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  1. Trying my first reverse sear tonight. How long/temp should I cook NY strips at before taking them off to get the KAMADO fired up hot? thanks!
  2. Looking for a good do it yourself dry rub for chicken wings. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi all - Been using the Akron for a few weeks now and falling in love. Did some chicken breasts over the weekend....turned out great. I’d like to try my hand at smoking or a low-n-slow with chicken this weekend. What range of temps should I shoot for, and how long? Planning on using some light wood chips, as I think I remember the darker the wood, the heavier the smoke. Thanks all!
  4. Villa Rica, just outside of Carrollton.
  5. Hi all! First time KAMADO buyer, did my first test cook tonight. Looking forward to getting the hang of KAMADO cooking! Glad I found this site!
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