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  1. It looks like a great way to initiate aluminum off-gassing. Aluminum begins to give off aluminum hydrate (AlH) and related compounds at 293°F. It’s a contentious subject, but aluminum can cause neurotoxicity on the human brain, damaging neuron cells. Aluminum content in the brain is thought by some to be the first reliable test to predict Alzheimer's disease.
  2. I figured that the intent was just to start a discussion, like a coffee break. That's why I didn't ask– Why do you want to know the ceramic composition? What do you intend to do with the information, once you have it?
  3. I want my house re-sided in whatever that orange strap was made of! Strong frame! No wheel spin?
  4. What do you think? Season the breasts in the SV bag or later?
  5. Would you suggest marinading first and then SV and pan-browning or would you put some marinate marinade in the SV bag? EDIT: Grammar.
  6. That's a great looking meal. It'd be over $100 in some restaurants. What did you season the steaks with?
  7. Marcia and I would like to eat more chicken breasts for health reasons. But they need added flavor. My current and well-liked method is to sous-vide them with Herbes de Provence and butter, then finish them by sprinkling on Mrs. Dash’s Salt Free Table Blend when pan-browning them in ghee. But we would welcome more flavor. My next batch will be SVd with salt, pepper and garlic even though we need to go lightly on the salt. What would you use when (1) SVing and (2) subsequently browning?
  8. Yeah, I thought the phrase was smoke meat. Smoked meat produces more results. Adding Montreal for specificity winnows them.
  9. Yes, nice job. Throw-away aluminum pans work okay, too.
  10. Do you think various woods will produce appreciably different flavors (mesquite excluded)?
  11. I searched this forum on smoke meat (enclosed in Parentheses quotes) and got two "hits" that were, essentially, an old double post that was not a recipe. You may consider right clicking on the OP's name and sending a message requesting it. I also emailed three Canadian friends asking them to share a recipe they use. I expect answers in a day or two. Sorry...that's all I have, it's not much help.
  12. Marc, I'm rather slow-witted so it's not clear to me what it is, exactly, that you're looking for. Obviously, you're hoping to find a great recipe for smoking some meat. What kind of meat? How do you plan to serve it? What kind of smoker will you use to smoke it? (This may not be important.) I think the members here will provide a myriad of recipes if they have a better grasp of what you're looking for. Too much detail is better that a shortage.
  13. Interesting. There haven't been any physician-reported cases in Nebraska...ever. I looked around on the Internet to see what I could find on their stinging frequency. Almost every article said "rarely sting" or something similar. Not one said "never sting." I guess that means that they may, sometimes, sting. Or it means that some legal department editor struck the word never and substituted rarely. Do you have first-hand knowledge of one stinging?
  14. That's a cicada killer (AKA cicada wasp or cicada wolf). They're harmless. There's not been a reported human stinging. I've heard that you can find video of people holding them.
  15. Ah, probably. Punctuation is important. An apostrophe to indicate a possessive acronym would have helped.
  16. Thanks, but I knew about those. I was looking for the BILs Santa Maria style grill that shuley mentioned.
  17. I have a Big Joe II. I roll it around a wooden deck with ½″ gaps between uneven boards. It’s somewhat difficult, but possible. Larger castor wheels would be a welcome addition. I suspect that your situation would be similar, if not easier.
  18. I have had a Santa Maria itch for several years. Please provide a link to that one. I couldn't locate them with an Internet search.
  19. I'm not surprised. It's a misnomer. Most of us south of the 45th parallel are just being introduced to poutine.
  20. Agreed. I charcoal grill chicken hot and fast, like most lean items. My wife reminded me that I used to rave about grilling steak over a campfire (bed of coals). But I discount that because of the camping ambiance. So, I'm very interested in your thoughts on flavor.
  21. That's a seriously desirable grill. Have fun with it. I've never grilled over wood coals. Will a steak have a flavor different from one charcoal grilled?
  22. Have you tried baking soda to crisp up the chicken skin? It might work as well or perhaps better. Baking powder is, for the most part, a combination of baking soda and an acid. When the soda and acid interact, they create carbon dioxide gas bubbles in your dough or batter. The acids are usually sodium aluminum sulfate and sodium aluminum phosphate. Aluminum free baking powder uses other acids to make the CO2. But I don’t see where there’s a need for CO2 since you’re not trying to make a light dough or batter. So baking powder without acid is baking soda. It might be worth a small-sample experiment.
  23. Do the fractured cells change the texture? I don't think I would care for mushy pickles.
  24. Sorry that my post wasn't clear...They made a fine decision until the Photobucket users employed ad blockers to stop viewing the advertisements that paid for users' "free" photo storage. The advertisers canceled their ads when they tumbled to the fact that they were paying Photobucket to place ads that no one saw. With the revenue stream gone, Photobucket only had two choices—charge or go out of business. They made two other excellent decisions. They (1) notified everyone via email that they were going to start charging in two months and (2) put a mechanism in place for users to retrieve their photographs via a bulk download. So, everyone didn't suffer. The only people who suffered were those who didn't act on the email and/or who didn't retrieve their photographs. I'll ask again, if you were the Photobucket decision maker, what would you have done differently? You wrote, "I just know that pictures posted in the past has a photobucket water mark across the face." Photobucket opted to extend the free retrieval period after a deluge of vitriolic public comments. During that time they also began allowing non-paid stored photographs to be posted via the typical image-posting processes, but they inserted a Photobucket ad as a watermark. In that way they could recoup a pert of the associated costs by claiming that the watermark was a type of advertising. I looked at their web site a couple of days ago and the free posting of watermarked images doesn't seem possible now. I think that Photobucket made the best of a bad situation. People who think that someone else should bear the costs of their photograph storage won't agree.
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