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    Just retired and am looking for interests. After working my entire life, I can't wait to do what I want to do. Grilling is going to be one of them.
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  1. We all started sometime my friend. I wish I could remember my first one. Don't remember whether it was fantastic or failure???? Now, I can't wait to do them. So many great variations, so little time. Almost bought two this season. They were giving them away at $5.97/lb. They are Harris Ranch (west coast) so I know the quality is good. You will be okay. Take it slow. Ask questions. These guys are pros. Prep work is most important. Pull it off correctly and your family will carry you on their shoulders down the street. "Keeperovdeflame" has been going 30+ years with PR. His family won't have anything else. Neither will mine. Best of luck.
  2. Go ahead now and get the big Akorn too. Might as well complete the set like the rest of us. Guess it comes from my days of collecting Matchbox cars and Hot Wheels.
  3. Don't remember who turned me on to this faux ash basket, but it works great for me. Mr. Bar-B-Q 06814X Stainless Steel Mesh Grilling Skillet on Amazon I have a regular size Akorn and the basket is an easy fit. Ash shakes out very nicely. No problems so far. Was only about $20.
  4. We always have a bottle of the Green Dragon on hand in the fridge. Not hot, just flavor. That stuff goes great on everything!
  5. Great! Will do. And I am going to give my wife your name if I get in trouble.
  6. Welcome rh135! You are in the right place my friend. Just stay tuned and all you questions and concerns about kamado style coking will be addressed. You will find this site will become your new 'happy place'.
  7. Love my Akorn and Akorn Jr. Both have made such a difference in our BBQ from gas grills. The big plus in the Akorn for me was the insulated metal construction over the ceramic. I can move it all around and pick it up if I have to without any problem. The cost savings was a big help as well. Did not know if I was going to like kamado style cooking, so this was an easy way to start. Don't know if I will 'upgrade' to ceramic as the Akorns suits me well. Just make sure you get one big enough to fit your needs.
  8. Hmm, a Blackstone griddle. Now there's an idea. I'll need to run it by the 'boss'. She has threatened me with "If you buy one more accessory for that BBQ . . . . ." The "yeah honey, but look at the results" seems to always work.
  9. Went wild this weekend on the grill. Inch and half steaks, freshwater shrimp, and fresh veggies from the garden. Before I knew it, I was out of room. I was in absolute heaven! I would like to take time out here to say "Thank you!" to all on the forum. The cooking tips, techniques, recipes, and products (note the perfect grill marks from the Grill Grates) have helped me to get where I have always wanted, now that I have the time and resources to grill properly. Pizzas, rotisseries, smoking (ribs, butts, brisket), and fish have all been successful adventures thanks to all the combined knowledge from the forum. I will continue to be a supporter for Kamadoguru where I can.
  10. Temps around the center ranged from 300 to 400 depending upon the distance from the center. I had the lid closed the entire time. I can't see any reason why not to have the lid open if you have a "social gathering" standing around with friends admiring your work while discussing quantum physics. ;o) When you need a quick sear for an appetizer, just tong something over on the center grate. Bam! Best thing is, if you get low on charcoal, just pop the center grate and add a few lumps. You can go all day like this.
  11. I didn't think I had anything original, although $3 sounds a whole lot better than $43. Of course I didn't get any wing seasoning either.
  12. I was looking for a way to use my Akorn for larger cooks than my Akorn Jr., but not that much larger. I really did not want to light the entire fire box for a smaller cook. I don’t have a charcoal fence, and piling the charcoal on one side just didn’t do it for me. I wanted something just on the center, circular grate. That way I could grill vegetables, shrimp, buns, etc. indirectly around the center. Kind of like the old hibatchi my parents had as a kid. Here is what I came up with (or most likely someone before me but I never saw it). It is that time of the year when WallyWorld is placing all their BBQ gear on clearance. Depending on the store, or really the store manager, and how fast they want to make room for all the Christmas stuff, you can find some real bargains. I picked up this charcoal chimney for $3. Thinking I could always use a spare. I had the chimney next to my Akorn readying for the next grill off, when I looked at the center grate and the chimney. In a ‘Homer Simpson’ voice I heard “mmmm circles”. I wondered, could I be so lucky? It fit PERFECTLY! I removed the plastic handle, placed it in the Akorn, filled with lump charcoal, and fired it up (from the top). What I got was a direct fire sear for my steaks and chops with a lower heat grill surface for everything else around the center. Add the swivel rack above the grill, and I have even more versatility. I just finished my third trial run last night to make sure this was no fluke. The result is a center hi-temp grilling surface with a huge indirect grilling surface for just about anything you want. The reverse sear on the steaks worked perfect. The benefit for me was not having to adjust anything to get the temperature zones I want. Also, the amount of charcoal used was insanely small. It burns from the top, down. Best part; I have a built-in ash basket. Just shake and refill. My only mistake. Not getting pictures with food on the grill. Sorry. You’ll just have to trust me on this one.
  13. I used the "ring of fire" method with my ribs and chicken this 4th. I place my wood chunks a little ways down the ring, so when the initial burn stabilizes the temp and coals, the smoke wood ignites. Works like a charm. I get a big kick sitting on the deck and noticing the "ring" has run into a new chunk of wood with fresh smoke that brings a smile to my face.
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