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  1. I'm looking to purchase a chimney "rain shield" for a Visions S-Series kamado; anyone know where I can pick one up that will fit that grill? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the info; I'll see what happens
  3. I just completed my fifth cook on my new Vision S Series (all have been wonderful). I purchased the deflector stone for this grill at Home Dept and I'm seeing a crack developing that I'm guessing will eventually split the stone in half. I have been very careful with the stone and am wondering if this is a common issue or something I should bring to Home Depot's attention. Have not used it in temps greater than 375 degrees in these first cooks?
  4. Congrats on a good cook! I just cooked my first ribeye yesterday; a 2" thick 34 oz on my vision using the reverse sear. It may be the best steak I've ever cooked....I'm a firm believer in reverse sear method
  5. Thanks UT Vol; looking forward to giving it a shot
  6. I'd like some feedback on the best way to cook steaks on these types of grills. Reading about it it looks like there are a lot of steps involved. What about just slapping it on the rack over a hot fire and cooking it like we did with the Weber's back in the day?
  7. I was planning on trying ribs for my third cook, however it looks like rain in SE Texas this weekend. How do the vision grills do when it's raining? I don't think rain will hurt the grill itself, but what about dripping through the top vent? Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks for all the info; I'm going for a rack of pork today!
  9. Not sure if this is the correct board, but just had my first cook on a Vision S Series. 6.5 pound whole chicken with squash & peppers; turned out really good. Question revolves around start-up. I used B&B Lump Oak Charcoal purchased at Academy: I also used a Charbroiler electric starter. Followed generic instructions, but it took about 50 minutes to fire off.....any suggestions? Also, after I got the coal fired I set the lava stone in place and then proceeded to adjust the temp; is the correct sequence or should I have attained desired temp then placed the lave stone? Any rate, my first shot at kimado cooking turned out great; tomorrow I'm going for a rack of pork. Thanks in advance for any input.
  10. Very nice table. Great finish & joinery
  11. Whenever we travel around SE Texas, Bucees is a "Must Stop". Super clean restrooms, good gas prices and more road food than you can imagine. A few months ago the local Houston station had a news story; they were shipping two cannons from the Alamo, to I believe Texas A&M to be restored. The driver stopped at Bucees and the picture went viral down here "Two Texas Traditions"
  12. Just purchased the Vision pro S at HD; it will be delivered Friday
  13. Having a Vision S Series delivered this Friday; making the change from the old offset steel pit and looking forward to it
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