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  1. DaveW

    G'day from NSW Australia

    Thanks for the welcome 8-) My Kamado (Red Mist - It's red and the smoke looks like mist) is actually a 'Royal' branded model, but I believe they come from the same factory as the 'Vision'. Summer is just kicking in here (35 degrees c here today, or 95f) so Red Mist is getting plenty more use, although she still copped a beating over winter Pulled Pork is a favorite, not widely done here, and a few of us have been experimenting with pulled lamb and it is very nice too! Look forward to sharing!
  2. DaveW

    G'day from NSW Australia

    Hi all, Just found this site, some great recipes and ideas to browse through. I have a 'Vision' Kamado: Looking forward to sharing some Aussie cook-ups :D