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    Live fire cooking, cocktail alchemy, travel, performance art, camping, very pretty shoes, Women's Saber Fencing and figuring out how to do any cool thing I find in my travels.
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I grew up in my early life in Chicago and the rest in the Colorado mountains. I am the mom of an amazing 16 yr old girl and married to an English gentleman - hence, all the dirty work (fire, ashes, wood stacking, camping, gardening) is mine and the good beer, wine, champagne and music falls to him.  The "cooking on live fire" rabbit hole is deep and I have no interest in coming back to the daylight. We live in the Pacific Northwest where the earth produces the best food and the fish in the sea is an hour away and every chef in town knows it. There are spell binding restaurants on every corner. I work for a woman who is a philanthropist to the arts and it keeps me in awe of the creative spirit. We have one pesky calico cat named Tarzan and a 17 year old Saab 9-3.

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