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  1. Herman Munster

    Finally did it

    Looks cool (nice chrome stand) Herman
  2. Herman Munster


    Ya I agree but its staying where ever you put it (not moving that around ) Herman
  3. Herman Munster

    I cooked a thing (Beef Ribs)!

    I did some prime ribs .Last weekend Herman
  4. Herman Munster

    Fire starter

    glad your prepared brother .I think Ill stick with wood its way cheaper. Herman
  5. Herman Munster


    Actually you want space around the stone or deflector for the smoke to travel up to your meat. And ya you can use of kinds of material for the deflector .I had a steel one made (my stone broke in about 6-7 months of use) 70. bucks what a waste. Lots of people use cast iron for the deflector. Herman
  6. Herman Munster

    Well D**M

    Ya LOL LOL LOL your too funny Girl.Herman
  7. Herman Munster

    First reverse sear

    Believe it or not I didn't do a reverse sear on my steaks. Herman
  8. Herman Munster

    Fire starter

    How many times have you ran out of fire starter for your kamdo ?This happened to me so I started thinking I need to get my lump going . A small piece of 2x4 and my trusty hatchet to make.my fire kindling and I was off .So next time try a piece of wood. Herman
  9. Herman Munster

    First reverse sear

    Well I smoked my NY strips and used thermometer. Herman
  10. Herman Munster

    Hi from a dutch guy living in Playa Del Carmen

    Well after not even a year my pizza stone was broken from heat. I did get a steel plate and seasoned it (I don't have any rust and its not going break) Your other option is a cast iron pan which is a good idea. Herman
  11. Herman Munster

    Hello from a first time Kamado owner!

    Welcome to the forum . It was nice of you to post the pic of your new grill... looks great . Herman
  12. Herman Munster

    Hello from Cincy

    its coming out to taste like charcoal ? Then I would say your not letting your lump burn enough let the heavy smoke dissipate before you put your meat on. Herman
  13. Herman Munster

    Grill safety

    Ya your doing the right thing .Just move the unit away from the side of the house by at least 3 ft. Dry wood burns real easy fie extinguisher or not . I would say 25 ft is way over kill for a Kamodo if it was a fire pit then ya . Herman
  14. Herman Munster

    So Bummed - Primo Jr with only ceramic bottom and top

    Retards what were they thinking .LOL Heres your tease Primo LOL . Herman
  15. Herman Munster

    Heat Deflectors Leaking?

    maybe wrap your deflector in tin foil ,should stop the burning . Herman