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  1. Weber kettle has been pretty good for me for the quick cooks. I have the slow n sear in it as well and it's worked out wonderfully. I use my big joe quite often to though
  2. tbaby3333


    Well guess I'll wait and see. I'll try Atlanta grill company
  3. tbaby3333


    Who will have them?
  4. tbaby3333


    Ben, where did you get your ikamand from? I can't find it online.
  5. tbaby3333

    Whats your favorite charcoal to use?

    I love the kamado joe lump charcoal. It's a bit pricey but one bag lasts me over several cooks so it pays for itself really
  6. tbaby3333


    I've been trying to find it myself with no luck.
  7. tbaby3333

    Brisket Burnt Ends

    Thank you
  8. tbaby3333

    Brisket Burnt Ends

    Anybody with some good brisket burnt end recipes?
  9. tbaby3333

    Beef it's what for dinner

    Thank you very much. I appreciate it.
  10. tbaby3333

    Beef it's what for dinner

    I ate every bite in it's memory
  11. tbaby3333

    Beef it's what for dinner

    Lol i thought i sent it lol. It was my first time doing them myself lol
  12. tbaby3333

    Howdy from East Texas

    Welcome Tim. I'm in Texas as well. Not to far from you. I'm in Dallas.
  13. tbaby3333

    Lawd "HAM" Mercy

    Lol that's right lol.
  14. tbaby3333


    Thank you for that information