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  1. Waw Agle

    One week & counting!

    Just put my first brisket on the new Joe! Watched Mr. Seztler’s brisket 101 to get her trimmed up and ready and seasoned with Meat Church Holy Cow. Now I’m sitting outside with a drink in hand staring at the grill and watching the igrill graph (just for fun). Life is good!
  2. Waw Agle

    New Kamado Joe Owner with a few questions...

    I have a quick question for all of you good folks. I have bought the cast iron griddle, cast iron wok, and the pizza stone for my new classic II and I have just enough left in my budget to go for one of two options: 1.) The new Kamado Joe Ash basket, and maybe another accessory like the half-moon CI grate. OR 2.) The Joetisserie Which one would you all recommend?
  3. Waw Agle

    New Kamado Joe Owner with a few questions...

    With this being said, when should you add your wood for smoking? After the temp stabilizes or when you load in the charcoal and light?
  4. Waw Agle

    One week & counting!

    For those interested, I had quite the Kamado Joe journey this weekend. I found a listing on Facebook marketplace for a brand new Classic II, unopened, still on the crate listed for $899. I was very skeptical of the listing but started to ask questions about it. Come to find out, the owner of an Outdoors store had listed it. She bought it wholesale but had been unable to sell it. The grill was about 3 hours from where I live, but only about 45 minutes from my parents house, so I drove up to their place Friday night and on up to the store on Saturday morning. Just as she had said, the beauty was unopened and on the pallet. I ended up paying $825 cash for the grill and bought a bag of charcoal and the CI griddle accessory for a grand total of $898. Throw in the $50 a spent on gas and I still beat the Costco roadshow price easily. Got it home Saturday evening for an easy assembly and registered it with no problems. It was flawless no cracks or blemishes anywhere. Did a simple cook of some burgers and baked some cookies on the CI griddle. What a weekend! (She did have one left, and told me to tell a friend, so if anyone is interested just let me know and I can get you the details!)
  5. Waw Agle

    One week & counting!

    Great advice, thanks Kismet! I've very much been hung up on specific temps since I started grilling and smoking, mainly because I didn't know any better I guess!
  6. Waw Agle

    One week & counting!

    Hey guys, First time caller, long time listener here. I'll be scootin' over to Hoover, AL this time next Friday to pick up my first Kamado Joe at the Roadshow! I've been cooking on the steel Akorn for a couple years, but it's time for me to make the switch and I couldn't be more excited. I can't wait to try out some of the recipes and techniques I've seen on here and to talk shop every once in a while. I love the Kamado Joe youtube channel and will definitely be putting those recipes to good use. I'd been conflicted for a couple months on what grill I wanted. It came down to Kamado Joe and Traeger. Traeger was appealing to me because I (& not saying everyone has this problem) had a lot of trouble with temp control with my Akorn, but I feel the Kamado Joe stands just as tall on low & slow's and looks to be much more versatile. Any advice for first time owners would be appreciated!