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  1. When I got mine, I lit a fire and played around with vent settings and whatnot first, just to get a feel for how it all worked, so I wouldnt call it a burn in, but i'd call it a "get a general idea of how this goes so i dont have to order pizza like a putz the first time i use my new grill"-in
  2. I will always have a gas grill. Always. If I'm smoking something in the joe, and still need to cook hot dogs, burgers, etc? Gasser, When having a huge group for things like thanksgiving, and I need to cook two turkeys? One is already spinning on the KJ, but I need to use the oven for sides? Spatchcocked turkey on the gasser! Cooking a bunch of smoked chicken thighs on the KJ and I want to grill some veggies so I can have everything ready at once? and dont need to go inside and outside and inside and outside? Gasser. When cooking a family pack of chicken for a weeks worth lunches, get home from work late on a monday, chicken is marinated in a bag, and I want to be done cooking completely in a half hour? GASSER Buy a gas grill
  3. Ive only ever gotten pulled one time, and it was for federal grand whateverwhatever duty (this was in 2008). I had to call everyday for three weeks, and luckily never got pulled. The letter said that those that did would (not could, WOULD) be expected to be totally sequestered (in a hotel with no contact other than "i'm still alive mom and dad!") for something like 3 months. I had just graduated college, and just started a new job, so that was pretty stressful. After the 3 week call period I got a letter saying something to the effect of "thanks, it'll be a while til this happens to you again" My wife however, has had to serve 4 times in the past 3 years, only one was more than a half day, and it was for four. I'm sure the clerk will be mailing mine out today.
  4. Mine is also pretty wonky, it wasnt a problem until i took everyhing out to load the firebox up for a cook, and when I put the D/C and stones in, the ring popped and everything went all sideways. After that cook (which went fine) I did my first deep clean, took some photos, and just need to submit the claim. I'll probably keep using the bent one until it's untenable and then switch to the new one. My only concern with this issue is that it makes me afraid that i'll crack a petal or two in the firebox trying to make it all fit
  5. I have a modern corncob pan,, which i use occasionally, even on my KJ. my guess is that the old ones were for making small pieces to take on picnics, in lunchboxes and the like, instead of having a whole pans worth staling away on the counter as you lopped pieces off like a cake
  6. Keep in mind that these dates only go up to about early April, and that there will be more dates added. You can also find each individual costco store roadshow link, which sometimes is updated before the product pages. I got very lucky, my local costco got TWO KJ roadshows last year, one in May and one in December, and the one a bit further away had one in June, so there be plenty of lump in my shed.
  7. Thx for the feedback John, in your opinion, would this system get say, a pizza stone higher up in the dome than using the extender? Also, you mentioned low clearance, do you think it would be a feasible system for say, smoking a bunch of wings indirect then removing mosve the higher up stuff to sear off in batches? would there be enough room for say a chuck roast in the middle position? Im only being picky because i would hate to spend 150+ to find out its not what I thought. Thx
  8. ::raises hand:: if there was a way to have the full grate on the bottom, the full on the top, and a smaller grate in the middle, so a classic owner could smoke say, a whole butt-load (scientific term) of wings or single short ribs, I would probably buy one
  9. I got mine at a road show, the only dealer close to me is lowes
  10. From what I have read elsewhere and heard from chatting with the reps when I was loading up on charcoal at my local roadshows, there were some instances of fights breaking out (fights being the operative word, don't know if that means screaming matches, but i gathered from the way it was talked about it was more than that) between the first couple of people to show up at the roadshow area looking for the demo deal. "I got here first" vs. "I was in line first" I'm guessing. That can be pretty uncomfortable for the rep I imagine, especially since they would essentially be deciding the winner. When I got my grill, I thought I was 2nd, but there was an older gentleman hidden next to the door and nearly bowled the costco ID checker over in his Terminator like-determination to find the roadshow, he kept looking back and snarling at the two younger guys (myself included) and DEMANDED the demo deal from the rep as soon as he saw him. So, my $0.02 is that KJ decided enough was enough with that. I wouldnt be surprised if they also got tired of seeing people turning around and sell their free juniors on ebay for reduced cost as well. Just another example of a few people ruining a good thing for everyone else.
  11. From what I understand its not political civility, its "we keep having literal fistfights in the Costco during the roadshow, because these adults act like children, so now no one gets the deal"
  12. Ok, so again, can I come over and look for sheds? You won't even need to feed me.
  13. It's been a while, since I fired up the KJC2, but it was worth the wait. Didn't feel like making poultry or a brisket, and pork is a no-go for the wife, so after bumming around for a bit, looking for something different, stumbled on to amazing ribs' smoked chuck roasts. Got two from costco, about 3.25lbs each, salted and put in the fridge for a couple hours, then threw on some pepper, and onto the smoker at 225 with three small pieces of oak. I've been putting a large disposable aluminum pan (no liquid) on my x-rack so my deflectors don't get all gummed up, which resulted in about a cup of rendered beef fat for later. Meat went on at 1045, and came off at 515-530. Pulled it at 185-190 internal. Stalled for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, but kept going nicely. Guys and gals, this may become my go-to cook from now on. Super easy, don't need to wake up super early or do anything overnight, and it tasted awesome. Photos attached, couldnt get them ordered right, but theyre 30min in, 1.5hrs in, 4.5hrs in, off, sliced and bendy happiness.
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