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  1. Seriously distorted self image...
  2. Like many purchases, for IR thermometers you can, at least somewhat, equate price and quality. A quality IR thermometer will have emissivity adjustment and a way to ensure that users are not including an unintended area in the temperature measurement. CDN makes what I think is the perfect unit. Target area outlined by 8 laser dots Emissivity adjustment Stainless steel probe for checking internal temperature http://cdnmeasurement.com/product/intp662-proaccurate-infrared-gun-thermocouple-thermometer/
  3. It's good to have you here, Mark. Hopefully, you'll soon have opportunities to fire-up your new kamado. Please post the recipes and photographs and help me get a new mental image when I think of Scottish food.
  4. ≈30% off. It's not an unheard of discount. It might be a seasonal close-out, or a product they are not going to carry.
  5. That's where I shake out. I don't have one but I use a Fireboard controller that moves the heat around in my KJ/BJ so I don't have a heat distribution problem to solve. As John Setzler writes, "Buy a Temperature Control System for your Kamado. It's worth the investment."
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