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  1. Im sure it would but I don't have experience in doing it. The seasoning is perfect for me though.
  2. Not sure if this fits here but for those who may not have a grill yet or just want to cook thighs via the old school oven method, this is what I do to get perfect chicken thighs with crispy skin that is juicy at the same time. 1. No oil, no liquid, nothing. Just Season both sides with a generous amount of old bay seasoning, pepper, greek seasoning, garlic powder, some chili powder, paprika. 2. Top off the thighs with a drizzle of honey, and squeeze some lemon as well. 3. Cook the thighs for 45 minutes at 450'. 4. Usually I'll baste using the liquid in the pan but sometimes I don't. 5. I know it's perfect when the inside temp reaches 190-200'.
  3. I don't have a grill (yet) OP but let me tell you what I do. I was raised on cheap cuts of steak marinated cooked medium well. About 5 years ago my life was changed forever when a buddy suggested I get rid of the marinades, buy a ribeye, simply use salt and pepper, and do medium rare. Since then my passion has been learning how to make the perfect steak and I'd like to say I'm confident in my abilities. Now, I use the reverse sear method and then sear on the stove but it works for me. Whether I'm buying from the grocery store, butcher, or Costco, my method is the same and turns out very well. 1. Bring home beef, let it sit out for 30-45 minutes. 2. Rub avocado oil all over steak (high smoke point which is important). 3. Season generously with sea salt, pepper, old bay, garlic powder, some greek seasoning. 4. Cook in oven at about 225-250 degrees and depending on the thickness could take anywhere from 40-55 minutes to get the internal temp at about 115 which is my preference as the sear will add another 10 degrees and rest will add another 5 so you're looking at a final product at about 130 degrees. 5. After it reaches your idea internal temp, take it out, heat a pan with some more avocado oil, fresh rosemary, garlic. heat until it's blazing. 6. drop the steak in, let it sear for about 1:15-1:30, flip it then add a stick of butter. baste that sucker over and over again to get that amazing crust. Sear another 1:15 minute or so. 7. Plate it and let it rest for at least 5 minutes so the juices can spread out. ENJOY.
  4. First post. Reverse seared in the oven, NY Steak.
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