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  1. tbaby3333


    Anybody know when the ikamand is going to come out? Just curious if anyone has used it yet and their thoughts on it.
  2. tbaby3333

    Sunny Saturday Beef Ribs

    You got it lol
  3. tbaby3333

    Sunny Saturday Beef Ribs

    I bought some after looking at your pictures yesterday lol. They're getting smoked tomorrow
  4. tbaby3333

    Sunny Saturday Beef Ribs

    Wowser, those look good!!!!
  5. tbaby3333

    Lawd "HAM" Mercy

    Roger that Captain
  6. tbaby3333

    Lawd "HAM" Mercy

    Oooo i like the way that glaze sounds. I'm going to try that one. You have to mix it up on the stove correct? Forgive me. I'm a newbie lol
  7. tbaby3333

    Lawd "HAM" Mercy

    It was excellent lol. Making it harder to drop these last 20 or so lbs on the scale lol
  8. tbaby3333

    Lawd "HAM" Mercy

    You cook your ribs to a certain temp?
  9. tbaby3333

    Brisket question

    I'm going to try that
  10. tbaby3333

    2 1/2" Ribeye Steak Dinner

    Wow is all i can say. Hope i get that good at it lol
  11. tbaby3333

    Brisket question

    Watch "Kamado Joe Brisket 101" on YouTube Our very own Mr. John to the rescue lol
  12. tbaby3333

    Brisket question

    Tear, I don't want a dry flat lol. I saw a video on YouTube by T-Roy Cooks. He did it with no foil. I was going to try it and see what happens.
  13. Does anybody do their brisket straight through without foil? I like a good bark but i would still like it to be moist and tender. I wrapped mine last time and it was great, but I did notice it lost some of that good bark and some of the smoke profile. Never done a brisket without wrapping so just curious.
  14. I've kept mine in the cooler for 4-5 hours and it was still as hot as if it came straight off the grill
  15. tbaby3333

    Lawd "HAM" Mercy

    Well, this is my third cook on the Big Joe. Did half a ham (mother-in-law bought it that way). Nothing to fancy with this one. I used Malcolm Reed whole ham recipe that you can check out on his website howtobbqright.com. I used his Maple glaze recipe as well. Smoked it for a few hours and then put the temp probe in until it hit 135. Glazed it after that and let it continue until it hit 140. I smoked it yesterday and it was still juicy today with a nice smoke flavor. I used pecan wood, but I think my wife and I love mesquite wood with everything lol. That's sad because I bought all this wood ($200 worth) from different suppliers and all we want is mesquite. Anywho, back to the ham. The glaze was pretty good. What are some of you guys go to glazes that you all like? Oh, i have to admit i made a boo boo yesterday too lol. I dried out my baby back ribs because I fell asleep. Rule number one if you work 12 hours the previous night maybe take a nap BEFORE you start smoking lol