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  1. I prefer to swing it full open. In that way I don't have a loose piece to keep track of.
  2. I bought the Onlyfire charcoal basket for my Kamado Joe Big Joe. I bought it based on price—it was the least costly. It fits fine and works fine. I don't know how it compares to other products because it's the only one I've used.
  3. Is this Customer Support Request the warranty claim you refer to?
  4. I didn't realize that you were speaking on KJ's behalf. I thought that you were opining.
  5. I scrape the cooking grates clean after each cook (when they're still hot). When the pit cools and the embers are out, I give the charcoal basket a thorough shake. The ash falls into the ash pan area (the ash pan and cast iron ash grate have been removed). I vacuum the area and I'm good to go. It isn't as difficult as washing my vehicles, which I do when thay get dirty, too. We all have different views as to what's appropriate.
  6. Are you suggesting that they couldn't track dealer-handled warranty claims? Ford seems to. If I were KJ I would want all end-user contacts to be made by the dealers. I would want the same thing if I were a dealer. By doing so as a dealer I could– add value sell accessories sell consumables In that way, maybe I could keep my customers coming back.
  7. My first call would always be to the dealer. I don't call Detroit when I have a question about my Ford. If the dealer doesn't know, he can talk to KJ and be educated if another user has the same problem. The costs associated with KJ staff who respond to product problems can be directly attributable to the specific products. Those expensed cost should be recovered in the accounting period in which they're incurred and they should be recovered from the individual products' wholesale prices. It seems to me that we'll drive the prices up if we continue to call KJ factory.
  8. Wow! You looked at all of them? Do you still have the ones you aren't using? I'm kind of jerking your chain in fun. My point is that it's difficult to make that sweeping statement without physically testing quality and measuring service life through some sort of testing.
  9. Without seeing the actual piece you buy?
  10. I think it was at least 15 years ago that I noticed that their labeling and advertising didn't specify a USDA grade.
  11. I don't think it's advisable to buy ungraded beef based on an Internet photograph. BTW, a rather popular Internet meat company, Omaha Steaks, sells ungraded beef.
  12. The photographs look good. I didn't see, but may have overlooked, any mention of USDA beef grades.
  13. I bury my smoke wood chunks in the charcoal lump. If I couldn't get proper wood chunks I'd try mixing pellets in with the charcoal. I'd also shop for wood chunks online (by necessity) or ask a friend to ship some to me. All of that because I have such a strong dislike for the sour smoke produced by the A-Maze-N-Tube and the like. (A-Maze-N-Tube is the only one I've personally used.)
  14. I don't think I wrote that very well. Rewritten—Ash falls outside of the ash pan pictured above. Ash accumulates and blocks re-insertion. I may as well not have the ash pan if I'm required to vacuum out the ash that keeps me from easily re-inserting the ash pan.
  15. Random samples of innumerable food items are regularly tested before they leave the plants. This could be another.
  16. Ash falls outside of the removable tray. It accumulates and blocks re-insertion. I may as well not have the pan if I'm required to vacuum out the accumulated ash.
  17. I quit using my ash pan when I realized that it wasn't very effective. It isn't beneficial in any way since I vacuum the area before every cook.
  18. Enjoyable and informative. I think it's a good medium for you.
  19. Variations on ceramic are the best for durability, non-stick and health reasons. The Cinder appears to be well thought-out.
  20. What is the non-stick coating? Is it Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sold as Syncolon by Synco Chemical Corporation or Teflon by Chemours, a DuPont spin-off created, in my opinion, to avoid involving DuPont in Teflon liability lawsuits?
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