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  1. That's where I shake out. I don't have one but I use a Fireboard controller that moves the heat around in my KJ/BJ so I don't have a heat distribution problem to solve. As John Setzler writes, "Buy a Temperature Control System for your Kamado. It's worth the investment."
  2. @Boomer, it's been about 60 days since you last commented on this. Are you still drinking the celery juice? Anything new to report?
  3. @James., is yours like the one @jtemple pictures (and mine)?
  4. A cartoon by David Sipress in The New Yorker Magazine.
  5. Ingredients 1 New York Striploin ~1 Cup of beef rub, your choice (I used Pappy’s Prime Rib Rub) ~½ Cup of Worcestershire sauce (you’ll need enough to make a paste of a consistency that you like) Directions Trim all of the fat and silverskin from the loin so that the rub will reach the meat. Mix the rub and Worcestershire sauce to a paste consistency that easily spreads and adheres to the loin. Liberally apply the rub paste to the loin’s top, bottom and sides. Wrap the loin in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator overnight. Preheat the smoker to 225°F. Remove the New York Striploin from the refrigerator and remove the plastic wrap. Dust the loin again with the beef rub. Roll the loin when the internal temperature (IT) reaches 60°F. (Optional) Pull the loin when the internal temperature reaches 120°F. Reverse sear the loin on all sides for about 15 minutes total. Do not allow the IT to exceed your desired serving temperature minus about 7°F. Rest the roast about 10 minutes, carve and serve. NOTE: I use a different rub almost every time I smoke-roast beef. As listed, this time I used Pappy’s Prime Rib Rub. All 9 family members, who regularly eat my smoke-roasted beef, said that this is the best ever. I agree. Oh, it's goooood. I thumbed through the Striploins. This looked like the best selection. Fourteen pounds. This is what it looked like out of the cryovac. Not bad. This is what the hidden side looked like. I wanted to trim it down to the bare meat to ensure good rub coverage. The fat side after trimming. I nicked this one up pretty good when I got a bit frustrated (very sharp knife). Three and a half pounds of trimmings that I rendered into tallow. Into the MasterBuilt 1050. It was quite good. I'm going to try Pappy’s Prime Rib Rub on other cuts. I may have found the rub I stay with.
  6. pmillen

    NO Teflon!!

    That’s probably the heart of the issue. Significancy varies by person. For me, the question is, “How many non-lethal doses of any poison am I willing to consume?” Since I don’t know if the harmful effect is cumulative, I say, “None.” The city I live in puts chlorine in the water to prevent germs from living in the water pipes while the water is on its way to my house. But chlorine is a poison, so we’re unwilling to consume it in ongoing non-lethal doses. Consequently, just before we consume the water, we remove the chlorine. Many of my neighbors and friends consume it. I don’t see a way to determine which is the better plan. We also avoid Teflon like the plague. Many others don’t. Again, I don’t see a way to determine which is the better plan.
  7. I bought my fan for use with the original Fireboard from Auber Instruments, Inc. I ordered the adapter plate for the X-Large Big Green Egg. It fits my KJ 2, Big Joe fine.
  8. Consider doubling the gravy recipe. I wished for more the last two times I cooked it.
  9. 25 Jealous Devil Maxxx briquettes weigh 2 lbs. 12.30 oz. (44.30 oz.). That’s 1.77 oz. per briquette. 50 Kingsford Original briquettes weigh 2 lbs. 8.20 oz. (40.20 oz). That’s 0.80 oz. per briquette. The Jealous Devil Maxxx briquettes are 119% heavier than the Kingsford Original briquettes. 40.2 oz. of Kingsford Original briquettes burned and left 8.1 oz. of ash (20%). 44.3 oz. of Jealous Devil Maxxx briquettes burned and left 6.0 oz. of ash (14%). There’s not much difference by weight. I should have measured the ash volume, but that didn’t occur to me until I wrote this post. I think that the ash is very light, and that a 2 oz. difference may be a significant volume.
