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    Agua Chile aka Ceviche

    Oh, it's for me, all right. Great presentation, too.
  2. pmillen

    Taller Stand for Joe Jr.

    Sometimes our Big Joe is too large for a small cook (there's just the two of us). I'm thinking of adding a Joe Jr. It appears to be designed to stand on a table. I don't have an appropriate one on our deck. I guess I can make one but I'd rather have a frame like the Big Joe's. What are the Joe Jr. users using to get it up to a comfortable working height?
  3. pmillen

    Joe jr table

    That's a nice piece of work. I'm considering a Jr but I don't have anything to set it on. See https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/41135-taller-stand-for-joe-jr/?tab=comments#comment-518229 I wish KJ would just make a taller stand with castors, but I suppose it would be tippy.
  4. Extremely helpful. Thanks for taking the time.
  5. pmillen

    Calzone on the WFO (tips/tricks discussion)

    I have a fairly good calzone recipe that I cook on my pellet pit. I don't have any photographs so I'll post it in a few days after I cook it on my Big Joe. We have an ice storm now with a 4-inch snow forecast. I won't be going to the grocery store tonight.
  6. gorilla83, please provide a link to the chart or some other direction to it. Thanks.
  7. pmillen

    Supersmoke ain’t no joke!!

    It’s my observation that pellet pits produce smoke when a pile of pellets are dumped into the firebox and smolder before burning. So, typically, if a user wants more smoke, more pellets need to be dropped. But that creates a larger fire and causes temperature swings. I don’t worry too much about ±20-25° temperature swings vis-à-vis food quality (although some pitmasters agonize over it) but it affect’s the finish time and can make it difficult to simultaneously finish the sides so that all items are served at once. How well does your pit hold to your set temperature when in the supersmoke mode? Do you have the equipment to graph (and share) the pit’s temperature over a few hours in supersmoke?
  8. You are correct. I didn't know that it's no longer offered. I periodically order additional probes, fans and such but I don't go to the controller page where the notice is posted. Thanks for the tip.
  9. Stuff didn't seem to release well from the Lodge factory pebble finish so I set out to improve it. I overlaid more seasoning. It was still poor non-stick. I removed the factory seasoning and that which I had overlaid, and re-seasoned it. Nope. Still not what I wanted. I stripped it, ground and polished the cooking surface before re-seasoning it. Much better results. I think the smooth surfaces are better for things that are inclined to stick, like eggs and raw-fried potatoes.
  10. pmillen

    Flame Boss 400

    You're right! I didn't look deep enough into the web site. I'm sorry to see that. I'll soon need a new pit temperature probe as I've overheated mine. It's only good for 700° and I had it in a pellet grill. A grill, not a smoker. It's similar to a Weber Kettle but augers pellets into a burn pot based on set timing rather than burning charcoal. (I grilled on it twice and sold it for half price.)
  11. Some CI pan manufacturers lavish time on grinding the cooking surface smooth (i.e., Stargazer). You pay dearly for that. Others send their products out with pebbly finish (Lodge). Many users buy the less costly pans and griddles and polish the cooking surfaces themselves. Youtube is full of videos on the smoothing process. Pits are more troublesome to remedy.
  12. pmillen

    Pretty Babies !!

    Traeger Timberline?
  13. pmillen

    This is why your pizza bombed

    Would putting a pizza stone on top of the 5½ inch tall grate extender put the stone at a good height in a Big Joe? (Assuming that the dome doesn't hit it.)
  14. I've used a Rock's Stoker for years. It controls temperature at about ± 2° by adjusting air flow It has six control ports, each can be subdivided It can simultaneously control more than one cooker It's WiFi so it can be monitored and controlled via the Internet It has several alarm settings It provides real time graphing of smoker and meat temperatures Graphs can be annotated https://rocksbarbque.com NOTE: The above graph was a pellet pit not controlled by the Stoker, it was only used for monitoring and graphing.
  15. pmillen

    Flame Boss 400

    Hmmm. Something went wrong. I found the site, https://rocksbarbque.com
  16. pmillen

    Super Blood Wolf Moon

    An unusual thing will happen to the moon this month. On the night of the 20th to the 21st, the full moon will be as close to the earth as it ever gets, so it will appear to be unusually large. It will also pass into the Earth’s shadow, creating a total lunar eclipse. It won’t be illuminated by direct sunlight as it usually is. We will still be able to see it because it will be illuminated by sunlight that is refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere. The refracted light will cause it to be red. Name Clarification– Moon close to Earth…called a Super Moon Red moon from total lunar eclipse…called a Blood Moon January’s full moon…known as Wolf Moon
  17. pmillen

    Super Blood Wolf Moon

    Go to this web site https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/@6331909 Enter your location for eclipse details.
  18. pmillen

    How long to Sous Vide a roast?

    To answer the OP's original question, above; carefully read the information in the links in previous posts and do an Internet search on sous vide beef roast times or other phrases of your choice. I've looked at all of my SV time and temperature charts. I can find temperatures as low as 120°F for steaks, but nothing like 125°F for roasts. For a first cook I recommend that you do 135°F for 24 hours.
  19. pmillen

    Brisket; smoke first or after S/V?

    Bbqd, although I agree that Chasdev should smoke the brisket first, I respectfully disagree with what I believe is your reasoning. Smoke doesn’t penetrate meat much at all. Smoke rings are thick but the flavoring chemicals and solids in wood smoke will, for the most part, sit on the brisket’s surface. Smoke won’t penetrate 3 mm and even smoke rings (no flavor component) are no more than 9.5 mm thick. Here’s a way to check that—use a cookie cutter or such to get a meat core from the interior of a smoked prime rib or other roast. You won’t taste smoke. Also, the brisket’s temperature after SV won’t have an effect on the smoke flavor that the brisket accepts. Smoke doesn't adhere well to a dry surface, but spritzing has proven to be a way to dampen meat surfaces and extend smoke flavoring time. The brisket will be moist enough after SV and a periodic spritz will help.
  20. Thanks for doing that. I asked because I can misinterpret almost anything. I wasn’t certain if your comment, “Cooked on the grill expander with a tray of red bliss potatoes…” meant in a tray of red bliss potatoes or alongside a tray of red bliss potatoes. And I thought that the chicken rub and vegetable seasoning were important. I need that specificity because I’m somewhat a fumbling cook.
  21. pmillen

    Brisket; smoke first or after S/V?

    Sorry to be so late with this. I'm fairly new to the forum and am just scanning posts to gain kamado knowledge. Once in a while I see a question where I have some experience. I have combined my pellet smoker and SV a few times. The best way for our taste– Season the brisket with your favorite rub.* Smoke the brisket at 200°-225°F until the internal temperature is 145°F (5-6 hours). SV the smoked brisket at 155°F for 36 hours. * Just salt and pepper works well. I don't think complex rubs SV well. Some flavors seem to disappear while others grow.
  22. A top-notch cook. I'd love to try to duplicate that. Please give some thought to posting a step-by-step recipe with a few photographs and the rub you used in the appropriate section. Something that an inept cook like me can follow. Ingredients Blah Blah Blah Instructions Blah Blah Blah
  23. pmillen

    New Kamado Joe Cart

    My understanding is that it's $1,000 for one for the Classic. At $1,000 for the Classic-sized cart, I think it exceeds the target population's willingness to pay level. It's like a Bentley. It's probably worth it, but very few people with a need for one will pay that.
  24. pmillen

    Taller Stand for Joe Jr.

    $120 new.