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  1. Anybody know how to adjust the lock on the lid of the big Joe? Sometimes I pull it down and the lock doesn't catch like it's supposed to.
  2. So am I the only one who kinda wraps his deflector plates on foil to help keep them clean when cooking? Well I wouldn't say wrap but I put foil on top of the deflector plates. For those who don't what do you use to keep them clean?
  3. And you do the burnt ends after it's all done?
  4. Do you separate your point and flat prior to smoking?
  5. I usually do 225 but I went 250-280 for this one. Next time I'll go with what I'm accustomed to doing and that's 225 and below. Thanks for that
  6. So the burnt ends were amazing, but my flat was a little dry. I wrapped it in butcher paper at about 165 then tried to get it up to 200. I did get lazy at the end and didn't let it rest in a cooler. I put it in the stove still wrapped and my wife accidentally turned the oven on 330 so that might have something to do with it lol.
  7. I did the same thing. I'm waiting on the results.
  8. Thank you. I looked at John's video. Thank you.
  9. When do you guys separate the point from the flat to do your burnt ends? Going to give doing burnt ends a try this weekend. I was thinking of separating them before I put them on the smoker during the trimming process. What say you my fellow smoking peeps
  10. Weber kettle has been pretty good for me for the quick cooks. I have the slow n sear in it as well and it's worked out wonderfully. I use my big joe quite often to though
  11. Well guess I'll wait and see. I'll try Atlanta grill company
  12. Ben, where did you get your ikamand from? I can't find it online.
  13. I love the kamado joe lump charcoal. It's a bit pricey but one bag lasts me over several cooks so it pays for itself really
  14. I've been trying to find it myself with no luck.
  15. Anybody with some good brisket burnt end recipes?
  16. Welcome Tim. I'm in Texas as well. Not to far from you. I'm in Dallas.
  17. Thank you for that information
  18. They were excellente lol. Did a brisket as well. The burnt ends turned out great, but can't lie my flat was a little dry. I didn't wrap it. I smoked it until i hit about 200 in the flat area.
  19. Never heard of that one. Going to look that up
  20. I bought the pitmaster IQ but I'm almost buying gadgets so.... Lol I'll get this one too if it is worth it
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