  10. ~225° should be ~225°, irrespective of the smoker. Have you– verified the thermometers in both devices taken the temperature in the same locations (i.e., grate vs. dome) Are there any other possible differences?
  11. Good idea. The only Kingsford I have on hand is Original (bought for this comparison). I'll probably end up doing the Original burn this weekend and adding the Hardwood or Pro Comp later. I chose Kingsford Original for testing because the original Masterbuilt introductory video showed them loading the 560 hopper with it and my focus is performance in my 1050. But there are better briquette choices, per your suggestion.
  12. How about this for part of this analysis?– I count out 20 briquettes of each and weigh them to ascertain the size difference I weigh out the same amount of Kingsford Original and Jealous Devil Maxxx briquettes, maybe a half pound of each I burn them in a chimney, capture and weigh the ash Thoughts? Suggestions?
  13. My problem has been that after they've burned for a while there isn't much charcoal left to ignite, only the nonflammable filler/binder. That's why briquettes make more ash. I'm not doing something right.
  14. If I'm following a recipe where the poster gives the temperature measured at the dome thermometer I'll use my dome thermometer for that cook. If the recommended temperature doesn't specify "at the dome" then I assume that it's grate temperature. There was quite a discussion on your exact subject in this thread– You'll discover that the search function is your friend as you get familiar with this site.
  15. Yes, it'll collect a lot of ash, but I put smoke wood chunks in it. Deep ash tends to impede the smoke wood chunk burning.
  16. This isn't a complete product review...yet. I haven't burned any of these but I will soon and will add to this thread. Hopefully other users will also add their thoughts. I'm sometimes annoyed at lump charcoal because of either the– small shards that pack too tight or fall unburned into my Masterbuilt 1050's ash bin huge chunks that sometimes reduce the heat produced Briquettes don't usually work out for me because they– make more ash than I want usually can't be relit after snuffing Jealous Devil introduced a line of extra large briquettes. Their web site describes them as, "The same incredibly dense hardwood we use to make our lump charcoal – plus a pinch of plant-derived starch (that is it – Yes, really)." They go in to say that the briquettes have, "Extremely low ash production." They're certainly larger than Kingsford Originals, and much thicker. I didn't weigh them. My first use will be in my Masterbuilt 1050. I'll report back on that.
  17. This is commonplace when items are received as a gift. It probably won't be approved if the unit had been previously registered in another person's name. I'd just register it. I guess that KJ would notify you if they refuse your registration.
  18. From my perspective that's caused by there being no more water using the available heat for change of state from liquid to vapor. The now-available heat energy can be measured. I don't want you to think that I'm angry or discount your right to publish your opinions. I just don't agree with you on a water pan's merits in a kamado. And I'll ask you to elaborate every time you bring it up. Nevertheless, I'd happily share a table with you. Many of my friends are wrong about something. (That's a joke.)
  19. 1. I may not have read those threads. 2. I'm slow-witted and it didn't "take".
  20. I phoned. The person answering said they don't know of a way to do it.
  21. As you can probably surmise, I didn't consider it essential. Most receipts go directly to the trash. It's never before been an issue in registering or a warranty claim. Most of those receipts fade in less than a year. So if you're going to retain it you probably should retain an image.
  22. I was willing to jump through a hoop as an alternative to having the required receipt. I thought maybe something like a statement from the retailer along with my CC bill. But—it's the Golden Rule. Those with the gold, rule. I wonder how they think I was to know, or the average buyer is to know that the receipt is essential. These units are sold in the biggest of the big box stores. They can't expect every cashier or clerk to know their rule.
  23. Whatdyaknow! Masterbuilt CS replied this morning (July 28). "Thank you for contacting Masterbuilt Customer Service and I apologize for the delay in someone getting in touch with you. We have to have a copy of the proof of purchase for your Gravity Series Grill in order to both complete the registration for it and as well as for the one year manufacture's warranty." @John Setzler, do I have you to thank for generating the reply?
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