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    Hunting, fishing, wood carving (working decoys), cooking, family
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    Kamado Joe
  1. Phil Boyles

    KJ soapstone

    I've heard it needs to be really hot. I have not tried fish either, but that may be the issue.
  2. Phil Boyles

    KJ Classic Soapstone

    mmmm smash burgers....
  3. Phil Boyles

    Tough Sausage Casings

    I'm not sure if it's available to you or not, but I made a "fatty" with Italian sausage and it turned out fantastic. Took the smoke very well and there was no casing to get tough.
  4. Phil Boyles

    I'm so disapointed..... Kamado Joe customer service

    I contacted KJ yesterday concerning the Kontrol Tower top vent and the paint all bubbling up and gumming up the works. I received an invoice for $0.00 and a new one in the mail already. Cannot ask for better than that.