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  1. Welcome ti the site! Your luck is changing for the better. It's difficult to wait for the Spring thaw, but it's worth it. You live in a beautiful country.
  2. It's good to have you with us. I've not heard of the Klarstien kamado, but I know that they make several stellar household products. Marcia and I are especially interested in your recipes for entrées that you think of as infrequently seen in the U.S.
  3. There's mixed opinion on the advisability of letting fowl drip directly onto the coals... These cooking discussions are always interesting to me.
  4. I'd eat that in a heartbeat. Tell me about the Worcestershire sauce, seasonings and blood orange olive oil mix. And where did you find blood orange olive oil?
  5. U & your KJ R welcome @ KG. I'm very interested in any of your ideas for vegetable grilling. Especially for complete meal recipes that Marcia and I can duplicate. We're looking forward to your contributions.
  6. It might have something to do with the lack of a marketing effort. I'd never heard of them until I read your post. For years Kodak was the number one selling camera film because they had what marketing people call "Top of the Mind Awareness." What's the first facial tissue that comes to mind?
  7. Welcome aboard. Get to cookin' on that new KJ, share your recipes (so I can try to duplicate your successes) and post the photographs.
  8. Yahtzee! I'm just compiling my grocery delivery. This is on the list.
  9. Welcome aboard, Russell. I think that outdoor cooking in the Pacific Northwest requires a roof over your head. Either that or you better love standing in the rain with you KJ.
  10. I encourage caution. Only one post and no Internet presence.
  11. The accounts that I've read seem to show that the SmokeFire a great grill and a poor smoker. When smoking, grease drips and catches fire. Read the Edsel history, preserved in several authoritative books. It was public opinion, shaped by comedians and media that caused it to fail. It was, in many ways, a superior automobile for the time. The unfair reputation continues because of the number of ill-informed comments that continue to be made.
  12. +1 on cotton balls & alcohol. I store a bunch of them in a small screw-lid jar. Be careful, tho'. Alcohol fire is invisible. A cotton ball may not appear to be burning when it is.
  13. pmillen

    Pellet Joe

    People's tastes and preferences vary. Pellet pits make a mild smoke flavor. Some people prefer a more intense smoke. Some even seek creosote taste. National BBQ contests have been won using pellet pits. There are more pellet manufacturers that actually blend hardwoods than those who add flavor oils to filler woods. I only know of Traeger brand pellets that use flavor oils.
  14. Many pellet grills have direct flame zones that have a grilling area over a wood flame; Cookshack's Fast Eddy PG line, MAK, Memphis and more.
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