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  1. IDK, an unscreened fire pit in a cedar kitchen. What could possibly go wrong?
  2. pmillen

    Hanger Steak

    Yep, good photographs.
  3. Scott, I've never cooked with carbon steel, but because they're lighter pans, carbon steel cookware cools faster under meat that's being browned or seared. Cast iron is often cited as an example of a high heat capacity cookware material. Cookware made of materials with high heat capacity will take longer to heat up, but will also have a significant amount of heat energy stored up when hot. When heat energy is pulled out of the high heat capacity material by browning or searing, the temperature of the material will lower slowly when compared to materials with lower heat capacity. The result—cast iron pans and coated cast iron pans do a better job of browning and searing because they recover faster than carbon steel from the heat lost during the process. However, that may not be important when browning/searing small quantities. Scott, my comments aren’t intended to generate a “flame war” or to be argumentative. I’m genuinely interested in your further thoughts when you say, “[A]ll the benefits of Cast Iron but light…”
  4. pmillen

    Hanger Steak

    You may be correct. I'm dredging up memories of working in my dad's custom slaughtering/butcher shop - over 50 years ago.
  5. pmillen

    Hanger Steak

    Hanger Steak used to be called Hanging Tender. It's part of the diaphragm but it isn't working muscle. You'll see it swinging freely from each side of hanging beef. It's often retained by the butcher and never makes it to general consumers, even when a whole side of beef is ordered. Steakhouses have been known to sell it as filet.
  6. pmillen

    Hanger Steak

    I don't see the photographs on my iMac. Also can't right click and open the image in a new window or new tab.
  7. We won't use any pans that aren't metal utensil safe. When you see the metal peeking through the non-stick surface you can pretty-well bet that you ate the chemical coating that wore off. Our favorites are enamel coated Le Creuset cast iron, ceramic/titanium lined All Clad and HEXCLAD. The Le Creuset is best for pre or post smoke browning because the cast iron has such high thermal density. The others are fine for sautéing and such.
  8. That's what I was wondering about. So, I suppose soap would wash the oil away from the teak?
  9. 1. What kind of oil are you using? 2. How do you clean it?
  10. I think the following came from the Work Sharp web site. It's about right.
  11. I agree with everything in Smokestack Mac's well thought-out and well-written post.
  12. Oh. I can't read the discussions now without joining. I gather that for each size of charcoal piece there’s an ideal size for the grate openings. It kinda’ makes sense, then, for users to ensure that the grate is optimized for the charcoal piece size they intend to consistently use. That seems difficult for lump and easy for briquettes. Is that a reasonable assessment of the “problems”?
  13. KCBS Responds to KCUR Article "The Kansas City Barbeque Society is disappointed to learn that a local publication recently published an article that has given a group of disgruntled former officers, directors and vendors a media platform to spread misinformation. Packages with these untrue statements and confidential matters were mailed to various sources on behalf of “anonymous” parties. These packages were falsely made to look like they were sent from the KCBS headquarters, though staff confirm they were not sent from the office. "Missing from the article is any mention of the blatant ulterior motives of these individuals, including the development of an Executive Committee of officers during their tenure on the Board who created contracts and special concessions for one another; including one of whom recently filed a lawsuit against KCBS as a result of actions it took to protect its rights, assets and tax-exempt status. KCBS and its board of directors fully stand by and are committed to the best-practices changes currently underway and will no longer tolerate its fiduciaries seeking to advantage themselves to the detriment of the organization and its mission. "While we seek to correct the record with the journalists behind the article, we would like to immediately set the record straight on several untrue statements in the article that may leave the reader with false impressions. "First, Kansas City Barbeque Society co-founder, Carolyn Wells, is in no way stepping away from the organization. In 2018, the Board of Directors, led by President Randall Bowman and the officers named within the article, developed a strategy for Carolyn to transition the daily business leadership and move into a role as a long-term ambassador, historian special programs leader. An executive role was created to take on the daily operations of the business as part of a leadership transition strategy. "Second, the board is aware of KCBS director’s David Qualls’s personal civil matter and hopes resolution comes for what Qualls believes to be a misguided attempt to use the courts to solve a private business dispute. In the meantime, the board fully supports David and appreciates his tireless efforts in furthering the mission of KCBS. "Third, selling the headquarters building is simply the right and prudent business decision which was made two years ago following an unsolicited offer, and prior to any of the current challenges unfolding with former board members and vendors. The KCBS membership voted in December 2019 to approve the sale of the building. In August of last year, new CEO, Emily Detwiler, was hired based on her experience building brands within the food and BBQ space to help turnaround KCBS and build a strong future. During that time, KCBS has been engaged in a best-practices process that has included a top-to-bottom review and audit of the organization’s operations, including its contracts and finances. "To date, the organization has found ample opportunities for improvements to arrangements approved and put in place by the very sources sharing misleading and untrue claims in the article. Many of these arrangements involved problematic conflicts of interest and above-market compensation which could place the tax-exempt status of the organization at risk. Moreover, vendor compensation arrangements were based on gross revenue or after recoupment of the contractor’s expenses, with no incentive to keep expenses within budgeted amounts and to generate net revenue for KCBS. "We are confident that these changes will have a tremendous, positive impact on the organization and will be well-received by all except those who are pursuing personal interests and who seek to undermine these efforts through unprofessional means. We are anxious to share with you all the positive efforts the Kansas City Barbeque Society has been making to put the organization back on solid footing following the removal of these parties seeking personal gain at the expense of KCBS and its mission, and to build for the future. We’ve seen a solid growth in membership, with active membership growing by 1,000 members since October 2019. Should any member of the public, KCBS, or the media have questions or concerns at any time regarding our organization, our doors are always open." It looks as though an internal squabble went public.
  14. Isn't that okay? It appears that Masterbuilt's introductory video shows briquettes being dumped in.
  15. This look ominous– https://www.kcur.org/post/beloved-kansas-city-barbeque-society-turmoil-financial-distress-losing-members#stream/0
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