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    I love cooking in all it’s forms – savoury, sweet, indoors and outdoors – it’s what I do to relax and seeing my loved ones enjoy dishes that I’ve prepared is one of my greatest pleasures in life!
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  1. amazing job and those buns look perfect!! kudos to Mrs skreef!! I had to look at your pics to know what the WFO was .... you guys have got everything!!! LOL :-).
  2. Lydia

    Homemade BBQ challenge!

    @shuleyWOW! WOW! WOW! That was a real champion effort! Looks absolutely amazing ... I wouldn't have skipped having a taste of any of it it I was lucky enough to get an invite. :-) Super job!
  3. Lydia

    Pork Belly 2 Ways

    Looks fantastic!!!i love you how you did it two ways!
  4. Wow!! Look absolutely delicious!!!
  5. Looks delicious and I love the look of that cocktail
  6. Looks like a really great menu and great start!!
  7. OMG !! I love grilled stone fruit so much!! very delicious looking pizza Dr Silver :-)
  8. ha haaahhaaahaaa! Yes indeed, you might have to pack a sandwich or two for the trip.
  9. Hi @In2Fish. Just thought I'd let you know that I voted for your pizza in the cook off. As you know I was very inspired by your stuffed crust pizza but I really love how you're wanting to perfect your neopolitana pizza and you've inspired me to try my hand at that as well. Wishing you all the best in the August challenge. Have a great day!
  10. hahaaa! No probs @AntinOz. The next one will be easier because I've still got two packs of the pork tucked away in the freezer. I think it would go extremely well with home made craft beer ha haaaaa!
  11. Lydia


    Hey Gnol, Welcome to the forum! I'm a fellow Aussie and possibly a neighbour, right here in Melbourne too. I think you'll have a great time here. As you can see everyone is really friendly and supportive. Great bunch of people.
  12. OMG!!! That's fricken awesome!! You're still very welcome, ANY time! LOL... it's a different time zone isn't it?
  13. the sacrificial rainbows LOL... I suppose feeder goldfish would be too big for the Scooby snack action? LOL.. you've just reminded me when I first saw cherry shrimp in a shop tank with a siamese fighting fish and a bristle nose catfish, so I introduced these new guys to my fighter tank and that bugger was like he was on crack hunting every one down until even the bristle nose was hanging the wrong way in the java moss. Expensive dinner. No more friends for Rexington II (fighter).
  14. hahhahahaaaa..... a French Pizza? I wonder what the Parlez Vous Francais would have to say about that?! ha hahahahhaaa!! Oh my gosh Jo, my immense thanks and appreciation for your accolades! You've brought a tear to my eye! I loved being inspired and I loved participating in the challenge and I loved feeling like I'm becoming a part of this wonderful community... and of course, the pizzas were bloody delicious!! I feel like a winner, regardless of the outcome of the challenge. Thank you for your wonderful support. If you ever travel down under... I will make you this pizza LOL because you're hilarious and I love it!