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  1. Awesome, thanks for the reply. Thinking of don't this to my Weber genesis grillgrates. One other question, do you have to "refinish" the cut edges? Anodized aluminum is basically oxidation on the outside from what I understand. Did you have to do anything to the newly exposed aluminum at the cut? Thanks again!
  2. What did you use to trim them?
  3. Stewie, Update us when you get it and how you like it! I just saw it, wondering if it's worth the purchase. Seems to mimic the divide and conquer somewhat.
  4. Hey everyone! Happy to be here, just got a new Pit Boss 24 from Costco for my birthday (thanks to an awesome wife!). Looking forward to coming some good food! The dream was a kamado joe, but this is a start. I've been grillings/smoking/bbqing for a couple years now. I have a Weber kettle with a smoke N sear, and now added the kamado to the family. Excited to learn some tips and tricks from you kamado veterans!
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