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  1. Made these on Saturday morning from Jon's recipe on his youtube channel. Turned out delicious.
  2. Have you ever done a prime rib on the Joetisserie? Is there any significant difference?
  3. Does anyone know the length of the spit rod?
  4. Anyone ever done one? Any suggestions or recipes?
  5. I got it through BBQguys. It was an open box one so it was discounted.
  6. How much weight can you spin on it? Looking to do a turkey dinner for my family this weekend but don't know if it will be too big.
  7. Hey guys, Just got a Joetisserie from BBQGuys for the Big Joe for $199. Wondering what you would recommend cooking on it? Any advice on using the first few times? Let me know. Thanks
  8. Sorry misread this. No you don't need to purchase a grate if you have the griddle. You will be good to go.
  9. I purchased one and no its not redundant. You can do so much more with it. Searing is the big one but you can also cook many other things on it as well like breakfast foods or smash burgers.
  10. kortus3

    Drip pan

    A little off topic but did a full load of charcoal last you the entire cook? I am doing a butt on saturday for the first time and was wondering how long yours took? Thanks
  11. I saw that KAB made a divider. Does anyone have one? I am wondering how it attaches to the basket. I have a stainless steel grate on the bottom of my Big Joe where the cast iron was cause it was a cheaper alternative to the KAB and was wondering if the divider would attach to it so i can use just have the grill. Thanks
  12. chris.beard82 can you please post the photos you were talking about?
  13. Hey guys, I am looking into getting one of these. The price tag is a little more than i want to spend but i am willing to pay for it for the value it provides. My question is which one would you recommend and why? I have read the Kamado Joe Basket needs some additional work to make it fit right and that the Kick Ash basket won't hold a full load of lump. Thanks
  14. Has anyone done this? I can't find anything to follow and would like to try it out. My plan is to place the strips of cod on the grate and add olive oil and some lemon. Anyone try anything else?
  15. Whats your favorite charcoal to use? Just curious what people are using out there. Does what kind of meat you do matter to what charcoal?
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