboard as I wasn't sure if how the spicy Italian flavors would match up with BBQ rub and smoke. I was very pleasantly surprised! Sausage was very good and I'd do it again for sure. Had no issues getting plenty of smoke flavor on the sausage or the pork, really blended nicely and was very noticeable. One technique I've become a huge believer in (learned it on this very forum) is spritzing the meat occasionally with plain water. Really seems to help with bark creation and I believe it really aids smoke absorption. I can definitely tell the difference. Used five medium chunks of hickory placed on top of the coals. Anyway just wanted to share my impressions of this phenomenal cooker, can't believe I've been letting it sit as much as I have. Part of it is I've had mold trouble, so going forward I'm going to try to follow up long cooks with short hot ones to burn off any grease, etc left over. That should help a lot.
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