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  1. I got the kick ash basket for my Big Joe the same time I got the Joe and thus the reason for my question, as I've never done a cook without using the basket. When cleaning the ash from my Joe, after each cook, I've noticed that 80% of the burnt lump is all in the back half of the basket. I am presuming this is due to air flowing to the back of the chamber and then lifting as there is relatively no resistance to the air flow as there would be if I was using the fire grate. My question is (and I will test this weekend on a low and slow), if I use both the fire grate and the kick ash basket would the lump burn more evenly through the firebox and not be so concentrated towards the back of the Joe? Does anyone have any experience with this?
  2. I am using the newer cap. Not the cast iron version. Got a suggestion?
  3. Well i saw you had the same drip spot I get....so I errr borrowed yer pic for illuatration purposes...hope you dont mind.
  4. I went down this route. My deflectors weren't completely flat with the DO in the firebox but close enough. I got the blue smoke....but I still didn't get the smoke flavor I wanted. I eventually resorted to splitting some hickory/cherry logs into long thin pieces and fanned them out at different intervals w/in my lump pile. Two separate layers seemed to do the trick for me. The smoker pot does work...but a 2 qrt DO didn't get me the smoke flavor I am use to.
  5. The last few cooks I've noticed a deposit of creosote on the meat I am smoking. I've deduced that it is forming on the top of my dome and then dripping down on my food as it cooks. Any ideas/methods to prevent this in the future? How does everyone else handle issues with a creosote drip?
  6. Oven cleaner spray works amazeballs!
  7. An allen wrench will allow you to adjust you latch higth...that might help. Without pics its hard to say. Id start there though. A cheap heat gun is what i use for lump ignition.
  8. I would say the kick ash basket would be item #1. I've had one from day one and couldn't imagine cleaning out the firebox for every cook to remove the small pieces of lump. The basket makes it soo much easier!
  9. Quick question about using a smoker pot. Do you put the pot on as you bring the Joe up to Temp or do you put it on the fire once the desired temperature has been reached?
  10. I did a low and slow yesterday and I tried wrapping my chunks in aluminum foil and placed them right in the center of my coals..huge difference. That approach seemed to work really well. All my chunks cooked up and I was able to keep my temp low. The only down side i saw was maintaining a consistant temp was a little challenging. I dont know if the wrapped chunks keept the fire from breathing properly or not but my temp was fluctuation way more than i liked. This approach looks promising. I think next time i wont put the chunks right on the fire but maybe around it in hopes of not smothering the coals. Burying a dutch oven with holes and chunks in the lump pile also sounds interesting...may try that approach eventually. Thanks for the feedback peeps!
  11. I have the new model big joe and I get the liquid drip out of the top vent. I unfortunately didn't wipe off the liquid before it dried and now have little black/brown pockets of residue in the dimples of my dome where the liquid ran down the side. I tried to clean the muck out using a toothbrush and dawn soap and water. It worked okay...but there were some areas where I wasn't able to get the gunk to budge at all. Are there any products out there that people recommend? Or a certain technique used to clean this gunk up out of the dome dimples? I know this drip thing is common so I would presume I am not the only one with this issue? Any ideas/thoughts?
  12. I've only had a chance for a few low and slow cooks on the big joe and haven't had much luck with getting the smoke I want. Either my chunks don't get ignited because I have them too far from the center of my fire and I don't get the smoke flavor I want in my food, or they are too close to the fire and end up catching on fire and then I end up overshooting my temp. Any suggestions on where and when I should put my chunks in order to get the best flavor?
  13. In Aaron Franklins book, Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto, he recommends 16 mesh. Additionally he goes on to say that if you grind it yourself its best to grind it a day or two ahead of use to allow it to mellow out a bit.
  14. Props to you sir!!! Not many peeps can appreciate that..let alone even know what it is!
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