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  1. KJTerp

    New Firebox

    These also seem SUPER snug, mine are nowhere near that close together all the way around
  2. KJTerp

    Lemon Curd Pizza

    When I tend to make lemon curd I generally end up just standing at the counter and shoveling it into my mouth
  3. KJTerp

    Latest owner of a kamado joe

    I use it when I bake, ounces and cups are for suckers :::::INTERESTING HISTORICAL ASIDE THAT WILL IMPRESS FRIENDS WITH USELESS KNOWLEDGE ALERT:::::: We probably would use the metric system in the states, if it hadnt been for some meddling pirates. https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/12/28/574044232/how-pirates-of-the-caribbean-hijacked-americas-metric-system
  4. KJTerp

    Latest owner of a kamado joe

    kg = kilograms 1kg is about 2.2 pounds. Become one with grams. Then you never need to worry about fractions again
  5. KJTerp

    Overnight Brisket

    Or alone in failure, 50/50 shot here
  6. KJTerp

    Overnight Brisket

    I was really thinking this story was going to end with a huge twist, like "left for BBQ, got there and realized I left my cooler at home" or something similar. Oh well. How was the brisket?
  7. Only info I found. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/dominus-capital-invests-in-kamado-joe-300717060.html
  8. KJTerp

    Turkey and space on KJ

    I bet it would be great for pickle making too
  9. KJTerp

    Turkey and space on KJ

    Ok, I bank my coals too, but sometimes the flare ups reach a portion of the bird and can blacken it a bit, good idea with setting the rotation to rotate away, that may alleviate a good bit of it. Thanks!
  10. Private equity buyout, basically an outside firm invested heavily in the company. After a (admittedly really quick) google search, I can't see how much equity was purchased, so I don't know if the outside firm purchased a controlling stake of the Kamado Joe. It'll be interesting to see how it impacts the normally stellar customer service. They certainly seem to be releasing a huge amount of products, and hopefully that doesn't mean they'll let the legacy stuff that is warrantied for life/designed to last forever fall by the wayside in a desire to INNOVATE INNOVATE INNOVATE INNOVATE/become a lifestyle brand.
  11. KJTerp

    Turkey and space on KJ

    frank, @Rob_grill_apprentice and @mcmojoe Thanks for the input, much appreciated. I'm planning on dry brining everyone in the fridge for 15-20hrs beforehand, and putting the spatchcocked bird on about an hour after JT starts spinning. Since I like dark meat and its my house, we're ensuring leg/thigh leftovers for me Plan on stuffing the JT bird with an onion, lemon, some sage thyme and rosemary, because..... And doing a more traditional flavor profile for that one, with a chunk of cherry, and then maybe go a little crazy with spices for the spatchcocked bird. Next question, drip pan to prevent grease/flareups. I don't have an ash basket, and im a little leery of putting a disposable aluminum pan against the coals. Thoughts?
  12. KJTerp

    Turkey and space on KJ

    I'm curious about this too. We're potentially having 16-18 people here on turkey day (our first T-day in our house, first T-day hosted by the next generation that isn't in an apartment, aka BIG TEST OF ADULTHOOD). We have a few vegetarians in the crowd, but normally the host family cooks some monster 20-25lb bird and it gets pretty well taken care of. My thoughts were to do two smaller turkeys in the 12-15lb range. Was planning on doing one on my classic2 on the JT, and spatchcocking one and doing it on the gasser to save oven space for sides (we have a convection oven, so its not as big/deep as a regular full oven). Any ideas on how long a turkey that size would take on the JT at 350-375? 2-3 hours? Next question is how to prevent skin from burning, I don't have a firebox divider, and occasionally my chickens can get pretty charred during a spin, but theyre only on for an hour so im afraid of what would happen after 2-3.
  13. KJTerp

    1st Pizza Cook from Dough

    i mean, if you want to get technical about it
  14. KJTerp

    Turkey on Joetisserie

    I plan to do two for turkey day this year, one on the tisserie and one on the gasser, spatchcocked. I've always found it easier to cook two smaller ones than one MEGABIRD. I'm doing my practice run in a couple weeks, I'll post the results.
  15. KJTerp

    1st Pizza Cook from Dough

    Bingo ALTHOUGH, such products exist, we use them at work to get known heights above elevation benchmarks for surveying: https://www.surveying.com/en/tri-max-universal-elevator-tripod.html THE MORE YOU KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW