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  1. Herman Munster

    The Quintessential what fits my Vision Thread

    Ya bring it on .I have an S model I would like to see some stuff too . Herman
  2. Herman Munster

    I'm so disapointed..... Kamado Joe customer service

    Well then help the guy out and getter to go getem a new base or even a whole New Joe (Jerks with their big expensive warranty ) Herman
  3. Herman Munster

    Charbroil Kamander $175 at Aldis in Miami

    Very interesting unit I like the way the bottom vent is situated. Herman
  4. Herman Munster


    Its all a learning curve my friend once you get going it'll be all good .Welcome to the forum .Herman
  5. Herman Munster

    Air leak

    Ya thats cool but don't forget I had an additional rubber gasket from Visions to put on top of the old one that was already installed . Herman
  6. Herman Munster

    How To Smoke Salmon

    Another good one Larry . Herman
  7. Herman Munster

    Air leak

    A new rubber gasket works ,Mine was leaking as well so Visions sent me a new gasket and sealer(silicone) my starter port I siliconed it shut from the inside. I dont use the starter it sees to get too much of the charcoal burning for low and slow. Herman
  8. Herman Munster

    Dinosaur Bones

    Man your making me hungry .LOL Herman
  9. Herman Munster

    How I cook my Steaks

    I actually like mine smoked LOL Herman
  10. Herman Munster

    Some Good Warranty News

    I bought my Visions just shy of a year ago and could never get the temperature to stay very well to around 250 even with all the vents closed . After 3 hrs it would go to 300 and would have to fight with it to maintain that .So I e mailed Visions and after a few E mails back and forth customer service sent me another rubber gasket some silicone and a pair of Visions grill gloves. Where my ash drawer was leaking before is totally sealed up now. Now I can do some low and slow cooking that I have been wanting to do. Herman
  11. Herman Munster

    Corn/Bean Salad

    Do you soak the corn first ? And how do you know when their done? Herman
  12. Herman Munster

    Broil King Keg 5000: Unboxing & Review

    Thanks Larry . Herman
  13. Herman Munster

    High n Fast Pizza Cook

    Nice job well done (looks like some pricey ingredients. Herman
  14. Herman Munster

    Graduation Party Pulled Pork

    All I can say is Well Done.Herman
  15. Herman Munster

    First Whole Fish on JoeTisserie

    Interesting on rotisserie.Herman