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  1. hokihigh

    Nearly ImpossibleStain Removal

    soak the stained garment in plain old coca cola, it will remove just about any oil or grease stain. hoki
  2. hokihigh

    New knives

    Henckels twin pro s set, love'em
  3. I've got itch for a controller, which one should I get, Flameboss or Smobot. I am looking at doing more all-day\overnight cooks. Thanks in advance, Hoki
  4. hokihigh

    2016 Kitchen Knife of the Year

    what a beauty, enjoy it. hoki
  5. Hey Folks, I finally upgraded from my Acorn to a Saffire 19" Silver edition, the first cook was Spatchcock chicken coated in olive oil and magic dust dry rub, turned out great.
  6. hokihigh

    1st cook w/new Saffire

    That was my first time using it, I think the meat probe runs a little cold, I'm going to try to verify that... hoki
  7. hokihigh

    1st cook w/new Saffire

    It was a great dinner, I ate to much though. I wish I could answer those questions for you, I'll let you know as I figure it out. hoki
  8. hokihigh

    1st cook w/new Saffire

    Hey Garvin, My Saffire came with the cart and lower grill grate, the upper grate I ordered after receiving my cooker. I also bought a pizza stone, heater deflector, ash tool and wood chip tool at the same time. hoki
  9. hokihigh

    1st cook w/new Saffire

    Thanks folks:)
  10. hokihigh

    New build

    Very nice!
  11. hokihigh

    Beef Ragu

    That looks great.
  12. hokihigh

    1st cook w/new Saffire

    The finished product, along with my new probe
  13. Hi Folks, Just wanted to say hey, been reading since I got home from Lowes, the Akorn is still the box, I'll put it together tomorrow :D Anything I need to do as I put it together?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Hoki
  14. I am, turkey is on the Akorn as we speak, let's hope it's fit to eat Thanks for all of the great tips. :D Hoki
  15. Okay I do not a quality source of lump charcoal, the only thing I can find is Cowboy lump at lowes. So what should I use Kingsford comp briquettes or Cowboy lump for the T-giving Turkey? Thanks Hoki
  16. hokihigh

    What to use??

    So after running all over town trying to find some lump, I went back to Wal-mart, asked if they had any, and they had pallets of the stuff in the garden center. Thanks for the help. hoki
  17. Well I finally got it together last night, I swapped the hardware, I put RTV around the top of the ashcan and put a gasket behind the bottom air intake. Test run tonight, I'm thinking cheap sausage to season it, what do you guys think. Thanks for all of the great tips and tricks so far..... hoki
  18. hokihigh

    What to use??

    Yep we a Wally World but they don't a single bag of charcoal anywhere, go figure???