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  1. Does anyone have any issues with the new 2017 to vent? I have heard of issues with the paint peeling and excessive condensation buildup.
  2. I appreciate the info! How do you season the soapstone,? I have never heard of this and I have one on the way!
  3. That looks awesome! Do you have the plans for this table? I would love to make one.
  4. I'm sure this has been on this forum before, but I didn't see it in the search. Is the soapstone worth paying about double for? I did some research and it looks like the main advantages are higher temps than CI and no seasoning. If I go with the Soapstone, do I have to worry about it cracking if I get it to 1000 degrees? I would love to hear your opinion on both of these products. Thanks for your time!
  5. I ended up getting the Big Joe w/ cart (2017 Edition) shipped to me for $1,599 out the door, no sales tax! I think it's pretty hard to get close to that price without a Costco roadshow. The cheapest dealer within 150 miles of me was $1,799 and they wouldn't price match and I saved 7% on FL sales tax! I am so so so excited for the deal I got thanks to a link posted on this thread!
  6. Nice! That is great to know! Have you done any high heat cooks on it for like pizza on it? It looks to be exactly like a high quality oven gasket so I'm not really concerned.
  7. I agree with your last statement and pulled the trigger yesterday afternoon!
  8. I looked into these but ultimately decided on the Big Joe after getting one hell of deal for $1,599 with the cart out the door.
  9. Thanks to your link I was able to get the Kamado Joe Big Joe (2017 Edition) shipped to me in FL for $1,599 out the door, no tax, no shipping! They don't even advertise this on their website. I called them because they had a package deal with a free cover for the classic joe so I wanted to see if they had something similar for the Big Joe. Her reply was " we sell it in store for $1,599" and was able to ship it for free over the phone! I can't thank you enough for your link because I was about to drop $1,899 at bbqguys.com! Happy Monday and I'm so excited for my Big Joe to arrive later this week! I fee like a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive!
  10. I just called and unfortunately they do not ship at the $1,500 price point. They will ship directly from Kamado Joe for the $1,899 price. I am 8 hours away so it's not worth the price difference after someone sent me a link for $1,709 shipped.
  11. It looks like I have been shopping the higher price point people for the KJ. I know I will be perfectly happy with either! The new gasket is the main selling point for me. How is that holding up?
  12. Wow $1,500 is a great deal, I only heard of that pricing at the Costco Roadshow but unfortunately none are coming my way. Do you know if they ship to FL?
  13. It looks like they have two sites. The one you linked and then the one on their facebook page. Are they both for the same company?
  14. Haha I have already been diagnosed and I don't have one yet! I do way more cooking/grilling (grill, wok, pizza) than I do smoking. From what I have seen I can get a better pizza than an oven, real high heat for the wok (vs oven burner), and a hell of sear vs my 500 degree pellet smoker.
  15. I have not cooked on a Kamado before so that is a good idea. I am over my pellet smoker due to the lack of high heat. I am pretty certain I will be happier with a Kamado so I am willing to dive into the deep end for the BGE or KJ.
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