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  1. Just thought I’d post a pic of my new Kamado Joe trolley made by someone local with welding experience very happy with it and now able to wheel around the rear garden with no fear of it toppling due to uneven ground now what to do with the old stand?... ideas?
  2. Hi guys new to the forum and Kamado cooking in general having only got my kjclassic 2 a few months ago, based in the uk. Having bought a temp controller I would also love a joetisserie and am looking forward to seeing what difference the dojoe will do to my pizza game. Im excited about what kj will have to offer in 2019; John Setzler you mentioned a smaller projoe/kj classic 3. And in one of Kamado joes videos on Facebook (ft chef Gephart) I noticed a new nest (see pic) which looks sturdy and offers some built in storage- I’d love a table but can’t justify the expense
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