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  1. Deebo

    Advice for first BBQ

    I think he might be talking about this Weber summit...
  2. Looking to either purchase a Flame boss or Fire board or possibly a rack system(R&B Rig or similar) and wondering if anyone has any info on outlets having Father’s Day sales? I don’t know if we could make this a post area for this the next few days or maybe there is already a place and don’t know about it. Please post any and all BBQ related Father’s Day promotions that you are aware of....Thanks!
  3. Deebo

    New(to me) Kamado Joe Classic(I think)

    I bought a Memphis Pro. I love it but there are a lot of very nice options, IMO, depending on your needs in one. I did a ton of research so if you decide to look into one I am here for info if ya need it.
  4. Deebo

    New(to me) Kamado Joe Classic(I think)

    Cleaned it up and looks nice but all the pics I took with my iPhone fail the upload. Any advice?
  5. Deebo

    New(to me) Kamado Joe Classic(I think)

    The cover that came with is in great shape.
  6. Hello and Great forum you all have here. I just got done doing about a year of research and shopping for a new cooker. Had gas grills all my life and decided to up my game and ditch the gas. I wanted a Kamado of some sort but my wife demanded we get something “push button”. I settled with her and I purchased a really nice Memphis pellet cooker(not sure if pellet cooker is a bad word around here....if so, sorry). We love it, cooks awesome food. I still wanted to play with charcoal so I talked her into letting me buy a large Webber kettle. As I was looking around I found what you see here on FB marketplace for $350 and thought it was a great deal. I got my Kamado and I am already hooked on this forum! Look forward to learning and thanks for the great community and content that is here.
  7. Deebo

    Replacement Wire Mesh Gasket For Pre-2017 Big Joe

    Will this gasket be effective w/o the latch?