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  1. I own a Yoder YS640 smoker, which I love, but I struggle with poultry, specifically chicken quarters (bone-in) and getting them more crisp. I used to own a pit barrel cooker (PBC), which did a fantastic job with chicken, which I sold when purchasing the Yoder...I kick myself. I am in the market to purchase a smaller footprint cooker/smoker that gives similar results as the PBC, so I am looking at the PBC junior. Before taking the plunge with the PBC junior, I'm interested to know if anyone can provide feedback on how the Kamado Joe's perform with poultry...do the ceramic smokers result in strong flavor/crispy skin? I want to consider this route also as I believe the Kamado could be a little more versatile than the PBC junior for what else I can use it for (e.g. longer smokes, more controllable temperature) What I liked about the PBC was the strong flavor and crispy outer skin it gave the chicken, I'm assuming because of the significant amount of smoke it produces (creosote) during the process. More specifically, I will consider the Kamado junior. Can the Kamado style grill/smokers produce similar results? They get great reviews but I have no experience with them. I'm assuming different type of smokers do better than others for different types of meats.
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