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  1. I think he might be talking about this Weber summit...
  2. Looking to either purchase a Flame boss or Fire board or possibly a rack system(R&B Rig or similar) and wondering if anyone has any info on outlets having Father’s Day sales? I don’t know if we could make this a post area for this the next few days or maybe there is already a place and don’t know about it. Please post any and all BBQ related Father’s Day promotions that you are aware of....Thanks!
  3. I bought a Memphis Pro. I love it but there are a lot of very nice options, IMO, depending on your needs in one. I did a ton of research so if you decide to look into one I am here for info if ya need it.
  4. Cleaned it up and looks nice but all the pics I took with my iPhone fail the upload. Any advice?
  5. The cover that came with is in great shape.
  6. Hello and Great forum you all have here. I just got done doing about a year of research and shopping for a new cooker. Had gas grills all my life and decided to up my game and ditch the gas. I wanted a Kamado of some sort but my wife demanded we get something “push button”. I settled with her and I purchased a really nice Memphis pellet cooker(not sure if pellet cooker is a bad word around here....if so, sorry). We love it, cooks awesome food. I still wanted to play with charcoal so I talked her into letting me buy a large Webber kettle. As I was looking around I found what you see here on FB marketplace for $350 and thought it was a great deal. I got my Kamado and I am already hooked on this forum! Look forward to learning and thanks for the great community and content that is here.
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