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  1. So the Smoke gods must have been listening because the KJ Classic II just went on sale on amazon, with 5% cash back, only $950. Instead of $1200. PURCHASED
  2. Aren’t ceramics very fragile, heavy, prone to cracking? Im a seasoned smoker. I don’t necessarily need a set it and come back in 14 hrs level of ease. I’m used to the supervision and making adjustments to get my temp. Ive been wanting to add a kamado to my collection for years but have always been hesitant about the price tag. I don’t mind spending money on quality, but then I see the Akorn and ask myself do I really need to spend a $1000 on on KJ or will I just be as or nearly satisfied with the akorn?
  3. Are the ceramic cookers worth paying 5x more than an Acorn? Convince me why or why not
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