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  1. Great, thanks for the advice guys. Well the table is more or less in place, so methinks I'll take the casters off and drop it 6". They can always go back on if I need to move it!
  2. Hi Working on a new table, and debating the best height for cooking -- e.g. from floor to gasket / cook level. Any advice from pros out there? I am 6' tall and current plans put floor to gasket at 45" (with table surface at 37"). What do you reckon folks? Thanks!
  3. This is really great advice, thanks guys. Here's what I've done: 1 . Ordered some fire bricks to set it on 2. Got my hands on a Big Green Egg metal table nest - the XL is about the same size as the Big Joe 3. Decided not to upgrade the table top with concrete - from what everyone's saying, that would be overkill It's only really 3 that I feel uncertain about - did wonder about making a concrete tabletop, but from what everyone's saying that isn't really necessary. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks a million ckreef - puts my mind at rest One person I spoke to talked about putting exhaust tape around the outside rim - but get the sense this may be taking safety a bit too far!
  5. A bit of advice please on tables. So, I've acquired a wood bench to relocate my Big Joe to. However, somewhat worried about fireproofing it. Two areas advice would be much appreciated. 1. The base. Currently wooden slats. The spacing is too wide to remove and insert firebricks. So, I was thinking a base layer of fireboard (E.g. , bricks on top and Big Joe on top of those. Any advice? 2. Top surface. All wood currently. Should be about 1" from the edge to the wood to the outer ceramic. Is that enough? Is there more I should think about - such as replacing the table top with concrete or equivalent? Forgive the paranoia - any advice from table experts would be brilliant, thank you!
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