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    I love cooking in all it’s forms – savoury, sweet, indoors and outdoors – it’s what I do to relax and seeing my loved ones enjoy dishes that I’ve prepared is one of my greatest pleasures in life!
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  1. WOW! I love this. Looks fantastic!! Will definitely make this next Summer when I have an abundance of zucchini flowers in the garden ... but for now, I am planning to make a contribution to the challenge which includes zucchini... it's one of my favourite combos! :-)
  2. Lydia

    Obligatory first post

    is that Terry at Aussie BBQ Smoke? I've just checked out the website and it looks fantastic. I will have to go there to check it out, most definitely.
  3. Lydia

    Anzac biscuits on the Kamado Joe.

    holy moly...these look incredibly amazing! those kids are ANZAC Bosses and any Service People would be proud to try them, i'm sure. I will definitely be giving these a go. ANZAC biscuits are the bomb!! thank you for sharing this beautiful and inspiring post.
  4. Lydia

    Obligatory first post

    @KamadoJosephine you are a scream! you make me laugh all the time! thank you!! :-)
  5. Lydia

    Obligatory first post

    thank you... you just taught me something today.,. i had to look up what matambres means. Sounds delish. Not sure if it's just because I'm Australian but thanks anyway LOL :-)
  6. Lydia

    Obligatory first post

    good to know ... i was trying the exxie redgum we get here and had really struggled with it in my pro q
  7. Lydia

    Blackstone cooking

    LOL, that is one enormous and tasty looking monster!
  8. Lydia

    Blackstone cooking

    holy moly! you should write a book!!! wow!
  9. yumm... looks delicious. I love the cooking off of the mushrooms and the addition of the garlic. Great job!
  10. Lydia

    Custom Cedar Cart Table for Kamado Joe J.r

    You're welcome. Thank you for sharing the possibilities of beautiful craftsmanship ... but i have to say, now I'm totally jealous about your real turf!! I"m going to have to speak to my hubby about that. LOL :-)
  11. Lydia

    Anova arriving this week...

    cool, thanks - I"ll check them out.
  12. Lydia

    Anova arriving this week...

    ha ha haaaaa!! Love your edit!! Too True! Yes, actually, Serious Eats is always my go-to site for any recipes/techniques but thank you so much for suggesting it. OMG ... i got the most amazing rocky road ice-cream recipe and tiramisu recipe from there, amongst others but they are definitely the most memorable.. There was also one for crumpets but I've never got around to trying it. Do you have a stand out from the site?
  13. Lydia

    Soapstone Onions and Smashburgers

    LOL, no experience here what so ever KK, I just found the site this morning and recalled seeing somewhere on the forum that someone in Canada was having issues getting the official KJ soapstone at a reasonable cost, so hope that they have discovered this place local to them? At the moment, my husband is finding my passion for this new hobby and the multitude of purchases quite endearing .... so I'm not going to push my luck with buying extra soap stone bricks from Canada LOL
  14. Lydia

    Anova arriving this week...

    eye fillet sounds great!! :-) If you haven't seen it, there is a channel on youtube called sousvideeverything and they have some good experiments and tips for getting great results. Would be great to see some pic's :-)
  15. Lydia

    Soapstone Onions and Smashburgers

    Thanks KK ... i found this site called Canadian Soap Stones and they don't use any oil at all because they say that it's a non stick surface. They also did this amazing thing where they relatively thinly sliced a variety of meats and seafood and then heated up a bunch of soap stone bricks (one per person) and everyone seared their food to their liking at the table. Looked quite fun.for something different :-)