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  1. beautiful stuff, thanks very much mate
  2. ive just seasoned it and with not having a thermometer (and seeing the results of a jr going nuclear) i was very cautious (and paranoid lol) Anyway, what I did was light the charcoal at the top of a 'mound' i formed closed the lid and cranked open the vents to about 3 top and bottom for 5 or 10 minutes then closed a little more, got it to 380 or so, then closed the bottom down to perhaps about an inch and the top vent maybe half an inch and it went fantastically I had to rely on the dome thermometer so going off posts about its inaccuracy i got it to sit at 350 (assuming the thermometer is 50-100 degrees off and cooler in the dome than the grate?) and it sat there like a trooper for an hr... i shut both vents completely after an hour and the dome thermo is reading around 150 now so a nice slow controlled cool down absolutely in love with this thing, i'm used to very basic grills with little to no control or adequate air flow and this thing is an absolute beauty, it felt awesome being able to control the temp and watch the thermometer change (albeit slowly) with changes in the vents definitely need a decent dual probe digi thermometer though, really see the advantage of knowing the temp at the grate and obv the food temp
  3. Hi Nigel, ahhh awesome stuff, I thought there must be some people on here from my neck of the woods (relatively speaking) Brilliant idea with the sand, I will use that... I emailed char griller with regards purchasing the stone directly from them or a uk supplier, but they said the stone isn't in the u.k. and shipping would be too expensive from the usa so an alternative is definitely required, nice one for that suggestion, it sounds great Funnily enough I watched a beer can chicken and a spatchcok chicken video last night and the beer can guy actually said usually this method isn't the best, never imparts a beer taste etc... lots of experimenting to do Going to cure the grill today I think, we've hit lucky with the weather
  4. Thanks guys, yer ive been having a read around and ive already learned so much, especially potential mods and the necessity for a dual probe thermo
  5. oh yes definitely, far as im aware, it's the cheapest kamado on the uk market and after lusting after bge's seeing this at it's price i snapped it up... just wish i was in america to buy it lol Hoping to store it in the shed after each use, try to maximise its longevity, especially as the u.k. isn't the driest place on earth lol
  6. thanks guys i'll probably start with a couple of rather pedestrian chicken breasts lol, but want to move onto pork butts and beer can chicken pretty soon (soon as i get a diffusor figured out)
  7. Just bought an akorn jr (I won't mention the price in the U.K. as my tears are still rolling down my cheeks from reading the prices some of you paid in walmart) Never really bbq'd/grilled or smoked before, but always fancied it so maybe I can explore the hobby a little now Already seen some cool mods on here people employ, like a cast iron pan as a diffuser for smoking (char grills stone isn't available here outside of stateside ebayers and the cost is almost a 1/3rd u.k. price of the jr) and the second tier grill which someone diy'd looks ace. Anyway, just thought i'd say hi and will do some reading to learn more. Cheers
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