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  1. Something that I did early on and has worked for me (and my KJC2), is to go to costco and buy the bulk pack of aluminum roasting pans which are nearly the same size as my deflectors. I put those on the x-rack so they arent sitting right on the stone, and the drippings collect in there for the most part, which really helps keep the mess down. As always, your mileage may vary depending on driving habits and local road conditions.
  2. Welcome to the Guru from the burbs of MD as well, i shouted hello out of the window, that's what that noise was
  3. I have a friend who got Lone Star Tick'd and now has the alpha-gal allergic reaction to all mammalian meat (and dairy too). He cannot get enough of these.
  4. while youre waiting to get a soapstone, you could always get a cheaper smaller cast iron skillet, and put that on the other side of the grate system UPSIDE DOWN (i.e. cook the fish on the bottom of the pan) and boom, cheap CI griddle for a piece of fish, as long as the pan is seasoned well, and you use some oil and let the fish do its thing and release naturally, that may be a good "until i get my soapstone" solution
  5. it has me rethinking my PK360 idea
  6. How far apart are the tracks, like, what is the stride length.
  7. I think you're right. The only other candidates would be bobcats or lynx, but i'm guessing you dont have the latter in AZ, and the former would be a little bigger than a house cat. Pretty cool to see, but looks like he's got a bum pad.
  8. You could also get the pktx in RED and it'll match the joe, has wheels, folds up, lets you do two zone, and grill too https://www.pkgrills.com/the-original-pktx-grill-smoker-matte-red/
  9. I LOVE MINE its a great general tool as well. "where is that draft coming from" ::pew pew pew:: oh the window is letting air in right here is the AC working? ::pew pew pew:: the air in the vent is 80! is this caramel almost to temp, let me check from 10 feet away! ::pew pew pew:: is this pan warm enough to put the stuff in so it actually sizzles and just doesnt just sit there in the oil all sad? ::PEW PEW:: there are so many out there, you really can't go wrong, i have this one, like I said, I love it, this is
  10. I have seen rotisserie counter weights online to help with balance issues, which im considering looking into. chickens are pretty easy, but once you get bigger than that, its a bit of a challenge. my other tips: set it up without a fire, and mark (i use a sharpie) the rod where the firebox borders are, that way you can center meat above the fire. its not the center of the rod, its offset to one side (again, you'll see what i mean when you set it all up) when you're skewering, do all of that inside, get it balanced inside, all of that, do it inside. standing over a fire,
  11. Yes, buy the JT I have the napoleon tumble basket which I've used for wings (great) and peppers for salsa/shi####os for straight eating (greater): you can also get this from atlanta grill co: https://www.amazon.com/Napoleon-Rotisserie-Stainless-Basket-64000/dp/B078YCR3MH/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=napoleon+basket&qid=1608132888&sr=8-2 I have a flat basket for whole fish (visually stunning, and tasty), and I plan to do a mess of thighs/legs in there one day https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008P4B8M2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UT
  12. I have a classic 2 with a smokeware cap, I'm gonna guess that things scale down appropriately. Mine fits with the smokeware cap on, just like the OEM kontrol tower. It is snug, like youre thinking, and if you just pull the cover off willy nilly sometimes the top of the smokeware will come off and stay stuck in the top of the cover. it's not an issue or annoying, you just need to make sure the top comes loose before you pull the cover off and youre good. i would not worry about it, or spend money on a new cover
  13. I dont necessarily consider myself a "big strong man" however when i found myself in this situation the hardest part for me was getting it out of my car. The trick i learned for getting in into the stand was to take off the kontrol tower, open the ash door, and with the grill latched shut, stick my arm through the top vent, and grip the opening of the lower vent from the inside. I was able to get the grill into the nest this way with some effort, but it wasnt, the ::worst:: i could see how shorter folks with shorter arms would struggle here with this method
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