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  1. Oh my God its the perfect smoker off set its the best. Herman
  2. Its funny you asked that but I put my drip try on top of my diffuser with some water or other liquid in it and set you grates on top of it and away you go. The chips go right on the fire or coals maybe around the outside of the lump so they don't burn up so fast . Herman
  3. I replied to this problem and it seems to an easy fix . Just contact Visions and ask for a rubber gasket to go on top of the one thats already installed. Herman
  4. Like the Bird said thats the way they come. You wouldn't want it to fit loosely it would fall off when you open the lid. Herman
  5. Looks like a nice beast LOL. Herman
  6. Well I have had an issue with leaking on the S series. I contacted Visions and they sent me another rubber gasket to put on top of the existing one to seal the ash drawer(it seems to work) . Once in place seals up the ash drawer form leaks. I dont use the starter port so I sealed that as well with the silicone provided. Have had good luck keeping low temps since I did this .
  7. Bottom looks a little burnt . How long did you cook it for and at what temp. Herman
  8. All that sounds Great welcome and enjoy your new Grill .Herman
  9. Ah yes the smoke goes on LOL. Herman
  10. Good show brother ! I live in Canada and yes we do get a lot of rain and snow and some people do use their Kamodos in foul weather . Its not so much the ceramic body that will get messed up .... just the metal fixtures they will start to rust and not look so good. I say build something for your grill to live in and something you can stand under while its raining on everybody elses heads. Water dripping on your food is never a good thing .Others here might have a never ending supply of money to just go buy another grill ... I for 1 dont so I take care of my stuff. Herman
  11. Well its only my opinion .But your spending some pretty good money to buy your Joe . Just build something to put it in a few 2x4s and some plywood a little paint . It will look like new for years . My deck is not covered 1/2 of it is and thats where I keep my Kamado with its cover on we get a lot of rain so its nice to try and keep your investment in good shape for as long as possible.Herman
  12. Looks cool (nice chrome stand) Herman
  13. Ya I agree but its staying where ever you put it (not moving that around ) Herman
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