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    I love cooking in all it’s forms – savoury, sweet, indoors and outdoors – it’s what I do to relax and seeing my loved ones enjoy dishes that I’ve prepared is one of my greatest pleasures in life!
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  1. Looks really delicious @daninpd and I love the look of your rice YUM!!
  2. Happy New Year to everyone from Australia
  3. looks amazing @daninpd - lots of work and variety !
  4. these look really delicious and beautifully done @Team402 . I'd definitely be trying out both if they were presented to me at a party.
  5. I love how you made this tandoor style - very creative @daninpd. Looks very delicious!
  6. looks great @Team402. Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly - grassfed is the best 100%. It makes me so sad when I see how those poor grainfed cattle live.
  7. looks absolutely delicious @ckreef and I like your creativity with naming your dish.
  8. Looks absolutely delicious and I like your take on thanksgiving ... you were all able to truly give thanks without the associated stress that takes the fun out of things.
  9. Thank you and I was very surprised by the result @Ron5850. I made sirloin steaks using the same method last night and got similar result.
  10. Looks great @Smokingdadbbq You've just reminded me what I would like to ask hubby to get me for Christmas.
  11. This is one of my favourite salads that really delivers far more voomph than the list of ingredients would suggest. I bought a sous vide machine about a year ago and have only used it twice, always thinking that I would love to do some eye fillets (inspired by @AntinOz, and figured that this was as good a time as any to pull the box out from the bottom of the cupboard. After biting into that beef which was as soft as butter, the Anova is going to be stored in a more accessible spot going forward. Easy Thai Beef Salad Ingredients 2 x 250g eye fillet steaks or simil
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