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  1. Luckily my family is easy to please Then again, bbq will please most anyone
  2. thanks all. yeah my first one so i was a bit uneasy at first, but everything went smooth other than relying on my own noggin
  3. So we were having a small get-together this year for Thanksgiving and I decided to go away from the traditional turkey since we're more partial to ham and beef, anyway. I went to Costco on Tuesday night, grabbed a 14lb prime brisket (before trim), and prepped it late Wednesday night with only salt and pepper around midnight as the smoker came to temp. Threw it on the Big Joe fat side down (to add another layer of protection from the heat below) at 1am at 225 and let it go. I woke up around 7:30 and the temp apparently held steady, but it did so at 215 so the stall was a bit lower t
  4. My first two bags of KJ Big Block both had a strong chemical smell. Do they all smell that way, or did I just get incredibly unlucky at the roadshow with the two bags I grabbed? No other brand has had a strong smell. I like Rockwood a lot, Royal Oak has done great as well. Both have no odor to them.
  5. What lump are you using? Looks like a great size. If it’s the KJ Big Block, does it give off a chemical odor? The two bags I got from the roadshow a few months back both have a terrible smell to them, so I resorted to using other brands (Rockwood and Royal Oak). These other brands haven’t smelled so I’m afraid to go back to the KJ lump, unless I just had terrible luck with my picks, which I’m hoping (assuming?) is the case. Great looking pork butt, can’t wait to see the finished product!
  6. i use these, easy to wash and can handle hot grates and food very easily. anything hotter than about 400* and you can start to feel it after a few seconds, though. so they're not used to move around coals or anything, but i'm really enjoying them so far. Link: Amazon Link
  7. I got up early yesterday and threw a pork shoulder on the kamado for the first time. I've cooked a number of spare ribs, beef ribs one time, and a lot of hot & fast cooks -- burgers, fajitas, chicken, etc. I'd have to say this was one of the best (and easiest) long cooks I've done. Process: Got up at 5am, started the kamado and seasoned the butt with some Mongoes rub (it's a family friend's rub, he doesn't market or sell it -- but he should!). Once the Joe was up to temp, I threw on a few pieces of apple wood and one piece of hickory, let it roll for 30 mins or so then put the
  8. yeah, i put a drip pan under my beef ribs last weekend and they came out great, so what little heat was coming up directly through that gap was now pushed around the drip pan. much better results when cooking at 260+
  9. Cooked some beef ribs for the first time yesterday, and they turned out fantastic. Started the Big Joe around 9am, seasoned the ribs and they went on around 10:30-10:45 after the Joe had settled in and soaked around 250-275 for a while. Temp ranged between 250-275 and settled in at 260 for most of the cook, but I did add some more chunks of post oak about halfway through since I added the first few when the grill was getting settled (so they burned off) -- rookie mistake. Spritzed with apple cider vinegar and apple juice at about the 5hr mark, just a couple times (every 45 minutes or so). Cook
  10. great looking wings! pour one out for the lost soldier...
  11. Did you purchase the display model? The display is the one that comes with the wok/cast iron grate. The others (in a box) just come with the starters and cover.
  12. I took a couple photos last night, should there be this big of a gap between the deflector plates? You can see the deflector plates are pushed together completely by looking at the corners of it
  13. So how does one get the Jr display model? Is it just a reduced price? When I bought my Big Joe at Costco a few months back they still had the deal with the Jr
  14. Thanks guys, I figured I couldn't be the only one, and it's such a minor issue. Drip pan with a bit of moisture is a good idea as well. Thanks all
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