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  1. Cracking eh . I have had my Kamado for about 4-5 years I see no cracking . Mind you I only ever let my Kamado go over maybe tops 500 degrees to heat soak it then bring the temp. back down to my smoking temp. Herman
  2. I do wrap them in foil @ 170 . Double wrap then back on for remainder of the cook till they hit 210. Herman
  3. My Short Ribs took 4 hours . I buy them as slab. Trim them season them and cook @ 250-275 . I don't turn them . Just like butter . Herman
  4. Wow side shelves . I have had mine for 3-4 years no warping don't look brand new But ??? . Still flat. Will replace them some day. Can make your self easy jig saw and some new wood . Plywood or what ever you want . Herman
  5. And now for the stupid question ? What was your final temp as you said you put it back on at 160 ? for another hour ? Herman
  6. That looks pretty good . As a fan of Indian cooking I would be tempted to try this one . Herman
  7. I like doing short ribs on my Kamado . The longer I'm cooking with my Kamado I'm finding that with rubs you really don't need much . Just a little goes a long way . Do you want eat ribs or rub ? Herman
  8. That's all real groovy guys , but Kamados are designed to use lump . Just buy good lump and leave the crap behind. There's no cheaping out . Want cheap ? Then your food will most likely suffer. I personally spend up to 40 bucks a bag for Louisiana Grills lump or for a little cheaper but good lump I buy Vermont castings . I've used a lot of different brands. Just don't buy it for the name like BIG Block . If the lump is too big you will have to break it down (you don't need half a tree in your firebox) LOL Herman
  9. It's usually a few hours . Like at least 3 hours so you can move it safely . Takes awhile to get them to temp. Then we cook on them for hours at a time so can not expect the ceramic to cool real fast . Herman
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