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    I pre-ordered mine from Atlanta Grill Company. I believe they are now out of stock waiting on more to come in. It's my first controller and so far I'm enjoying it. Had some problems getting it connected to my WiFi but KJ was great helping work through it. Since then no real issues. It will drop out every now and then on a long cook, but has always reconnected and picked up where it left off. You will have to re-learn your damper settings though. I've overshot my temp by having my top vent open too much and/or not closing it down once the charcoal was going. The fan does a good job if the vents are set correctly. You don't have to take the Joe out of the stand, but you do have to remove the firebox to get to the bolts holding the lower vent assembly. The instructions tell you to remove the original door and replace with the new door. On my Big Joe, I left the original door and installed the new iKamand door on top of it. That lets me use the original door to shut down the grill over the cook is complete. There is a thread on the forum about this and some issues with the stopper(?) KJ includes in the kit.
  2. I’m using the freebie that came with my Big Joe from the Costco roadshow until it dies. I’ve used the Classic Accessories covers on my other grills for years. They are good quality for the price, but they don’t last forever, maybe four years.
  3. I would think so. I can see the cook on both my phone and iPad. If both are logged into the same account they should see the same data.
  4. For the last cook I did with the fish, I used a wire brush lighting on the grill side while it was still on the kamado so the scrapings would just burn up. For the griddle side I wiped it down with a paper towel and did a little scraping with the spatula I was using. It mostly depends on how well seasoned the cast iron is. My grill insert has a good seasoning and the fish did not stick at all. On the griddle, most of it is well seasoned but has one spot where the fish did stick. I cleaned it with a Scotchbrite pad and did another seasoning in the oven.
  5. Works great for Fish and Smash burgers!
  6. I was able to leave the original vent door in place with the new iKamand door. I'm gland I did as my first cook was fish and I needed a very low temperate. I need to close down both the damper on the iKamand and the original vent door to keep the temperature low.
  7. I like the idea of leaving the original vent door. It might protect the iKamand insert that is part plastic. I'm going to give this a try tomorrow when I install the new vent door.
  8. Thanks to everyone who chimed in. My issue got elevated to someone who could call me. They had me try the guest network and it worked. They aren't sure why but it did the trick. I had not tried the guest network as it has a space and the FAQ's say it won't work. We use an underline for the space so that seems to work. Her other concern was special charters in the password. Our password has a ? and a # so one of those may be an issue. I was not going to change the password and have to update 20 other devices though. Tomorrow will be a test cook of a brisket. I'll post about it when it's done. Thank you again for the advice.
  9. Has anyone else having problems getting their iKamand to connect? I've spent around eight hours now trying to get the iKamand unit to connect to the app/internet. I've been emailing customer support since 9:00 this morning and they haven't been able to help. I disabled the 5ghz WiFi band, re-booted the router, deleted and re-installed the app, all without success. If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.
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