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  1. So yeah apparently they can melt at higher heat. My vent door block with the plastic in it melted after trying to shut down at about 650F. I don't have an ash pan/catcher in mine, because it's an older one that didn't come with that, and I'm using the more open fire grate/basket, so maybe more heat is getting down there. I even tested it some again when I only had it at about 450 trying to shut it down, and the vent block gets so hot I have to use a glove and tool to touch it, so still worried about it melting on me even at lower temps. I really don't think using plastic in the thing was a good idea. That being said, there are a number of others who have used it at higher temps too, and there's have been fine.
  2. Make sure you're near the router when you're first setting it up. Shouldn't have to be super close, but just plug it in to a wall outlet in the same room or something. Be sure you're connecting your phone to the iKamand's wifi network that it makes itself like it says in the instructions, not to your own home network. Once you're connected to the iKamand wifi, then put in your wifi login info exactly, making sure it's all correct. If your router has separate 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks, name them something different and have them separate and then just use the 2.4ghz one for the ikamand.
  3. I was kind of curious about that too, was wondering if any of the plastic would end up melting or anything. I guess we'll see.
  4. I made a first impression video of the iKamand unit, and had a request to show more of the app. So I made another video getting detailed with the app.
  5. My iKamand seals pretty good on the bottom vent. When I shut it down last night no smoke came out of the bottom iKamand vent. There was actually a bit of smoke forcing its way out at the daisy wheel vent on top of the grill, but nothing on the bottom vent that I saw.
  6. Here you go! I made a video showing a how-to, demo, tour of the app for you
  7. You can pop out the iKamand (the black plastic box) from the little black push tabs, then pull it out. Then you just put the blocker plate in its place. Then you can slide the door like the old one, and it functions the same as the old manual sliding door. Go to 1:46 in my video and you can see what I'm talking about.
  8. I'll try to figure out a good way to do that. Will need to show the app somehow.
  9. I did a little video of my first impressions of the iKamand I received, installed, and used today. Overall so far it works well. I got finished about an hour ago with my first cook with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kcnd3DLrLA
  10. Looks like that Vision B series at Sam's is on sale for $399. If it were me, out of those choices I think I would maybe go with that, unless you can find a good deal on the Pit Boss (sometimes they're cheaper at some Costco's in store, and even have been on sale at times). The Pit Boss is larger than the Vision, depending on what size you want.
  11. I've never used one, but it's cast aluminum and not as thick, so should be more conductive and probably wouldn't hold heat as well. Would probably use more charcoal in the winter too. Not sure how big a difference it would be.
  12. Yup, Amazon is a fine place to buy KJ stuff.
  13. I had to stick mine on top of a chicken sit to get it to bend to fit.
  14. Thinking of buying or maybe making some sort of grill canopy/gazebo to somewhat cover the grill and table it's in from rain so I can cook any time. What are you guys using for something along these lines?
  15. I went and got 4 bags today. I'll try to try it out soon and come back and give my thoughts on it. Just needs to stop raining here first.
  16. Going to have to go load up on this myself. Thanks for the heads up!
  17. So I recently had a crack in my base, which was replaced under warranty. My experience was good with the replacement. They responded quickly, and I had my new base in less than 3 weeks from claim submission. I have the Classic before it included the Ash pan/catch, so I have the sliding door on the bottom intake vent with the solid door slide with the spark arrestor slide behind it. On the new base it just has the solid sliding door with no spark arrestor option (because now it's made into the back of the ash pan), and the old spark arrestor slide doesn't fit on these. So on my new base I have no spark screen. I know I don't really need it, and it's not like I used it a ton. I guess it's really more the principle of having the option, and now not having it seems like a slight downgrade. KJ support basically said that's how they're done now, and I can buy the ash pan kit at a dealer if I want. I don't feel like I should have to spend $40 to get back the spark screen feature I had before. Should this bother me, or am I just being a little nit picky?
  18. Not sure if it's msrp, but they're selling for $99 for the classic and $129 for the Big Joe.
  19. It's just to let heat out. If you close the bottom vent, but leave the top very slightly cracked, then the coals won't be getting air flow and will smother out, but there will be a small gap to let some heat out of the top.
  20. You could buy some porcelain tiles from Home Depot or somewhere (1'x1' squares are like $1.30/ea), and put them over the wood as a base to protect the wood below the grill if you wanted. Then just put the grill on the Kamado Joe ceramic feet (there's 3 of them in a set) on top of the tiles. Other than that you're probably good to go.
  21. You can cook and leave the ash when you shut it down, then just clean it out next time you cook or when it gets built up enough in the bottom (even if it's a few weeks later or whatever, no biggie). As long as you don't have a bunch of grease that ran down into the base or it gets water in it or something, then you shouldn't need to worry about the ash hardening. You can reuse the lump left in it from the last cook each time. The only time you may to replace the old somewhat used lump and use all fresh charcoal is if you're really going for high temp or a really long cook. Usually just using the leftover lump along with some fresh is great.
  22. Good price on the Bernzomatic TS8000 hand torch. $39.97 Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Bernzomatic-TS8000-Intensity-Trigger-Start/dp/B0019CQL60 and matched at Home Depot: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Bernzomatic-Premium-Torch-Head-328626/203718633 I've been looking at hand torches lately, thought of getting one to light the charcoal quicker/easier. This one is only a couple bucks more than the TS4000, but has some nice features that are worth it like a little bigger flame head that can run hotter, and an adjustable knob. Works with propane and MAP gas. Has a pressure regulator so it can be used sideways and upside down. Lifetime warranty. Pretty good price, one of the lower prices it's been.
  23. Wow, what a beauty. That's my dream grill, if only I could afford something like that....
  24. Oh that's tempting..... I've been looking at that iKamand, will have to think about that one.
  25. For less than $20 you can get most of the benefit with this fire grate https://www.amazon.com/onlyfire-Stainless-Charcoal-Kamado-Classic/dp/B01N4EPPX6 You just won't be able to pick it up and shake it out, but that shouldn't be a problem as the ash easily falls through without even really doing anything.
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