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  1. Wow this looks great, what did you use for a counter top? Concrete?
  2. Hey Guys, If this has been covered before I apologize in advance. I have a big cook I need to perform over the weekend for a work event on Monday and I don't want to be messing with this all weekend. I need to smoke seven 8-10lb pork butts. I know I can fit at least two butts on my main grill grate. I have a second grate that will fit above the main one that I should be able to cook and additional butt on there. As anyone ever did this, does the drippings from the butt above falling down on the lower grate effect those butts? What effect will this have on cook times. My setup is a Saffire Kamado with a smobot controller. Thanks in advance, hoki
  3. Hey Folks, The wife and son asked me what I wanted for Fathers day and since a new truck is out of the question, I'm thinking Vacuum sealer. I think their budget is $200 or less, which machine will give me the most bang, or in this case, suck for the buck. Thanks, hoki
  4. soak the stained garment in plain old coca cola, it will remove just about any oil or grease stain. hoki
  5. Henckels twin pro s set, love'em
  6. I've got itch for a controller, which one should I get, Flameboss or Smobot. I am looking at doing more all-day\overnight cooks. Thanks in advance, Hoki
  7. That was my first time using it, I think the meat probe runs a little cold, I'm going to try to verify that... hoki
  8. It was a great dinner, I ate to much though. I wish I could answer those questions for you, I'll let you know as I figure it out. hoki
  9. Hey Garvin, My Saffire came with the cart and lower grill grate, the upper grate I ordered after receiving my cooker. I also bought a pizza stone, heater deflector, ash tool and wood chip tool at the same time. hoki
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