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  1. The one pan I use seldomly but LOVE when I do need it is my saucier, its 3.5qt and I LOVE IT. got it so long ago i dont have a link, but a nice SS saucier works wonders the pan i want want want is a 12" straight sided saute that is oven safe. I would like an enamled CI one, but I think SS is the way to go for weight. i would give up my 12" nonstick and probably my 12" ss for it (assuming I got a 10" ss as well)
  2. As many have said, getting individual pans as needed is where its at. i like SS because of its relative lightness, and low reactivity, but i have a bunch of CI because im somewhat of an addict In our house, we have three nonstick pans, a small 6" pan for like, two over easy eggs (and it also gets pressed into service when im just like, rendering a little fat, or sauteing a small amount of something to add into a bigger thing), a 10" nonstick for omelets and scrambles (aka failed omelets) and a 12" just because hey it fits and sometimes i like the space ok back off mom I replace one of them a year, with cheap tfal nonstick, it wears out over time, and as i rotate thru is just great
  3. I was saying you could take the butts off when you got home from work and wrap em regardless if they were through the stall or not to finish in the oven, then start the next round a couple hours early as far as storage, assuming you're eating saturday, you are going to have to chill and reheat that pork before serving, sitting in a warm cooler overnight....well...enjoy the hospital food
  4. you could just take em off regardless when you get home then, that would work
  5. pro-tip, you can just buy a bulk pack of 100 "melamine sponges" which are basically generic versions of mister cleans marked up magic eraser for like, 20 bucks, or you can spend twice as much on the mister clean brand
  6. I had planned to go to the customer service desk next time its a little less nuts at costco and get them to reprint mine for me, all you need is your membership card and the date of the purchase.
  7. I know on the facebook group (or whine-fest) there has been mention of this issue for previous registrants, then it devolves into what it normally devolves into. I probably still have mine in the manual too, but those thermal paper rolls rub off/fade in the best of storage conditions, so who knows what it looks like if/when i need to make a claim
  8. So they've changed the terms of the warranty without notifying people who have already registered? NEAT!
  9. I have an an older anova bluetooth. I LOVE IT. I like that it has actual buttons, a lot of SV gear coming out now is wifi/app/phone only, no buttons, and even though I'm a damned milennial, I loathe that. I like buttons. I like being able to cook without my phone.... anyway as said above, vegetables are easily the best thing I take out of the bath, though steaks are great too. I make this for every "have people over for a holiday dinner" it is simple, it is effective, and I never make enough https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/06/sous-vide-glazed-carrots-recipe.html best part is, you can make them in the bath up to a week ahead of time then just finish them day of. also have done it with parsnips, or added curry powder or some ginger powder...so good
  10. BINGO Although my local Giant Food has choice standing rib roasts that are more....appropriately sized for two for the same price around this time as well, so its decisions decisions for me
  11. Welcome to the forum fellow Marylander, you'll find lots of great info here.
  12. Following this thread, costco had bellies on sale the other week and i picked up two, and split them in half, with this in mind for at least one of them
  13. if i recall, a guy used to sell these on etsy and ebay, he would sand them down and reseason and sell, but then one day it was alllll gone, and i bet lodge sent him a CnD
  14. my top and bottom are starting on my classic II, has anyone used the glue up top? whats the process there, do i need to take off the dome?
  15. I'll answer your questions in order: Any of those will be great, but tenderloin has the least amount of fat, so you'll need to be more careful. I always do ribeye roasts, like Johns thread below Onto your list: Yes, I would leave about 1/4" max, and trim all the "hard" fat Beef likes salt and pepper, but Johns video is great too Yes, 100% yes, I let mine go for almost a week, you get a litttttle bit of the funk that way, which I like OAK, with maybe a small piece of cherry for color Yes Bring it up to temp low and then blast it, or blast it and then go low, low being in that 225-275 range Nope! Good luck! Johns Thread, I've done this, it was SUPERB, and the leftovers made just killer sandwiches I have also done this, in my ::ducks:: oven, and it was SUPERB. I know this is a kamado forum and all, but good lord above it was amazing. I let mine dry brine/age for 10 days, it was so SO SO good. Like, top 5 best thing i have ever made good, we're currently expecting, and my wife has asked for this as her "reintroduction to rare meat" post pregnancy meal https://www.seriouseats.com/2015/12/step-by-step-food-lab-reverse-sear-prime-rib.html
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