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  1. I've done wings in my napoleon basket, and planned to do peppers until the planting this year didnt produce that well. I have a flat basket, and did a whole fish on the grill. It was.....fine. Honestly not worth the effort, I could have done the same or better just on the grates IMO, without all of the fussing with the basket, and spit. However, it looked cool as hell.
  2. and anyone that can, they can have it, its not like you're going to stop that person, it'd be like shooting Mongo, you'd just make them mad
  3. Chuckies over the weekend. Both with Meat Church Holy Cow, whipped up some coleslaw, Serious Eats' Grilled Potato and Jalapeno salad, Serious Eats Cheddar Bay biscuits (not pictured) and some homemade BnB pickles. recipes: https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2012/08/grilled-jalapeno-potato-salad-recipe.html https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2017/02/garlic-cheddar-drop-biscuits-recipe.html
  4. Yep, I cover mine, but it came with a cover. It takes no time, and I don't mind bird s*it on the cover nearly as much as i mind it on the grill
  5. I have an extra set of forks I bought for my classic, this should work, but it would be very tight
  6. They are so unhappy in the heat right now, so unhappy
  7. That is a fine looking SR pie. Probably my favorite pie, mainly because I get it so infrequently. But I planted a rhubarb this spring, so in a year or two I should be drowning in it.
  8. I do it all the time. I have an extra set of forks which helps secure the middle, but before I did I would thread an onion on there to mash them up against that. Pro-Tip: I actually set the entire thing up on my counter before I load up the joe, I put the ring down on a towel on the counter, and put the chickens on the rod and set it all up that way, that way I'm not walking out to the fire and realizing i need to realign everything over raging coals.
  9. Not quite a skosh, and a little less than a plorp, in all seriousness, a "pffffftb" is the amount of stuff that comes out of a squeeze bottle before it makes that noise
  10. Try putting a good pfffftb of dish soap in the bowl, and then hitting it with hot water to make some serious foam and let it sit overnight in the sink. I have this issue with my tupperware, and basically anything plastic, since fats and fat soluble smells stick to plastic (which is basically a man made stable lipid). The overnight soak does a great job at killing the odor, and even reduces the discoloration of the tupperware/workbowl from things like tomato sauce being stored in them
  11. Whenever I do a flat, I'm up at 415 to have the fire lit by 430, so the meats on by 515-530, that usually allows for it to come off anytime between 4 and 6, which means you can still get a good rest in pre-slice and serve. If you're pressed for time, smoking chuck roasts is usually only a 6-7 hour process, and yields results really similar to brisket, without the cost and worry. Just my $0.02. I put them on at 250ish (anywhere between 225-275) and pull them when they get to about 190-195, much further than that they will fall apart into shredded/pulled beef (also not a bad thing). I also get the fattiest ones I can find.
  12. I have an outback too, at first the rep and i tried gettin the box in there and.....nope! so I put it in and then went back in and bought enough lump to surround the joe completely. What my dumbass self did not do however, was take the guts out, and when I got home ol' Joe had to stay in the car for two days while I found someone to help me get it out. If i had taken out the guts I could have done it myself.
  13. It certainly concerns me as a relatively new joe owner. Sometimes I'll have a piece or two of coal that looks like it's almost leaking fluid that's then solidified, like a on telephone pole can, but those pieces don't give me any sort of off taste. I'll take a photo of one if I encounter it again.
  14. I've gone through about 5 bags from multiple roadshows, and never experienced this (granted my sample size is much smaller than Johns). I really do wonder how many people have this issue with the boxed stuff vs the bagged stuff. IIRC the photos you see on FB of charcoal in old seed bags, etc come from the boxed stuff. Perhaps the supplier for the bagged and boxed stuff is different? Maybe theyre stored/warehoused differently? I'm not saying there is a problem, but there could be many potential causes. Some KJ controlled, some not.
  15. Full peanuts, I hope. it seems that the rabbits have found mostve the plants
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