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  1. KJTerp

    Pizza Sauce help

    Don't fear the anchovies, nor the oil they are packed in. When I freeze sauce, instead of using bags, I pour it into tupperware/plastic containers, usually using the black long flat rectangular ones from leftover takeout, and after its frozen I foodsave it. Then you can stack them like bags, and I think you get a better sealed product. Also makes thawing a breeze.
  2. KJTerp

    1st Pizza Cook from Dough

    nice looking cheesy bread. i know im late to the game here, but I use a three pack of ceramic pot feet to lift the stone
  3. KJTerp


    Agree with @retfr8flyr 100%. It's a very versatile accessory, and as said above the basket opens up even more possibilities. I don't have my basket (yet), but plan to for wings and tumbling peppers.
  4. KJTerp

    Drip pan

    I've begun to use them all the time now. I figure it also could block any deflector plate gaps in the middle if i dont get them snugged up, plus it really cuts down on the amount of crap that falls into/around the firebox. I do not use one when i'm spinning a chicken, which I probably should. I don't have a firebox divider and I don't like the idea of that aluminum in direct contact with the coals. I usually just open everything wide after I take the chicken off and burn the grease off.
  5. KJTerp

    Labor Day Weekend Cooks

    It was killer up here too. The simple act of walking to the shed, picking out a couple pieces of oak and bringing out the lump had me drenched.
  6. KJTerp

    Labor Day Weekend Cooks

    Hope everyone had a good labor day weekend, I know I sure did! How'd everyone do? Weather in the Central MD area looked iffy for most of the week, but luckily we cleared out nicely for some adventures at the KJTerp Household. Sunday, did HeyGrillHey's burnt end recipe, turned out pretty ok, I think I'll tweak it a little going forward, as it wasn't quite as fall apart as I would have liked in every spot, but it wasn't the best piece of chuck either, so i'd call it a win. Big thanks to @dirty6 for his feedback on the recipe, the sammies were spot on with some coleslaw and corn. Monday we loaded up and kicked the tires and lit the fires for my first pizza cook. I used John's low hydration recipe, both the quick and the overnight, as well as Alton Brown's "Last Dough I'll Ever Need" Recipe from his cookbook. I wanted to try a variety of doughs and temps. Had a bit of trouble with Johns dough, since I can't find "instant" yeast here that isn't rapid rise, so I had to wing it a little and use active dry. In the photos, John's dough is the thin pizza's which are a little misshapen, and AB's are the big puffy ones. Stuck with basic plain or mushroom and onion for most of the pizzas, but went wild with one, burnt end bbq sauce onions and cheddar. There wasnt that much left of that one. The only negative on the whole day was this high heat cook seems to have accentuated my firebox ring warp, and I have the dreaded paint peeling Kontrol Tower now, so its WARRANTY TIME. My D/C no longer sits flat on the ring, it has a significant 1" wobble to it. Once food gets down on the grates and everything is loaded it snugs up a little, but it just irks the heck out of me. Thanks again to everyone for all their great info on here.
  7. KJTerp

    Your “go to” easy cooks

    Aside from the taste, and how its nearly impossible to mess them up (SO FORGIVING), the fact that theyre CHEAP is my favorite thing about them
  8. KJTerp

    Your “go to” easy cooks

    Bone in chicken thighs Season with S/P, garlic and onion powder and some smoked paprika, both sides, then i kinda tuck the skin so is tight, i read that here on a thread somewhere get the smoker to 350-400, indirect heat, throw a piece of cherry wood on smoke/cook til reading 170-175, consume the skin wont be "crispy" but I usually get bite through skin
  9. KJTerp

    Labor Day Weekend Cooks

    ooooh that sounds good. I'll file that one away, for the cooler weather, I just can't ever get fired up for meat and taters and veggies on a 90 degree day, but sammies with some pickles and slaw...... I was thinking about this for the weekend, mainly so I can make sandwiches for the week, and it gives me an excuse to make coleslaw https://heygrillhey.com/poor-mans-burnt-ends/#wprm-recipe-container-3511
  10. KJTerp

    Labor Day Weekend Cooks

    Sound off everyone! What's the plan for this weekend? I'm thinking pizza one night, and trying a smoked chuck roast/poor mans burnt ends for the other. Both of these will be firsts for me. I think I have a pretty good idea on how to do the pizza based one what ive read here, and my experience with the devil hotbox inside the house, but any advice/input on the chuck roast would be appreciated. I've braised plenty, but this will be the first smoked one. I was planning on treating it exactly like brisket, with just a shorter overall cook time.
  11. KJTerp

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    Not to start a thing, but this is a circular metal insert and a stone, so I would hope the price point refects that. All cars wear out, but ones with more options (which break) cost more than ones without.
  12. KJTerp

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    Agreed, I'm glad you can keep the top shut. I'm most curious about the price point. This is 299 https://www.pizza-porta.com/shop/8wqnlvdqblgttzcmx62q7ex1ylxrt3-w5y6r-zydj3
  13. KJTerp

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    I'd suspect not, because you'd have a lot more area for the air to leave, rather than the smaller opening here. I do find it slightly odd that theres no door. I understand that true pizza ovens have no door, but true pizza ovens are also massive and burn impressive amounts of fuel
  14. KJTerp

    First attempt at beef ribs

    Ive seen these numerous times at the store. I'm curious as to how much meat they have and if theyre worth the price.
  15. KJTerp

    First attempt at beef ribs

    How many funnel webs and taipans do I need to step over on my way to the butcher?