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  1. What's the deal? Are chicken carcasses coming from the slaughterhouses more contaminated than they were 40 years ago? If so, what's the cause? Why don't the federal meat inspectors (veterinarians) police it? I guess I could ask the same thing about beef products. When I was a kid, a neighborhood bar served "Cannibal Sandwiches" (raw hamburger) every Friday when they cashed paychecks. And they often put a raw egg in a glass of beer. Now, we're advised to incinerate our hamburgers and fry our eggs hard. So...40 years of progress in countless fields and yet food-handling sanitation has worsened?
  2. Yes, they are. It's intentional. The thinner rods block less air, thereby providing better air flow. I made that up. See how marketing people can spin an attribute into a benefit. It doesn't matter much if it's true or important.
  3. I bought this one. https://onlyfireoutdoor.com/collections/grill-accessories I like it fine for my KJ Big Joe. IDK how it compares to any others that are available.
  4. Louisiana blue. Yes, she's a beauty.
  5. I'm not a long-term member here, but Tatonka Dust was highly regarded on other boards and was sorely missed when Tanya and Marty had to stop production until they could replace a supplier. Marty wrote that it will be available soon. That'll be good news for a lot of people.
  6. Nice job. "[A] glaze I made with dark brown sugar, honey, apple cider vinegar and fresh wild leeks I had picked..." You and Euell Gibbons.
  7. This is one of JaxxQ's multi-level cooks. I'm astounded. It appears to be impossible for me. I'd have to attend to– Dome temperature When to start each item Where to place each item How to have everything done simultaneously. When to pull each item. And, probably, several other considerations. Does anyone know of a video that demonstrates how to deal with the variables? I think I need a Beginners' Guide to Multi-Level Cooking.
  8. I've been waiting for this from you. Thanks. It looks great. "Keep the seeds and mix them with the minced chicken." A new idea to me. I'll do it if I can locate any round zucchinis.
  9. I enjoy watching "Cowboy" Kent and his inappropriate aged wife.
  10. I've had two sets of porcelain coated grates in years back. The porcelain cracked and chipped away on both sets and had to be discarded. So, if you want to have grates, I'm leaning toward telling you to buy cast iron grates now 'cause you'll eventually have to replace the porcelain ones. I have both CI grates and griddle. I'm no longer as enamored with grill marks the CI grates produce as I used to be. I think they're less than worthless. They certainly don't add quality flavor—they're just bitter tasting burned meat and that's where carcinogens hide. So I prefer to brown the entire meat surface for Maillard reaction on the CI griddle (or frying pan). I now ignore the CI grates. My answer—retain the porcelain grates and brown meat in a CI pan. If you need more room you may have to buy the CI griddle.
  11. I'm following this for the same reasons.
  12. My diagnosis (from afar)...If it's an automatic choke model it's probably the choke. It may also be a varnished carburetor. Either one is a fairly easy fix. Nevertheless, the EGO is an intriguing mower and may help reduce CO2 in the air...depending on how the electricity you use is generated and also depending on what the new owner does with your old one, and what the new owner does with his old one, and...
  13. I'm surprised to read that about your Honda mower. Their products are usually long lived. I've been looking at the cordless electric mowers for a year or so. My local big box store regularly sells out. I'd probably buy one if I needed a new mower.
  14. If you want to measure the temperature that the meat is sitting at, put a toothpick in the meat and clip the probe to the toothpick.
  15. I suppose that you've checked the ThermPro for accuracy (in boiling water). Next, since thermometers in different locations will likely register different temperatures, figure out a way to position the ThermPro near the Vision's thermometer probe. See if they match. Then, decide if you care about any variation or if you want to mentally adjust the Vision’s reading. The rate at which a hunk of meat cooks and the effects of varying temperatures is a function of a thermodynamics measurement called Specific Heat. The Specific Heat measurement is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of a substance one degree Centigrade (1.8°F). The specific heat of meat is such that it takes a lot of heat to raise one gram 1.8°F. When you are BBQing you're dealing with a lot of grams. A 14-pound brisket is 6,350 grams. So, if a pit's temperature is 40°F higher than you think it is, it still won’t create as significant an increase in the rate at which the meat cooks as many pitmasters believe. Think about this—have you ever seen a recipe that tells you to cook something– • at a temperature that isn't a 25°F increment? If a few degrees of temperature were as important as some of us think, wouldn't we see, at least once in a while, an instruction to bake something at 316°F rather than 300° or 325°? • for a period that isn't a quarter-hour increment? Bake for an hour and 22 minutes will always be rounded. We'll all try to carefully follow our smoking recipes, but we don't need to agonize over relatively unimportant details like a few degrees of temperature or a few minutes.
  16. Some BBQers say they prefer bark on their wood. I don't notice any difference but I probably don't have finely tuned taste buds.
  17. Dissolve some boric acid crystals in the alcohol. It'll burn green. Kinda interesting.
  18. I have a fairly good handle on the term’s meaning in mathematics (curves) and language (overemphasized truth), but I don’t understand its use to describe the diffuser. Is some portion of it hyperbolic in shape?
  19. This topic is as interesting to me as the kamado topics. You folks are contributing to my education—each one, starting with philpom's first post.
  20. Hmmm. I’m thinking that the providers of that “free” content intended to sell it. So, isn’t it stealing to intercept their signal without paying? Or am I unaware of something?
  21. I don't watch much network TV. I subscribe to my CATV providers full list, HULU and Netflix. I think they're all three worth it. Netflix just went up $1 and HULU just went down $1. I'll be interested to see what the Disney and Apple services offer. I suspect that I'll drop something if I add anything.
  22. Was that a black widow spider?
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