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  1. 2.5lb i gave some to my dogs... I had thought I was much hungrier.
  2. couple nice cuts I’ve done this week on the kamado. My family decided to leave me for dinner this week... I don’t mind if they did this more often. Haha! prime ribeye cap steak and a tomahawk ribeye today.
  3. Yeah, I’m in SoCal so tri tip here is king. You can find them anywhere.
  4. Tri tip - get a couple tri tip going. Won’t tske long. No longer than 40 min. That way you have time for other things
  5. Thank you brotha, much appreciated. Will try it like this.
  6. Morning gang! Im not sure if this has been covered before so I apologize if it has. I couldn’t find any info on it, so here it goes. Im planning on doing a brisket this weekend and want to do some burnt ends. I know people separate the flat and point BEFORE the cook, but I just want to do the whole packer for this cool. When do I separate the point for burnt ends? As soon as the packer is done? Or do I rest the brisket for a few hours and then separate? TIA
  7. Sorry for the inexperience but if I’m smoking a brisket (long smoke) vs a short smoke, does it matter which zone I’m smoking it on? I’ve been using the lower zone with the heat deflector rather than the top zone. Im new to this so try not to kill me!
  8. I had some extra left over, figured to use it since I had purchased the electric starter. I had to use 2 cubes. It worked fine, but I much rather use the electric starter.
  9. Bought a S series yesterday. had to get the stone, just went with the vision stone. Also bought the electric starter.
  10. Welcome! I actually just picked one up from HD myself. Haven’t cooked on it yet (tonight will be the first). did a lot of researching on kamados and in the end, for the money, it was just a no brainer.
  11. Hey Kamado gang! Brand spanking new to this, and even bbqing itself. Been using gas grill my whole till about 6 months ago, borrowed a WSM from a brother of mine and it’s been down hill from there. purchased the Vision S series last night. Played around with her for a few hours (adjusting temps etc). Any and all advice are welcome. Thanks guys, can’t wait to learn more!
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