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  1. So far I'm very happy with it. Its easy to clean and holds temp very well. Also the split grate is way better than the standard akorn grate. It does seem to use more charcoal than the steel acorn but I'm sure that's mostly due to the early winter we have been having in MN. My only real complaint is that the smokin stone heat deflector is a bit undersized so you get some pretty big hotspots when your doing a low and slow cook.
  2. Picked up a smokin stone at Lowes and threw 2 racks of st Louis style ribs on it about an hour ago. Its holding pretty steady around 235. I have had the steel akorn for years and it finally rusted out so I'm interested in how much differently they perform. I already love the removable ash pan for cleanup.
  3. Just picked this up of Craigslist tonight for $220! Curious how many others have one and how they have liked it so far?
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