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  1. One difference with the pro series is the port for the electric starter. I bought a couple pro series this year and in hindsight I wish it didn’t have the port. It makes the slide out ash door very large and therefore a much larger opening to seal. I used the port initially but as I progressed down the kamado path eventually added a temp controller and kick ash basket. I find it easier and more convenient to light just using alcohol soaked cotton balls, the controller would have fit the B series better (without customization) and I had to remove the starter grate/cover for the kick ash basket so it's no longer an option. Meanwhile, I get air leaks around the large slide out gasket. I've actually been considering how I might be able to adapt it to the B version ash tray and seal off the rest of the opening. Anyone with a B want to trade up to a Pro-S?
  2. Assuming it was as good as it looks, I’d be delighted to hear about the recipe and process for the cake?!?
  3. @uhmump95 wondering if you came to a conclusion on this? I'm struggling with the same but throw in the Spider/AR combination as a third option to debate. The woo ring and a couple half stones is the clear economic choice. I've been happy with the OEM setup on my Pro-S as far as standard grilling but need to add better indirect/smoking capability. Having a hard time determining what I'd be missing out on and would subsequently regret by not choosing the D&C or Spider/AR combo. I was thinking that if I went with just the woo ring I'd most likely cut the "door" handle off the original Vision grate to resolve the interference it can cause with some larger griddles and stones and give back that space for food items. If I've needed to add lump or smoke during a cook I've always used a tool to open it anyway so it serves no purpose for me.
  4. I appreciate the ideas/suggestions but still looking to confirm whether the port can be used or not? Does it get covered up by the kick ash?
  5. Is it possible to still use the electric starter through the built-in port with the kick ash basket?
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