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  1. pmillen

    BGE Grate Lifter

    The green handle? Matches my bright red Kamado Joe, Big Joe?
  2. I suspect that you used an auxiliary smoke-generating device (e.g., a Smoke Daddy). I tried an A-Maze-N-Tube once. It made horrible yellow-white smoke, not the "airy" blue smoke I prefer. I took it out of the enclosure and haven't tried it or any other devices since.
  3. I'm going to smoke 2 lbs. of bottom round, sliced 3/16" thick, into jerky at 180°. I'll probably need to stack it on trays. Since fat renders at about 140° it's likely that grease will drip on the meat below. Is this a concern? Should I allow the grease to drip onto the charcoal? I'm thinking that it's not advisable.
  4. pmillen

    Beef Jerky Brine

    Philpom, no water in this brine? I also asked in the other thread you started. One reply will be adequate.
  5. pmillen

    Best Beef Jerky

    Philpom, no water in this brine?
  6. Well, I'll find out tomorrow. I'm going to make a double batch of beef jerky at 180°; one like I always do on my pellet pit and the other, also at 180°, on my KJ, BJ. I want to see which I like the better.
  7. pmillen

    BGE Grate Lifter

    How disappointing! I thought that I had a sweet deal, free of the BGE surcharge. I went Internet searching after reading your post. They're available everywhere. Amazon has Charcoal Companion CC1089 Grill Grate Lifter for $16.
  8. pmillen

    Temps/Times for Chicken

    You have probably completed your planned cook but in case you are still wondering– This index has your answer.
  9. I'll be watching this thread, too. My JT was delivered June 4th and the box is still unopened. I think I'll do a test fit.
  10. I didn’t mean to imply that. I should have made it clear that after I discovered that some people can see wood flavors, it was easier for me to believe that others have tasting abilities that enable them to identify the wood that was used to smoke something.
  11. First, I don't post to be argumentative. I'm interested in discussing and learning and have sometimes changed my mind on issues. I try my best to not be troll-like. You have made excellent arguments for your view. I believe—If you don't have data, all you have is opinion. I've found data. Consequently, I've changed my opinion. I'll concede that some people have synesthesia; a neurological condition where stimulating one sense (e.g., taste) produces a discrete reaction in a different sense (e.g., sight). So some people can "see" flavor. To them, different beers look different. They're at the apex of the taste curve. The rest of us are somewhere down it. I'm probably near the bottom. But—now, I agree—there are probably many people on that curve who can taste the difference in food smoked by various woods. Some can probably even identify the woods. BTW, there are lots of people who claim to read minds or determine color by texture. To date, none have been verified.
  12. pmillen

    Reducing Bark on Pulled Pork

    You might be grateful for that if you knew me. No, neither Marcia nor I like the anthracite bark. We also don't char our steaks, we very carefully brown them in a quest for the perfect Malliard reaction that provides what we consider better texture and flavor. We think that black char is just bitter tasting burned meat.
  13. Yeah, I don't think it exists, either. Perhaps someone in the industry can step up and conduct a blind test on a panel of acknowledged food super-tasters. I just wonder why recipes specify wood for smoke production. Additionally (highjacking my own thread), there's too much unproven information in the culinary field. A quick example; many recipes call for dissolving kosher salt. When dissolved it doesn't vary from regular salt except that some person or body has certified that it doesn't contain non-kosher elements. The recipe should simply call for a certain weight of non-iodized salt, kosher, sea or table.
  14. pmillen

    Reducing Bark on Pulled Pork

    I rather like this idea. I'm off to search the Internet for slow cooker pulled pork. Any suggestions for the slow cooker process after smoking?
  15. pmillen

    Reducing Bark on Pulled Pork

    I initially thought that you were either kidding or were suggesting that I eliminate the smoke. But then, after reading just4fn's post...hey, a pretty good suggestion.