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    I love cooking in all it’s forms – savoury, sweet, indoors and outdoors – it’s what I do to relax and seeing my loved ones enjoy dishes that I’ve prepared is one of my greatest pleasures in life!
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  1. Looks absolutely delicious KK! The little trick to avoiding fruit bleed is to dust it in some flour before folding it in. I’ve missed you guys!
  2. Yippee!! That’s excellent news! All is well in the world again!
  3. Hi everyone! I have to say that I’ve been missing you all and have been wondering why it’s been so quiet. I’ve just found the post about the move to FB in January. I am definitely IN if Charcoal Addict is able to move this site to a new forum format. I am a member of a FB. Kamado group and no offence at all to them but it’s just soooo boring! The FB format doesn’t allow for the same level of engagement and just seems to be the same people posting photos of their beef shorties week after week, with an occasional photo of an interesting cook thrown in. This is forum format is a completely different kettle of fish which doesn’t compare on any level. I sincerely hope that we all can still remain friends on the other side ...on a forum such as this one! You are are all such wonderful people and I actually have a tear in my eye right now at the thought that this is going to end!
  4. Looks absolutely delectable! Perfection right there!!
  5. WOW! Looks amazing! I now want a Konro too!
  6. looks super delicious. Home made pesto wins over store-bought any day!
  7. Wow! What a tasty combination of ingredients and inspiring method!
  8. Love lemon chicken so much! Your citrus combo sounds amazing!
  9. Wow! That looks absolutely delicious and being on the train going home from work, I wish that meal was waiting for me for dinner tonight!
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