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  1. I fully expect people to ask my why I would ever even ask this question but here it goes. Could one buy an extra pizza stone to use as fully intact heat deflector? So far, I either use the heat deflector or I don't and I feel like have the option to just put a whole one in might just be easier for me. Also, I got money burning a hole in my pocket and I love buying accessories. I also had an ever so slight gap in my heat deflector plates on a long cook and I feel like it affected the outcome in terms of burning a bit. Thoughts? Anyone do this?
  2. I bought the Joe Pizza stone and made two pizzas on it so far. They have stuck to the stone a bit...do you guys recommend seasoning it? Any suggestions?! Thanks!
  3. So I am on cook number 6 with my new Joe and I decided to do a pork loin. Briefly looked online saw cooking at 350 indirect heat to be the best. Fired up the Joe, thought I had it dialed in at 350. Put the loin on, not sure how big maybe 1.25lbs? Anyway, left for 50 minutes and came back to a loin registering at 167! Also, the grill was just under 400. I was bummed and thought I ruined my first meal in the Joe. Nope, it was delicious and moist and honestly better tasting than any I’ve cooked before. How could this be? Can overcooked meat still be that good? Also, any advice for dialing in the Joe quickly? So many variables! Indirect heat feels like the hardest. thoughts are appreciated!
  4. So did another cook and am loving this Kamado Joe. Here is my question...why does Kamado Joe say to leave the top vent open a bit when shutting the grill down? The green egg has an attachment for this specific action, I am a little confused why I shouldn’t close the top completely. What am I missing? Ted
  5. expand the budget and buy them both! :)
  6. Hey all, Just bought my first ever charcoal grill at the age of 33 and lucky for me it was a Kamado Joe. So not only am I getting used to charcoal cooking I am also getting used to kamado style cooking. Overall, Setlzer's videos have been great along with many other youTube videos I've been watching. I haven't even owned my grill for a week and I've cooked on it every night. That being said I have a few questions I hope you all can help me out with. - I bought the kick ash basket right from the get go...will that affect the airflow enough that I'll need to close my top and bottom vents even further than if I just used the KJ grate? I feel like I have my air vents closed quite a bit. For instance, on a pork shoulder at 225 I had my bottom open only about 1/4 inch and the top nearly closed just to maintain at 225. This sound right? It worked but I was surprised by how much I had to keep it closed. - Should I use the temp from the grate or the dome? I put my digital probe on the grate and it was off from the dome. Should it be off from the dome? Should I take my dome thermometer off and calibrate? I guess I am confused where I should be reading the temp from when smoking, grill, roasting, searing, etc. - Any advice from how high to fill with charcoal. For my pork shoulder I filled it up, lit it and everything was good to go. I then put my wood chunks on for smoke and couldn't fit the rack back on. I know rookie mistake but is there a general guideline for how high to have it? - Although I was able to keep a digital temperature between 225-250 for 10 hours I did find I had it going up and down up and down between those two markers. I could dial it in precisely. Is a 25 degree variant not a big deal? If it is a big deal any advice for how to fine tune to get a consistent temp without it going up and down? Remember how little travel room my air vents had from my question above. I mean I was moving things like 1/8 inch and it would move up/down over the course of a hour or two. If you all could help me with these I think I am going to be much better much faster! Thanks much! -Ted
  7. So, I decided I was going to get a new grill and for no other reason than brand recognition I decided on the green egg. I was about to buy but then visited a store that sells Kamado Joes and used to sell Eggs. The added features of the Kamado Joe had me interested. After a lot of researching I decided to give the Kamado Joe II a try instead of the Egg. Bought it at the Costco Roadshow and have loved it the three times I've used it in the three days I've had it. Yes, there is a learning curve but that is part of the fun. Looking forward to learning more from you all. Thanks! Ted
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