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  1. And now for the stupid question ? What was your final temp as you said you put it back on at 160 ? for another hour ? Herman
  2. That looks pretty good . As a fan of Indian cooking I would be tempted to try this one . Herman
  3. I like doing short ribs on my Kamado . The longer I'm cooking with my Kamado I'm finding that with rubs you really don't need much . Just a little goes a long way . Do you want eat ribs or rub ? Herman
  4. That's all real groovy guys , but Kamados are designed to use lump . Just buy good lump and leave the crap behind. There's no cheaping out . Want cheap ? Then your food will most likely suffer. I personally spend up to 40 bucks a bag for Louisiana Grills lump or for a little cheaper but good lump I buy Vermont castings . I've used a lot of different brands. Just don't buy it for the name like BIG Block . If the lump is too big you will have to break it down (you don't need half a tree in your firebox) LOL Herman
  5. It's usually a few hours . Like at least 3 hours so you can move it safely . Takes awhile to get them to temp. Then we cook on them for hours at a time so can not expect the ceramic to cool real fast . Herman
  6. Your ash drawer is bent . Herman PS I plugged the igniter door with high heat silicone all the way around it to seal it up and didn't use a gasket.
  7. This topic has been beat to death . Herman
  8. Visions make a good Kamado The "B" is good as well as the PRO model . They are both 18" which is great for a lot of reasons accessories and their cooking size. You can put put 2 huge racks of ribs on them or a roast I have even done a leg of Lamb. So don't be shy about Visions Kamados. Herman
  9. Hi well you made a good choice with the stainless steel . It won't rust . I did the same thing but I used normal steel (which worked but rusted) So that idea was out . I bought a cast iron skillet which is way better (easier to take care of sturdy and makes a good drip tray) The ceramic stones are good for pizza I don't like them as a diffuser . Herman
  10. Too bad their so small . You can't really use it like a full size kamado . It's ok for a couple of burgers or a steak . But low and slow won't go . Herman
  11. Ya try the Visions web site . Talk to customer service. They helped me out when I had problems. Herman
  12. Ya you are right it's just my opinion. I apologize I forget people these days don't know how to do anything for themselves and just buy everything . Herman
  13. This is not good . You ask a question then do not answer your replys . Herman
  14. it's amazing the the things you can do on a Komado LOL .Herman
  15. How are you getting burning charcoal on your deck ? my komado is used on my wooden deck I have never had any problem with the hot stuff escaping . Just be careful and keep a fire extinguisher handy . Herman
  16. That's atleast 200.bucks off .plus you are getting the gas insert .Excellent deal.Herman
  17. I used to haul fish Turbot is like a mini Halibut (they look the same just smaller) Similar taste to Halibut .Herman
  18. Good one John but not all of us have or want facebook LOL. Herman
  19. I have a Cabellas cast iron skillet I use for a heat deflector . Yes it did burn the seasoning off but I double wrap it in tin foil . I read about the grape seed oil and will try and reseason it with that. Herman
  20. well it might . But i would trust a weld from a wire welder a lot more . Take maybe 5 minutes to do. Herman
  21. I'll just buy a new Visions cover . Mine is three years old it's a little faded but still in great shape . All the stitching is intact and it covers the whole grill not just the top half of it . Herman
  22. It's not a big deal as you guys are making it out to be . Separating the ash from the left over lump . Cleaning your kamado out so clean just makes it harder to control the temp. As long as you get the majority of the ash out your good to go. People spend a lot of money for nothing . Herman PS that's what the holes in the bottom your fire box are for.
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