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  1. Agreed, but you'll pry my joetisserie out of my cold dead hands
  2. i dont use it for things like active grilling, only smoking, things tend to finish at the same time it can take a little bit of maneuvering with tongs, but i am able to get stuff out when needed, i can also grab the legs with my welding gloves and take the rack off and set it down on the patio if needed
  3. I fit chuck roasts, ribs, wings, etc under there just fine. You wont fit a full turkey, but i bet you could fit a spatchcocked one under there. Once you set it on the grate you'll see what you need to look for as far as where things can and cannot go, but I really like mine, although I don't need to use it nearly as much as I thought when I bought it.
  4. My $0.02, as I cook a lot of these I've never wrapped one, but i have noticed that the ones with little fat in the lobes come out significantly less tender and moist as the ones that do. whenever I buy one to smoke, i make sure it has fat in the lobes, not necessarily the big veins of fat like yours has. The area bright by the yellow on the sticker is what I usually look for throughout. I have good luck finding pieces like that at costco in two packs. That said, i'll bet if you chopped that meat up, and put it in a quesadilla, or on a roll with some cruncy slaw and a pickle, it'll eat just fine
  5. Agree with above. Do you clip the probe to the dome probe or the main grate? The other thing may be that in addition to opening the lid, you threw a bunch of dense cold stuff into the grill, which is going to suppress he temp for a little while
  6. God I love those peppers. Finally have a haul large enough to cook, and the plants are starting to produce like wildfire and I AM HAPPY
  7. I guess. I'd like to see what random parts I'd get though.
  8. Mine arrived out of the clear blue sky yesterday, despite no changes on the costco website. If i were a little less honest, I could probably raise hell with costco and get another ikamand, or apparently a box full of random KJ parts
  9. Len, its the only way to fly in the summer. Just like the photo above, its worth doing everytime you fire up the grill
  10. Nope, still hasnt shipped. Ordered 7/13
  11. I usually take mine to 195ish, because i find that 200+ is good for shredded beef. I like the slices with a bit of chew for sandwiches. Also, stopping at 195 means i can cube it to make burnt ends-adjacent type food, which if you go to far, you wont be able to get good cubes
  12. Your butcher may also call the point the "Deckle" i've heard that before, but have no idea what that could mean in the kings english
  13. you dont need to "Season" i recommend you fill that firebox up, light her up, and play around a bit with controlling temps, try to lock in at low and slow (225-275) for a bit, then try to bump up to 400ish and hold there, once you get there, cook some burgers and hot dogs or chicken or something, practice! do that once or twice, try bone in skin on chicken thighs indirect at 350ish, ease into the amazing food before you drop 60 bucks and ruin a brisket
  14. im going to let you in on a little secret, brisket is great, I like cooking them a couple times a year, but honestly, my favorite cut of beef (after short ribs) to smoke is chuck roast, theyre very forgiving, don't take very long, and are ::ducks:: just as good as brisket ::runs::
  15. Thirded. Shoot, I would order the akorn online and select store pick up at the closest store to your destination that carries it
  16. I have done numerous turkeys and chickens and Cornish Hens on my Classic. I have an extra set of forks from Amazon, so I can more easily do two birds at once, two smaller chickens will fit, just barely, on my classic, and I've done up to about a 17 pounder turkey, which is about as big of a turkey I would reccommend you cook anyway (if you need more than that, buy two smaller turkeys) I have a napoleon basket, which I've tumbled wings in, and if my pepper plants take off this year, i will be tumbling jalapenos and shi####os in that basket as well. If I had a good source for raw peanuts, or walnuts, I would do those in there too. Beware though, that basket is a total PITA to clean by hand. I also have a flat basket, which I have done whole fish in, and its fantastic. One day, I will be doing a spatchcocked chicken in there, or a whole mess of chicken thighs, or full turkey wings, or pork chops. One day I'll do a rib roast. That'll be a good day.
  17. KJTerp

    RV build

    This looks awesome! One question. I see and understand the paint choice, but would something like rhino-liner or the something like that be a good choice for some of the higher wear areas?
  18. After lamenting my gardens total lack of promise a few weeks ago, my cucumber plant has begin producing with a vengeance I have never seen before. I get a solid pound of pickling cukes every other day/every third day, with no end in sight yet. In years past, I've just done some refrigerator pickles here and there with whatever excess we have, but this year, I have more than enough to get weird with some experimentation. So I ask ya'll, what are some pickling recipes you like? Longer storage time, the better double points if they're good to store at room temp. Also, okra should hopefully pick up soon, and I'll take any and all okra pickle recipes you have as well. Thanks fam.
  19. When I do low and slow, I put my heat deflectors in the low position, with a drip pan on the x-rack in the middle, with the grates on the high position, it helps with cleanup. you can put the pan on the stones themselves, but sometimes the pan can get hot and the goop can start to burn, which some have issues with. heres a photo of my usual setup
  20. Yeah, I ordered one this morning, regardless of feedback/crickets here, the return policy makes it an easier decision
  21. All, A while back I asked about temp controllers, which turned into a whole thread about wifi connectivity, etc, and John (our lord and kamado savior) reccommened the PartyQ, which of course, was immediately discontinued.... HOWEVER Now costco is selling the iKamand V2 online, for 189.99 https://www.costco.com/kamado-joe---ikamand-grill-controller.product.100666779.html?langId=-1&krypto=JgDokVgJg4Pb83ClatIB%2FVJCcAXFiF80IIkfHDMDSYcvxXEEJhniNv59kgt3O57xAcDe1iXI9R%2F26cu01IFFRONzHfmRcZBiCYthGHul0vAkTKcKNdKTZ9CCjd8%2BQX0EeoDfbvYLIhy7teB1yd36orvsHphQbVuv01CPU5pXvNDaVxkNz8H6VQouC5xBAdxtptQu9ZPOyTA6cEVHATrdhMSeWTfG3CU8NzGrxYFvfGYrctyojkOoV2Ym%2BkQDhQmOfnRPdVmfOxZoRKIt7Ekrdw%3D%3D Given costcos great return policy, I'm tempted to pull the trigger. what does everyone think? My specs: Classic 2 Wifi Connectivity on the patio is....ok Thanks in advance
  22. I beg to differ sir
  23. I'd probably buy more than 4, just to be safe. After I wash mine, all the screws go in a little container which is then taped to my forks
  24. As a fellow mid-atlantican, this post makes me sad. My garden has been HOT GARBAGE this year, despite all of the extra attention its gotten. It was so cold here in central maryland so late, that I am literally months behind where I would normally be. I have the beginnings of a good jalapeno harvest, and my carrots and kale went absolutely bonkers, but I have had zero squash, my okra is still 10" tall, I have one (ONE!) visible green tomato, and the cukes are doing......alright? I can't get female flowers on my zukes/yellow squash at all, and one of the plants is as big as the hood of my car! I couldnt find shi####os plants at the store until two weeks ago, so theyre going to be super duper late this year, but they're growing well. We also have very few pollinators this year, i've counted four butterflies in my yard, and my clover in my grass, the lavender in the front, etc is normally is swarming with bees, but this year...not at all.... Friends of mine in Annapolis are having much better success, I just think this year is going to be an off one.
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