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  1. Our local costco sells these in a cryovac pack. I've picked them up once, tossed them in a sample of argentina seasoning from AGC, and did them hot and fast on my ::gas:: grill, they were pretty good, and i'll do them again one of these days on the joe
  2. Ive been hovering around a 360 for some time as well. One day
  3. Like is said above, i use the parchment for the launch, and pull it about a minute or two later. If that makes my pizza less "artisan" and perfect, then so be it, it tastes fine to me. I doubt that the best pizza i could ever make would touch or even come close to touching a pizzaïolo's, and I'm guessing thats true for 99.99% of the people here. But sure, tell me im wrong I dont really care.
  4. This is what I do too. Its much easier than farting around with cornmeal, plus, you can prep a bunch of pies on the parchment on the counter, slide them onto the peel and launch
  5. I have a stainless steel one we registered for when we got married, its basically a gigantic saucier pan. It works...fine, but i have a glasstop stove, so a huge cast iron one is not a great idea for us (just using my 10 and 12 inch pan on there terrifies me) if i had gas and/or wanted to do wokstuff on my joe, I would head directly to the nearest Asian grocery and buy the second cheapest carbon steel wok there, and barring that, a restaurant supply store
  6. KJTerp


    One of the toughest healthiest people I work with came down with this and it knocked her down in the dirt for four weeks straight. She's fine now but it was in her own words "the worst time of my life"
  7. Gotcha, something like the old WW2 P-40 tigershark scheme would look pretty awesome
  8. There is nothing like tying yourself onto a big red
  9. Did you ever put a logo on there? The craftsmanship is top notch but I know I would go bonkers trying to think of something clever for all that space.
  10. I have had both, racoon is solidly ok, and takes nicely to braising, im sure with enough honey hog rub or something similar it would make an interesting joetisserie photo Nutria over charcoal hot and fast is......interesting. Lets just call it interesting. I was glad we had tortillas and radishes and that green hucatero (spelling massacre) hot sauce.
  11. You owe me a new keyboard. Spit out my coffee. Good work!
  12. There are plenty of rabbits and squirrels in my yard, i'll be fine
  13. As ckreef[s experience says, I am hopeful that smaller local producers come out of this a little bit better, people learn how to garden a little bit more, and we all become a little more resilient, and self reliant. I know its probably heresy to say this here, but I would certainly eat a lot less meat if it became more expense, and meat became more of a special occasion type of meal. I had my grandparents over for dinner a year or two ago, and made steak, and made NY strips, not too big, regular, supermarket steaks. My grandmother commented that when she was raising my mom and her two sisters (cooking for 5, including herself), that one of those would have been dinner for everyone, with potatoes and carrots. Just puts it all into perspective when I load up the Joe with more meat on a Saturday than they probably had in three months. Support your local businesses, farms and butchers, and stay safe.
  14. As others have said (and not to pile on), if my temp is where I want it to be (anywhere between 225-275 is fine) I don't look at all for at least 2, 2.5 hours, then i'll take a peek just to gauge when I need to have everything else set up, and sauce for the last 45-30
  15. That's correct. The covenants for the "village" are something like 100 pages long, and the process youre undertaking up there would be ::possible:: but man alive it would take some time to get everyone on board. They are generally very reasonable at the higher level, but its the "compliance inspector volunteers" who drive around and look for violations that are the worst. They always are advertising for people to do this, and in my opinion, anyone who willfully would like to do that, is the worst person to do that job.
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