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  1. soak the stained garment in plain old coca cola, it will remove just about any oil or grease stain. hoki
  2. Henckels twin pro s set, love'em
  3. I've got itch for a controller, which one should I get, Flameboss or Smobot. I am looking at doing more all-day\overnight cooks. Thanks in advance, Hoki
  4. That was my first time using it, I think the meat probe runs a little cold, I'm going to try to verify that... hoki
  5. It was a great dinner, I ate to much though. I wish I could answer those questions for you, I'll let you know as I figure it out. hoki
  6. Hey Garvin, My Saffire came with the cart and lower grill grate, the upper grate I ordered after receiving my cooker. I also bought a pizza stone, heater deflector, ash tool and wood chip tool at the same time. hoki
  7. The finished product, along with my new probe
  8. Hey Folks, I finally upgraded from my Acorn to a Saffire 19" Silver edition, the first cook was Spatchcock chicken coated in olive oil and magic dust dry rub, turned out great.
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