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  1. Yep. It pretty much matches my conjecture, "I'm thinking that some version of 3-2-1 ribs may produce the result he wants."
  2. Respectfully, I think "overcooking" is overstated. It may be overcooked for you but it obviously isn't for my 7-year old grandson who gets to select his birthday meal (within reason). Cooking preferences vary. French Roast coffee is roasted more than I prefer, but a lot of people like it that way.
  3. There are probably a few people on here that have PBCs. They may chime in on the rust issue. It's probable that not all users have the rust that I had. I didn't have a cover for it so it sat exposed to weather. The top traps water, I nicked the paint in a few places...
  4. I had A Pit Barrel Cooker for a few years. I rather liked it but it ran a bit hot. I finally put an air flow controller (stoker) on it to get the temperatures under control. The high temperate didn't affect the food much but it the stoker makes it easier to judge completion times so the side orders are ready at the same time. It's in the land fill now because I couldn't control the rust. Before you buy a PBC consider the BarrelHouse Vertical Cooker. It’s stainless steel under porcelain. I think that'll eliminate the rust problem.
  5. Parts salvaged from a retailer's back room?
  6. Yeah. I should have specified spare ribs. I'll probably trim them to St. Louis (but maybe I won't have to if they're cooked to FOTB).
  7. A 7-year old asked me to make fall off the bone ribs for him. He'd like them to be just like the ones he had in Montana (maybe not the BBQ cradle). He wants to use a fork to strip the meat from the bone to eat it. I told him that they may not have the crunchy outside (bark). That's okay with him. I'm thinking that some version of 3-2-1 ribs may produce the result he wants. What's your suggestion?
  8. Did the rub appear to change any during the 24-hour SV cook? I ask because, to me, some spices seem to disappear, and others seem to get stronger.
  9. You have my sympathy. This forum's procedures are significantly different from others I frequent. Early in my experience here I couldn't figure out how to delete a post (still can't) and made it worse by trying to edit it.
  10. I agree that it's certainly the primary culprit. That grease can build up during a cook. Not all, but many pits have the fire pot directly under the grease tray, increasing the grease fire possibility.
  11. Agreed. That's why I posted it in the Non Kmado Cookers section.
  12. This post, made 5 hours ago, generated my comment. "I use a welders blanket draped over the grill in really cold temps..." I'm so new here that I didn't know it's uncommon.
  13. John, I visit here regularly. I do so because I like the content provided by you and other contributors. I don't care much how it's organized or what the section titles are. I'll continue to return and contribute my thoughts. So...do what you think is best.
  14. I discourage welding blankets for pit insulation. Welding blankets are designed to provide nearby items with protection from slag, molten metal and grinding or welding sparks. They are not necessarily good insulators. But the primary reason that I discourage their use as pit insulators is that, as they age, they begin to shed their glass fiber stuffing. You want to avoid eating glass fibers. Your thoughts?
  15. Every now and then I read of a pellet pit hopper fire or grease fire. So I've always thought that if my pit isn't well-away from flammables, I should take a look at it every once in a while (5-10 minutes or so). By my thinking, Set It and Forget It refers to the temperature and not the pit. But many pellet pit manufacturers are promoting Internet monitoring. I assume that a lot of users are now "watching" their unattended pits from distant points. I don’t think that’s a safe practice. Do you?
  16. A large national KJ retailer told me a week ago that they contacted KJ and have no detail on the KJ basket. The CS Rep wrote on Jan 21st, "I will reach out to them again and let you know. They don't have it advertised on their website either, which is a bit puzzling if this is their actual product." Is it for sale as a stand-alone purchase, now?
  17. It might be kinda' fun to poll that question. This forum has the capability.
  18. Dumb me! I didn't know there was such a thing. I never saw one in my Costco. They carry another brand. The name escapes me. I bought mine straight-up retail and paid freight. EDIT: I never saw one at Lowes, either.
  19. Does this forum have polling capability?
  20. Give some thought to a cover. The lids usually hold puddled water, then they start to rust. Soon every paint nick rusts. Consider painting it with high temperature automobile brake caliper porcelain enamel. I think it's more durable.
  21. Good point. It may not be in the pit at higher temperatures. Thanks for the heads-up.
  22. Sure, I think I see a reduction. I was just trying to soften my image. I don't have comparative measurements or photographs. I've been cleaning my pellets for years and haven't put tiles in the pit lately, but there are plenty of surfaces, like shelf brackets and the grates, that are cleaner. A note to anyone who doesn't agree that it's better to clean pellets: That's fine. You are entitled to your opinion. Hold to it if you like. I started this thread to point out something that concerned me and to offer a solution to others that may be concerned. I'm kinda tired of discussing it now.
  23. I think that there's a significant difference. But that's just anecdotal, I don't have data.
  24. Thanks for the explanation. Apparently there has been a short-lived roadshow super price and people fought over it. I didn't know that.
  25. Yeah. I mentioned that in an earlier post. I've done it. I've even put ceramic tiles of varying colors in there. There was enough dust/ash to convince me to start down this path. This post's genesis was my wanting to offer a solution to others that may have similar thoughts
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