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  1. Got some steak on clearance at Walmart. They had put some seasoning on the NY strip steaks that tastes like fajita meat. I cooked them up to 135 degrees using my indirect heat shield I designed and had a friend build for me. I finished the sear on the steaks using a piece of 1/4" plate steel I had custom cut at a fabrication shop. I bought the shrimp at Sams already on the skewers. I seasoned them with Slap Ya Momma Cajun seasoning and cooked them 4 minutes, 2 on each side, on the same plate steel. The steak came out medium to well (my smoking hot wife doesnt like medium rare) and the shrimp was on target.
  2. My name is Tim and I own a Char-Broil Kamander. I like to try to cook meats in different ways and try to save money at the same time. Most of the time I use off the shelf rubs and meats I find f or reduced prices. Im no gourmet, but I get by. Looking forward to learning new things from the group.
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